#Blogmas 10 gifts for her #Firebox

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Firebox have all the things you never realised you just have to have!!

And let’s kick off with

1, Hold the Door Doormat

Game of Throne fans will get the pun!! £24.99 pricey but cute.

2, Spreadable Gin Set

Love toast but need a gin hit too? I have tried the whiskey version. £14.99

3, BeetleJuice Powerbank

Juice up the phone but make it horror, cute Beetle Juice power bank £14.99

4, Moon Lamp

A personal favourite of mine, a lunar light to give atmosphere and romance to any room £19.99

5, Bluetooth Eye Mask

I always listen to crime podcasts as I drift off to sleep, but I also tangle myself up with wires off the headphones. This would solve that. £29.99

6, Gin Tastes Of Christmas

Enjoying the mulled gin on the Christmas markets, now you can enjoy at home too. £27.99

7, World’s Smallest Terrarium

No green thumb required, but have a no fuss teeny tiny terrarium £6.99

8, White Noise Sound Pebble

Drift off to sleep, feel Zen with gentle white noise sounds coming from this cute pebble £29.99

9, Pixie Tears Gin

Someone has seriously upset tinkerbell, she’s been crying for days. They captured their essence and bottled it just for you. £39.99

10, KiiPix Instant Photo Printer

Turn your smartphone into a printer, print off vintage shots £39.99

#Blogmas 10 gifts for him #Firebox

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Starting with the boys this time, Firebox is a feast of the daft things you can buy. I’ve stopped here many a time, for Unicorn tears, Gummy bear light and the like.

1, Brick Yourself

Prices start at £34.99 For these personalised mini figures, have one for each member of the family.

2, Star Wars Mystery Box

Price is £34.99 but value is over £40 For all your star wars fans, a mystery box of goodies.

3, Incohearent

A game of stupid phases that you have to decipher. I know a few peeps who will love this. £19.99

4, Star Theatre Planetarium Flux

Pricey at £149.99 but it’s a dazzling way to display all the stars on your ceiling.

5, Brewdog Ipa Beer Making Kit

Nevermind men, I’d love this myself, and I have a female friend that would love this too. A gift of beer, how cool £39.99

6, Peanut butter and Jam Bourbon

Well, it’s certainly different isn’t it. £39.99 but what a gift!!

7, World’s Smallest Rubik Cube

Doesn’t take up much space, will probably annoy them for hours. And only £9.99

8, Dinosaur Planters

Have a rawsome planter with cute dinosaurs. My daughter has the T Rex at her house. £29.99 each one.

9, Game Of Thrones Monopoly

Winter is definitely coming…. grab the family and get stuck into the board games, we do every year. £31.99

10, Cannabis Gin

Unwind from a hectic Christmas day with a G&T with a twist. Crafted in Amsterdam £32.99

#Blogmas 48 Weeks Post #HipReplacement

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I confess I cancelled my physio session due for yesterday, I just don’t have it in me to do it, as I have two days afterwards that would require energies.

We are driving up to Chester today to collect our daughter from uni, but we’ve planned a walk around the Christmas markets and packing up half of her room. I’m going to struggle with that alone, so physio was not happening. Pain is on the increase, but I’m unsure of why.

However that doesn’t mean I’ve been taking it easy in the meantime. We’ve expanded on walks, each time I lift the walking stick and walk as far as I can without it, before the waddle returns. Once it does return I go back to the stick.

I’ve stopped leaning so heavy on it, as a measure to help my hand that suffers so bad from arthritis. So the distance isn’t far. But I think it’s helping.

Walking along canals it’s an easy path, even and less arduous to try lifting the stick.

The mud is a bit of a wild card, I’ve slipped a few times, thankfully caught myself before hitting the deck. But when I slip it’s jarred the hip a few times, causing pain.

The pain I’ve had lately is in the illiac crest. A dull nagging ache, that I’m nursing with a hot water bottle. I’m taking 8 paracetamol and 3 400mg ibuprofen a day in a bid to control my hands flare ups. Weirdly though this isn’t helping the illiac pain.

Let’s hope it settles down and isn’t a frequent occurrence.

#Blogmas 10 Unique gifts for him #TheBritishCraftHouse

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Couldn’t leave the special men in your life out, so diving into The British Craft House I collected my favourite 10 for this gift guide.

1, BeachStreetArt

Cute pebble art arranged into his favourite pastime. Sea fishing complete with seagull. £39.00

2, SurreyWoodsmiths

This one Blows me away, how intricate and skilful. Mandela to help focus the mind, a yoga must have. £80.00

3, JustKirstySculptureAndGifts

My very favourite thing is Moon gazy hares, and this is a large pewter one. Stunning £285.00

4, SilverbirdDesigns

Sterling silver Wave textured cuff links the perfect workwear or occasional wear accessories. £50.00

5, ConwayStamping

Personalised carabiner for the climber in your life. Have children’s names stamped on them. £8.00

6, jcudesigns

Personalised keyring to keep things organised and neat. £12.00

7, thatgirlingreen

Keep that beard in check, well groomed and trim. Everything you’d need. £28.00

8, MCPots18

Yes Dave, where’s the rave?? Unusual mug which I just love. £10.00

9, OscarAndToots

Personalised Vegan Faux Leather notebook. Just to capture all your thoughts and feelings inside. £29.50

10, TheTicketybooCoo

Who doesn’t love Highland coos?? These are stunning in solid sterling silver £78.00

#Blogmas 10 Unique gifts for her #TheBritishCraftHouse

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New for this Year I’m featuring the Fabulous The British Craft House. Which has even more amazing artisans to feature.

