#Blogmas 2018 Birmingham Uni and Christmas Market part 1

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Well it’s that nerve wrecking time again! Time to get up ready and show the world my daughter will make an incredible teacher.

This time it’s closer to home, it’s Birmingham. My eldest went to Aston in Birmingham, so it’s not too far, just far enough to move away from home.

This time there wasn’t a presentation, so the whole thing felt more relaxed. We got there early, so parked up and ate some ready made sarnies, I come prepared.

Noticing the nearest parking we couldn’t go over an hour, so we checked her in, and left as the students were called upstairs, where they were broken off into smaller groups, to start with interviews, then to watch a program and complete a written test on it, to then finally do their chosen specialist subject matter to discuss.

Olivia chose the topic of literacy in the modern times, how it’s failing in areas and how to bring the standard back up, both as a student and a teacher’s prospective.

While she was busy, we drove off to town, a simple 5-10min drive or for some 25min walk. I couldn’t walk it.

Lots of building going on, so forced walkways are about, but you won’t get lost as it’s well sign posted.

We get a chance to see the town and Xmas market while it’s pretty quiet. But it’s freezing cold, so not wet like Chester last week, but still uncomfortable.

After a disaster coffee and rest, we had to start heading back to collect Liv, and hear what happened. The suspense is nail biting.

Its around 3pm ish now and lights are more noticeable, which starts to transform the whole feeling. We will be back to hear the Santa singing and see the market in the dark.

Back for part 2 later


#Blogmas 2018 Occupational therapy

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The day is finally here, I’m not well enough to go, but I’m dragging myself there, as this is needed.

It all started as a disaster on my part, I thought the time was 9.30am but hubby informed me at 9.10am that it was in the calendar for 9.15am OH. MY. GOD. Mad panic ensued, and I had to ring them to tell them. Simple mistake, I desperately hoped they could still see me. Thankfully they were most accommodating.

Roll a pen between thumb and finger, with thumb doing all the work

Make an ‘O’ with hand, and then lift up first finger, feel ligaments stretch down finger and thumb.

Small movements, but I could really feel it. So I’m sure these are going to help a lot.

I’m so glad I went, it was so worth it. They listened, confirmed my hypermobility in each finger joint, showed me tools I can buy to help around the house. Gave me new exercises to try. And even made me some braces, that are bent to my shape, to help support thumbs.

I walked out of there feeling listened too, full of hope for the physio to work in mobility and pain levels. I am optimistic about the future, if I can do the hardwork.

So I’m back in six weeks time, and like any good Physiotherapist, she will be able to tell whether I’ve done them or not.

#Blogmas 2018 week 2 #No7AdventCalendar

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Not quite sure how the days have ran away with me if I’m honest. My head hasn’t actually been into Christmas even though I’ve got a calendar to count down the days.

It’s like its not even real? I have ALL the wrapping to do, and writing of cards too. Hell I’ll admit it, we don’t have a tree up.

In our defence, I’ve been super poorly ok ok regular poorly, and very busy other days too. So it’s been tiring and the thought of getting it down south so exhausting.

Day 8

I got some much needed slanted blade tweezers in gold tone. Small travel sized.
High performance No7 Slanted Tweezers with ultra precise tips.
For Best Results: Always tweeze in direction of hair growth, one hair at a time.

buy here

Day 9

I got the most exciting product for me, an airbrush primer. I love primers, and I’m always on the hunt to try more. And I got full size at 30ml
No7 Airbrush Away Primer for days when you want your skin to look flawless and your makeup to apply perfectly.
Pores and fine lines appear to disappear and wrinkles are put in to soft focus leaving your skin perfectly smooth and even all day.
Contains hyaluronic acid moisture locking spheres to help soften the appearance of fine lines and smooth the skin.

buy here

Day 10

I got a 15ml Radiant Results daily face polish, so it’s a gentle daily cleanser unlike the previous one which is more weekly instead.
For radiant & healthier looking skin in 1 week.
Gently polish away dull surface skin cells and impurities, to reveal smoother and more even skin in an instant. Formulated with gentle exfoliating particles to refine pores and help skin feel renewed. Leaves skin looking brighter, and feeling soft and revitalised.
Formulated with No7’s Tri-Vit Complex + Red Ginseng.

