3 Weeks Post Op

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3 weeks post op tomorrow, and another Physio appointment. Getting really good at some of the exercises, and with helping out hubby in various roles around the house, which acts as a sort of physio I’m doing really well. I do tire easy and get sore, but stopping and resting eases it off soon enough. I experimented with painkillers to see what works for the best, I was very happy with the 30mg Dihydrocodeine, taking that twice a day with Paracetamol dotted in between. But alas they have ran out, so i tried Co-codamol (which i’ve never liked) and settled on taking 8 x30/500mg doses. But as I was a 50mg Tramadol taker before, I thought perhaps taking them instead would be better. And I noticed straight away I wasn’t sleeping at night, I was restless and agitated. Easily moody and bored with no focus. So today I’ve gone back to Co-codamol to see if it’s the Tramadol alone that was causing these issues like I think they do.



Dressings have been changed and all stitches are removed. Scars are neat and closed, with no infection or worrying signs. I have recovered them for another week as I dont like clothes rubbing on them. Swollen belly has gone down a bit, but not totally down. Tiredness is my biggest set back, the smallest of actions wears me out, I guess sleeping would help Lol x

So Onesie on, enjoying more presents from Mil, and Sil’s with Wine Glass Charms for me and Hubby, seen as we are Lord and Lady of Chaol Ghleann in Scotland.

Cheerful Balloon and Card to help ease my pains away. Oh and Choccies as well. (going to have to start eating right soon, otherwise I will be the size of an actual house!)


One week Post op, Right Birmingham Interlocking Hip Surgery

Health, Hips, Hypermobility, SURGERY, Triple Pelvic Ost, Femoral Ost, PAO

Not sure why the Name of my surgery has changed from Triple Pelvic Ost, to Birmingham Interlocking Hip but either way they are what I’ve had done a week ago today. Scars are from Pubic region towards the Hips around 6-7inches long, and another scar on the Bum cheek around 3-4inches long.

I am still looking around 9mths pregnant from the swollen belly and my leg is just huge. Worse of all it’s still numb and wont cooperate in the slightest. I have to physically lift the leg with my hands to get it onto the sofa and bed. Crutches are a pain the the backside, but least I am used to it.

NHS was outstanding as usual, and hugely supportive and caring. I could not manage without them, and I truly appreciate them and all that they do. I was meant to stay in Hospital for 4/5 Nights but I was discharged after 2 Nights, I was much better than I thought possible after the first experience with TPO, perhaps because I was better prepared and understood more about how I would feel, and how much or how little I would be able to do. First time is always the worst as you have no reference to these things.

Resting up as best as I can, bruising is coming out as you can see here

Stupid Anti Coagulant Injections are back for 4 weeks again.
This is my recovery attire, Tartan Pjs, Spotty Dressing Gown and of course Gingerbread Man socks to help hide the Compression Stockings
This was my Hospital Ward and they were amazing!