Here’s my top 10 for her.

1, Larryware

Beautiful wooden Christmas decorations, with striking red robins on them. Hand painted and so unusual I had to add them first. £6.00

2, MollyGDesigns

What a striking statement piece, beautifully soustached with a gorgeous goldstone focal point. £68.50

3, OYPTjewellery

Delightful and cheerful unicorn pin badges, instantly brightens up bags and jackets. £10.00

4, VintageCandy

A personalised silver plated fork perfect for your slice of cake this Christmas. £16.00

5, ItsPersonalGB

A gift of organisation which I for one would love, a hanger for keys, coats and leads. £15.00

6, MaggieGeeEmbroidery

A perfect gift of a hobby and craft. Absolute beginners embroidery kit. £14.99

7, Joysofglass

Absolutely bewitching Witches made out of stained glass, making them gorgeous sun catchers £13.00

8, DewDropCards&Crafts

I know a few unicorn mad ladies who would happily home thus gorgeous whimsical creature. £29.95

9, ElizabethLarsenKintwear

Beautifully crafted cowl in Highland Merino Silk. Just the ticket for this weather. £45.00

10, TheTwistedFelter

Omg!! He’s the cutest thing ever, and he has wings!! A flying pig, what more could you ever want? £26.00

#Blogmas 10 unique gifts for him #Etsy

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We’ve done the girls off Etsy, so it’s only fair to do the Men in your life. Show them how special and unique they are.

Etsy is a fabulous place to ship, to find that extra special gift that says I love you. Support your small businesses this Christmas.

1, ProperPickles

I couldn’t resist, how sweet are these bums!! And it’s very unusual, so safe to bet no one else would have bought them. £11.99

2, CHwoodenART

Keep everything safe and in one place, with a personalised touch. £29.18

3, PrestigeDecanters

Love strongman as much as I do? This is the perfect decanter to mark this competition. Pop your favourite whiskey in. £118.95

4, rcornejojewelry

Unique Deer and Meteorite ring for your special man. It doesn’t get more unique than this. £47.54

5, PanacheCycle

Got a MTB lover in your life, a cute and funny t-shirt showing their sport £22.00

6, LabelImprints

Black Lamb Skin RFID magnetic money clip, keep it all organised and protected. £23.75

7, JoyfulTidingsBridal

A huge bundle set of 7 duffel bags, all beautifully embroidered with your monogram or initials. Perfect for that frequent flyer, business trips or gym bunny. £227.60


A mixture of Leather and Wood make this a truly unique special watch. Get it engraved for an extra touch. £25.57

9, TOTEMJewelry

Chunky leather and sterling silver lion head bracelet. Durable and hard wearing. £257.73

10, GeorgiaOkraGirl

Keep their beard in check, and perfectly groomed. £27.76

#Blogmas 10 Unique Gifts for Her #Etsy

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It’s that time again, something I’ve enjoyed doing for the last two years, are my unique gift guides.

Focusing on small businesses on Etsy in this guide, featuring artisans and bespoke pieces.

1, Rindlewaves

Features a unique Soundwave poster, or prints too. Capture that song that means the world to you, wedding song, favourite song you can customise it to your colours, your song. It’s truly a unique piece. £55.51

2, CustomBobblehadsEtsy

Who doesn’t want a custom bobble head? I mean how cute is this. Create yourself and put on your partners desk at work. How could they not want to see this. £54.72

3, Woodprintz

Get a wedding or holiday, or anniversary photo printed onto wood, create a beautiful unique focal piece of art for your home. £21.00

4, Christopherjamesuk

A delicate 9ct Gold necklace that features the names of your family. Wear them close to your heart. £142.99

5, MakeMeAComic

How cool is this, customise a story board of your epic love story in comic style. A must for comic lovers like me. £130.00

6, MayaJambalaya

How cute are these? Teeny tiny mushrooms and lichen captured in this whimsical fairy piece. Nothing is prettier than mother nature. £23.50

7, WearTheWorldLabel

Christmas Pyjamas are a must have, but instead of classic Primark ones, opt for silk for that luxurious touch, and know that yours are extra special. £45.00

8, BoulsWorthFineMetals

Thick aluminium hammered into a Celtic swirl, strong and long lasting hair barette. £24.99

9, CraftedCreated

Hands off my gin, make it known it’s yours and yours alone, with a personalised glass. Chin chin.£24.99

10, Facaldoflowers

Perfect Christmas hair piece, and on Christmas and wear with confidence. Ditch the predictable jumper and dress up instead. £16.00

#Blogmas Look Fantastic December Box

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December’s #lookfantasticbeautybox I thought I’d cancelled, so bit of a shock when it arrived.

