#MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram Challenge Part 2

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I can’t believe it, I actually completed the month, even with a set back of health and motivation, I still managed this challenge, for me this is HUGE. So as previous #MarchMeetTheMaker post was about a photo themed challenge on Instagram, this is the later half of the month. This idea was from @joannehawker on instagram. The idea is to ‘see’ behind the scenes of the Artists, Crafters, and Sellers, a way to get to know us better.

So following on I start on Day 16 – Time to Relax, Day 17 – Feedback, Day 18 – Hyperlapse ( wont load on wordpress but available to view on instagram.com/sirenmoonbee ), Day 19 – Helper, Day – 20 Sketchbook.


Then its Day 21 – Inspiration, Day 22 – Close Up, Day 23 – Recent Make, Day 24 – Milestone, Day 25 – Packaging.

Then to finish off this amazing journey we have Day 26 – Why I do this, Day 27 – Goals, Day 28 – Organised, Day 29 – Can’t live without, Day 30 – Top Tip and last but no means least Day 31 – Customers ( this one is my eldest Daughter, my scariest customer yet, purely because of the responsibility of it all) I’m making her Bridal Hair Vine. What an honour.


Day 31 – Customers ( as I said above, my daughter is getting married and im tasked with creating her hair vine) here is a sneaky peek.


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#HipArthroscopy Surgery Booked

Hip Arthroscopy, SURGERY

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Hospital appointment yesterday, I was nervous, excited, dreading all rolled into one. It was a typically early time 9.10am and traffic was hell.

Got there by the skin of our teeth, but clinic was already 35mins behind anyways. I requested to see Mr McBryde once again, and settled down to wait.

Got called in around 70mins after appointment time, but that’s ok. But I didn’t get McBryde, a bit gutted as Registrars often give differing opinions. However on this visit I knew it was just a deciding of surgery. So I didn’t say anything about requesting McBryde. We discussed that, there is an issue, either its wear and tear and can only be fixed with an implant. A hip replacement, or I could have the arthroscopy surgery, which gives them the opportunity to look inside, and see what can be done, assess if its treatable or just wear and tear.

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Hip arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that allows doctors to view the hip joint without making a large incision (cut) through the skin and other soft tissues. Arthroscopy is used to diagnose and treat a wide range of hip problems.


If treatable, they will shave any bone spurs, anchor tear and stitch tear, as long as its not frayed too much. It means I could simply just have them look, decide and leave it, or look, fixed, and recovery. So not really sure how long I’ll be on crutches, but I know its worth trying, before I say goodbye to my own bone forever!! But as much as I want this surgery right now, I’ve requested to have surgery after August. So I’m not on crutches over the school holidays, and daughters wedding, and we can sneak in some days out etc… I’m expecting recovery to be from 6mths to 24months depending on work done, or even if successful at all, as its often a failure, so I’m fully aware it may not work. Either way it buys me time before a hip replacement.


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#MarchMeetTheMaker Instagram Challenge

Challenges, Randoms, Miscellaneous

For something different, I took up an Instagram challenge. Its by @joannehawker https://www.etsy.com/shop/joannehawker and its a challenge of taking a photo everyday of #March with a set theme. The idea is to see ‘behind’ the scenes and get to know us sellers,artists,crafter’s better.

Now I don’t usually do things like this, mainly as I’m not that good at photos, or I hate being held to something, as I’m flakey at best, with my Ehlers Danlos I’m never sure if I’m well enough to do things on that day. But I’m on Day 19 so far, and I’m doing ok. So I will show you the first 15 days worth in this part.


So the first Day was Me, Then Favourite Make – Feather Earrings, My Workspace – my notebook and lap. Then Tools – from Beads direct. The fifth day was – boomerang video which I can’t upload here sorry. But checkout http://www.instagram.com/sirenmoonbee

These Days were, Raw Materials = Suede and Silver Crimps, Clasps etc,  Then How its Made = 4 Step photo of how its made, Where = where I’m based. Work in Progress = I use my Physio to help me walk unaided and pain free this is my biggest work in progress. Then it was recommend a maker, but I couldn’t just choose one, I recommend all my crafty arty friends.