buy here

Day 11

How cool is this, a lash primer, I’ve always wanted to try one. 7ml and it’s 4 in 1 perfector.
4-in-1 lash perfector
1) When used as a lash tint, lashes look separated and naturally defined
2) When used as a primer it allows smoother mascara application
3) When used as a primer it also improves the volume and length given by mascara
4) When used as a top coat it makes mascara water-resistant* and smudge proof.

buy here

Day 12

Stay perfect eyeliner in black this is a pencil, rather than felt liner. 1.2g
No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eye Pencils glide on easily and give intense colour that stays put all day.
The silky smooth texture gives long lasting colour that stays put for up to 12 hours, eyes look wider, brighter and impactful.
Hypo-allergenic. Waterproof

buy here

Day 13

Protect and Perfect Intense Eye Cream 5ml I so need this badly, so it’s been a welcome sight.
Advanced protection & perfection for visibly younger looking skin. Smooth the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles and help delay new ones with No7’s advanced protecting & renewing eye cream. Supercharged by Matrixyl 3000 Plus, our unique and most concentrated peptide technology to target deep lines and wrinkles with more power. Especially designed for the delicate area around your eyes, it targets troublesome wrinkles whilst visibly improving dark shadows and puffiness, Contains No7’s best antioxidant protection, Double Defence technology.
Retinyl palmitate is No7’s age-defying pro-retinol ingredient of choice. It supports the skin renewal process to reduce the key visible signs of ageing, while being mild enough to be suitable for sensitive skin.

buy here

Day 14

I got a £10 voucher for a Match Made Moisture drench lipstick, or Stay Perfect Lipstick. So that will be a nice treat to pick one out, a colour of my choice, rather than the typical red you get lumbered with.

buy here

#Blogmas 2018 #SBS Christmas gift list Part 2

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Along with yesterday’s post, I have yet more lovelies to share from the ever increasing club of #SBS each one of us chosen my #TheoPaphitis for our businesses.

He has seen in us the wealth of talent, services, and products and deemed them worthy to be chosen.

No31 Belper

For award winning getaways, think of the Peak District, all that countryside at your fingertips. Peaceful and serene. Just what you need after the madness of Christmas.

buy here


For a collection of personalised gifts from prints to bags, to jewellery and so much more. This is a one stop shop with all your needs met.

buy here


Whispers Of Wood

The quality and overall look of these are outstanding. I want one myself. Jazz up your kitchen with a guitar shaped board.

buy here


B- Organic Skin

One of my own personal favourites, I’ve purchased myself. Gentle and organic skin care that is perfect for sensitive skin, and gentle enough for babies too.

My favourite product above.

buy here


Susan Holton Knitwear

From scarves, and hats and gloves, all needed this winter, there is a collection of jackets and cardigans too. I love wrist warmers as I can wear these over my wrist braces and still use my walking stick safely.

buy here


House Of Wonderland

For the alternative gifts for those hard to buy for teens, look no further. Cute stationary, pin badges and more.

buy here


Virtual Business Centre

Now I know this isn’t a gift persay, at least not a usual gift. But if you feel you need business help or the gift of help for someone you love, give them a call.

buy here


Olive Training

A gift of learning a new skill, a change in career, become your own boss. Become a new therapist with Olive Training.

buy here


Kate Chester’s Art

I stumbled across these recently and omg I fell in love, a bloggers dream as a backdrop. Looks like a marriage of gemstones and wood, to make a bespoke board for cutting. I seriously want one.

buy here


Ready Steady School

Early years educational tools, get your little one ready for starting school with these boxes, curated to give your little one some writing and reading skills before school starts.

buy here


Mini Melton

Clothes and hair accessories for children, you can get them personalised. Which is fabulous as there is very little with Leonardo written on them.

buy here


Agent Shave

For the dapper chap in your life, get them quality oils, creams, aftershaves and razors too.

buy here


Solavia Fine Glassware

Make your Christmas table different this year, with cute tree shape designs. I love these.

Like a gift in itself

buy here



Sawley Kitchen

Delicious snacks for Santa, or perhaps you yourself, gorgeous baked goodies from Yorkshire. I’m sorely tempted to get some right now.

s k biscuits-102

buy here



#Blogmas 2018 #SBS Christmas gift ideas Part 1

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As a very proud member of the #SBS crew, I knew I had to show off some of my fellow winners. All of us have been chosen personally by Theo Paphitis as Small Business Sunday award winners.