We have inside

#RealChemisty Luminous 3 minute peel 20ml rrp £19.88
Get party prepped skin by refining complexion exfoliating face peel. Will my sensitive skin accept it though? Thats question?

#Eylure Texture 117 lashes rrp £5.08
Lightweight strip lashes which are great for day or night. But can I actually successfully wear lashes? We will see soon.

#BumbleAndBumble invisible oil heat if protection 30ml £5.00
Feather light primer pre styling most to help protect against heat styling, if days and breakage. (Super happy to get this, as I need it so bad)

#Sleek i-divine palette goodnight sweetheart rrp £8.99 12 shades that suit most skin tones, mixture of mattes and shimmers.

#Prai platinum firm and lift creme 10ml rrp £9.00 Super pleased this is in here, I’ve used their products before and adored them. Perfect anti aging moisturiser than hydrates and defends against free radicals.

#Eyeko black magic liner 4ml rep £9.00 their darkest ever eyeliner, felt tip like, so easier to use and create a perfect wing. (Unless your me, and can never do it)

Not bad, couple of duds to me personally as I feel they are over done, and that’s the eyeliner and palette. But the Peel, and Moisturiser and Heat Protector more than make up for the 2 blah products. Not a bad party prep box at all.

And of course you get an Elle magazine to read which itself is worth £4.50 though I confess I barely read it.

#Blogmas Krampus

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Who is Krampus? And what does he have to do with Christmas.

Well in Europe, cental europe they have folklore tales of Krampus who is a horned, beastly figure often described as “half-goat, half-demon”, this Krampus beast, appears during the Christmas season, and comes to punish children, those who have misbehaved, the naughty ones, in a stark contrast of the loveable, jolly Saint Nicholas, who is known for rewarding the well-behaved, nice children with gifts. Krampus joins Saint Nicholas in several regions including Austria, Bavaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

It is thought the folklore pre dates Christianity and popular in Europe even today. There’s even modern horror films you can watch, featuring him.

Now in Whitby the UK, they now have a Krampus Run and Ball for charity. It’s great to see old tales and traditions coming back. Check them out below.

Whitby Krampus Run

#Blogmas 5 ways to be more Sustainable

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Sustainable seems to be the buzz word of the year. And I see great people making great changes, to live more sustainable lives.

But it’s important to know we can’t all do grand gestures of huge changes, but we each can do small changes, that collectively will creative huge differences.

Such as…

1,Christmas Tree

There are huge debates over which is more environmentally friendly, and honestly it has to be weighed up to your beliefs. I myself have an artificial tree, as that suits my lifestyle. I’ve also had the same tree for nearly 2 decades!! And honestly at this point it’s more environmentally friendly for me to keep using it. No doubt it will last me a few more decades if I’m honest. I do worry about disposal though, in the future.

photo credit

2,Wrapping Paper

Buying recyclable wrapping paper (how this isn’t the norm, is beyond me) my daughter uses brown paper which can be decorated, stamped or use ribbon, which is a lovely touch. I’ve even used old Primark brown bags as my wrapping paper, well why not? I have seen some use scarves too, but that’s not possible with small children with a thousand presents (well that’s another point, the amount we buy). We also often reuse old cuts of wrapping paper, and ribbons too. Every little helps.

Visit Here For Artisan Shopping

3, Presents

When I can, I buy from small independent shop owners, crafters and the like. I like to buy things that will last or can be used, so candles, soaps and classic clothing wins for me here. I used to papercut and make jewellery, which was handy. Alas I struggle with arthritis so this isn’t possible anymore. Or when you buy things try to buy things that will last a long time. My favourite gifts really are socks and photos. Both are so treasured.

We buy much loved pyjamas and dressing gowns for grandchildren, using practical things over toys, as their own parents will know what toys to get them. Not as exciting perhaps, but sweetened the deal with their favourite Disney characters help.

4, Decorations

We use decorations we have had for decades, but when we do buy, we buy more classic timeless ones, no themes on our tree. More like it’s a tree of family milestones, each piece tells a story of our family. Because of this, your less likely to want to replace, even when they’ve grown up and flown the nest. So less waste! We also aim for more glass, wooden types.

Though Alan the pig above I had to buy recently (last Christmas) from TK Maxx as I love him, and he’s felt so sure to last too.

Photo Credit

5, Food

No one needs the amount of food that is pushed in the adverts. We honestly onmy need to buy the same amount as we would the normal week, with a few extras. But the adverts have you believing that Christmas is ruined if you havent got every cake, pie, and alcoholic drink known to man. Do you really need that much to spoil yourself? Will you regret it as soon as Janurary starts? Is it worth it. Yes have a treat or two. But honestly no one needs 12 cakes and gateauxs, as well as 10 vodkas and all the nibbles. Be sensible, and understand a treat is a treat when it’s not a lot of or often bought.

Well this is what I’m telling myself anyway, as classically I will overeat and indulge then predictably I hate myself in Jan. So I’m attempting to break the cycle. Stay as active as I can, and stop sabotaging myself with ‘goodies ‘ that aren’t needed. Or not in that volume anyway.