So to finish these 15 days of MarchMeetTheMaker (will complete the other 16 once March is over) there’s Mail – Show your mailings, then a Brand Image – I chose my logo on coffee, my two favourite things. Then it was photographs, how do I take my photos and what on, I’m a simple girl, using my Vodafone Smartultra 6 and sometimes a lightbox. Then Workclothes – I wear simple gym gear and pjs and comfy clothes, much needed after all my surgeries. Then its show your Creative Friends and I share my two crafty buddies, one sings and plays guitar and the other is building a wax melt empire called Vix Wix. Finally its Workclothes – I wear simple gym gear and pjs and comfy clothes, much needed after all my surgeries.

So there you have it, something different for me. Been good to have something to think about and plan for that isn’t ‘Hips’ as they do rule my world mostly!!



March Glossybox #SubscriptionBox

Beauty Boxes


Bit later than planned, but here’s #March #GlossyboxUk and its a good one! I already showed you the #Sleek eye and cheek palette, and with the tones and shades I got, I’m sure to use it all. Rrp £10 sleekmakeup.com/uk
#oOlution eye love using many different ingredients, but staying away from palm oil and synthetic ingredients, this founder Anne-Marie has come up with a luxurious eye cream that’s 100% natural. Use to dimish dark circles, reduce puffiness Rrp £30 oolution.com (I’m actually testing this out now, as since tooth extraction I’ve noticed darker inner corners of eyes)
#ThisWorks In Transit Camera Close Up, its a primer that balances, plumps and brightens akin, making your skin photo ready. I can’t wait to try this out, as I need a primer right now. Rrp £30 thisworks.com
#Got2Be another primer but this time for your hair, give your hair grip, pliability as well as long lasting control. This is a must have for daughters wedding in may. Rrp £4.18 got2be.schwarzkopf.co.uk
#FRUU Fruitilicious Coconut Lip Balm a small buttery friend, made by a Professor of Cosmetics at the London College of Fashion. Made with Coconut, Avocado Oil and Banana extract. This balm moisturises and exfoliates. Its all organic and is PETA Certified, Vegan friendly.
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Latest In Beauty Box Black Label

Beauty Boxes
I got a #LatestInBeauty #Perfect10 #BlackLabelbox. Which is an elite membership only club, that offers an on demand 24/7 beauty service around the world. And this exclusive boxcfeatures some of their can’t-live-without products, as chosen by the beauty buffs themselves.
Inside you find a #Perfect10 #BlackLabel chic dressing gown, not available to buy only exclusive to this limited edition box. A must have for any pampering session.
#ConnockLondon a beautiful sample perfume that has floral notes of #Jasmine #Gardenia and#CallaLily with base notes of #Sandalwood, #Vetvierand #WhiteAmber
Pamper yourself with #AromatherapyAssociates with two of their best selling oil blends. These are#ReviveMorning and #DeepRelax put onto your pulse points and breathe deeply.
An exclusive 1 years membership to the #Perfect10 #BlackLabel mobile beauty group, this guarantees you an appointment within 24 hours of booking, any time day or not and £20 off first booking.
#LoveMySkin is a Spot tackler with an #LED light. This red light is meant to speed up the body’s natural healing process, to clear those nasties faster.
#ConnockLondon nourishing hand cream creating a natural barrier to protect the hands skin, leaving them soft,supple and smooth.
#Essie Red nail varnish, as everyone needs at least one true Red polish, in its universally flattering hues, we can’t go wrong with this one.
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Feb Glossybox Beauty Subscription

Beauty Boxes

February #Glossybox #Love this month I got a free lip and cheek tint by #EmiteMakeUp its a deep cherry tint, glides on and lightly stains. Never really used one before. Rrp €19
#LeaudeRose is the biggest plus of the box for me, a Parisian Vintage Rose Scent. Rrp £20 facebook.com/jeannearthesgermany
Next up is a classic face mask, but made by #Vitamasques its a luxurious manuka honey one rrp£3.99 vitamasques.com
Hair balm intense hydrating properties, is what this #Garnier Ultimate Blends promises, gotta admit I need it. This too is based on Honey. Rrp £4.49 boots.com
#Ciate Paint Pot Fade to Greige I love grey based products but they make me look washed out, so this one is violet based and warmer. Rrp £9 ciatelondon.com
Lastly we have a face scrub and I love these. This one is volcanic and its colour changing, goes from pink to grey once completely purified your skin. Rrp £26 latheoriedesvolcans.com
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