It’s finally here after stressing about it all week, and looking forwards to it for a few weeks. Funny how you can have so many different emotions at once! LOL
Well it was a disaster at first as i didn’t want to get out of bed, it was all warm and snuggly and i said ‘oh get it while you can’ meaning we can’t snuggle as much once i have my hip done, so it made us cling to each other tighter, made us get up late but so worth it!!!!
Got there by the skin of my teeth and i did ring to warn them, just in case i was late due to motorway traffic (very bad near Birmingham) and i actually got there more or less on time, but it didn’t matter as i had an hours wait anyway. They were super duper busy, bless em.
I had my height and weight noted, then i was moved off for my blood pressure to be checked along with my blood pressure, i had to give a urine sample and an mrsa swap from groin and nose. All went ahead with no problems, well except for no readings on the ecg machine (could i be dead then? and not know?) Nah! old machine that eventually worked. I had a chat with the nurses who put my mind at rest really, so i found out that i have NO restrictions which is nice, and i don’t need any extra equipment at home either, They were very happy that i live in a bungalow so no steps for me, bar one to get inside. Had some blood taken and the verdict was, i’m very fit and healthy and ready for surgery with good veins, Never expect to be told i’m nice and healthy so i’m chuffed with that. After being there with them for half an hour i was done with, so no visit with O’Hara or the Physiotherapy team but never mind. Now all i need to do is scrub my house from top too bottom and take kids to a theme park and have a brilliant Samhain (Halloween) party. Thinking of my 2 friends that are having the same ish surgery as me, either side of my date. Go Janet first then me then finally our Dr Sam!!!

Countdown begins


I had my official letter today to confirm the date offered the 11th Nov and to ring them to say that’s the date i want to book my bed. I also got the date for my pre-op which is the 23rd of October. So today is the day that it finally hit me, this is real and it’s really happening and there’s no going back! The pain is so extreme so this decision is easy for me admittedly, but that does not mean i don’t have bad nerves over this! So the countdown begins for me it’s 4 weeks and a couple of days, and there’s so much to do. But whatever is not done well it’s tough, hopefully the family will support me and help out! (Yeah Right! I have stroppy teens not angels)
* Need a haircut (it’s looking like a hedge at the mo!)
* Make sure shaving is up to date, (don’t want to be the laughing stock on the table)
* Keep up with my workouts and diet to improve recovery for later
* Need to ask about equipment for the home afterwards?
* Length of stay in hospital (roughly)?
* What sort of restrictions I’ll have (i.e., Sex afterwards, 90 degree rule etc….)?
* Do i need blood thinning injections?
* Will they recycle my own blood?
* Do i have to wear those fetching stockings? How long for?
* When does physio start? And hydrotherapy?
* If i have any niggles can i just ring or email them?
* What normal pains and aches can i expect afterwards?
* How long will i have crutches for? The general length of recovery for this surgery?

And probably heaps more when i think of them again, My mind keeps going blank so it’s good to write them down. I do know the answers to most, but put them up for others to think about. I’m so lucky that i will have 2 other people either side of my surgery date that will be going through exactly the same surgery, which will be so supportive and encouraging, knowing i have someone to turn too and ask questions and know that they too will be going through it and know what i mean and how i feel. This is something i totally recommend, join forums that have like minded people ( as these people are priceless and i could not live without them! Good luck Janet and Sam x0x0x0x0x