Theo set this up on twitter, as a way to help the small and micro businesses grow organically and with mentoring and support. And I could not wish for a better support network.

We are a vast array of businesses and services, and we are now in our thousands. But a select few chosen to be shared here.


Graphic designer, and social media expert. Get your stationary printed here, with logo designing, banners, and work products too. I’ve had my own stickers produced by Aquadesign an the quality is high.

buy here


Vintage Classics

For that extra special gift, of nostalgia and treasured memories. You can hire that car you have always dreamed of. Live out your fantasties and slip into the leather seats and be taken back to a time when cars had character and flare. A real ‘Drivers’ car experience.

buy here


Little Furniture Shop

Sticking to the vintage style, how about this amazing find. A furniture restorer that can give your sofa back it’s pizazz. Custom made bespoke service, to have one of a kind pieces that are sure to be a focal point.

buy here


All Terrain Kart

The big kid in me loves this. Gone have the days of the most dangerous builds in history, to try and bodge together a kart. Now you have the most beautifully built karts available, and they suit all terrains too. Sturdy, and reliable and hours of fun. An important piece of childhood memory will be made on these.

buy here


Sarah Greening Glass

An artist of the highest quality, using glass as their media to create the most unusual and unique jewellery I’ve ever seen. Suitable for both sexes and with plenty to choose from.

buy here


Colour me fun

Personalised crayons, badges and colouring books for all your children’s needs. Brightening the world one crayon at a time, I love that about them, and I know my grandson will love them too, when he’s a little older.

buy here


Livvy and Rose

The sweetest collection of bags, watches, scarves and jewellery for ladies and young girls. Lots of gifts to choose from here.

buy here


How Fine Designs

Affirmation, magickal jewellery that can be personalized to suit all your needs. From pin badges to bangles, and necklaces, there is something for everyone. I have my eye on the affirmation rings.

buy here


Prints Charming Jewellery

Beautiful and unique jewellery made with love, palm prints and footprints of loved ones, babies all captured forever in these one off pieces.

buy here


Mark Hewitson Photography

For gifts of a different nature, get a professional photo shoot for your special occasions, important milestones, and feel at ease with knowing you have captured such treasured memories.

buy here


Well that’s it for now, come back for more soon

#Blogmas 2018 The Birthday Mystery by Faith Martin #BlogBookTour

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So it’s me again, with a Blog book tour. I had officially stopped due to the surgery date being originally 29th November. But as it was cancelled I re instated myself, to occupy my time.

This time I’m trying a new author, and this title drew me in, December sees me celebrating my husband’s birthday on the 9th, my daughter’s is on the 19th December, so this fitted in with my life perfectly.

Who doesn’t like murder mysteries and birthdays too ??

Jenny Starling is catering the twenty-first birthday party of a pair of posh twins, Alicia and Justin.
But when she arrives at their parent’s country house, she is immediately met by the police. A young man has drowned in the pond. Was it an accident or murder?
Then just after midnight everyone gathers for a champagne toast. But one of the guests falls down dead.
The police are baffled and there is a whole party full of suspects. But when it comes to someone adding the extra ingredient of poison to her own precious recipes, Jenny isn’t going to take it lying down. She has a reputation to protect.
Jenny Starling won’t stop until the murderer is found.

About the Author

Faith Martin has been writing for over 25 years and has had nearly 50 novels published. Born in Oxford, she has set most of her crime novels within sight of the ‘dreaming spires’. And right now, Joffe Books are re-issuing all 17 of her DI Hillary Greene series in new updated editions!
As Joyce Cato, she writes more classically-inspired ‘cosy’ murder mysteries, so if you’re a fan of red-herrings, amateur sleuths, and baffling murders to solve, these are the novels for you. And Joffe Books will also be bringing out this series as ebooks throughout 2018-19.
As Maxine Barry, her latest romance novels are now available from Corazon Books, with Imposters in Paradise, Heart of Fire (set in fabulous Hawaii) and The Lying Game now out.
As Jessie Daniels, her ‘spooky’ crime novel, The Lavender Lady Casefile came out in November 2017, published by Robert Hale, an imprint of Crowood Press

My Review

December is a hectic month, way more than we’d had planned initially. It’s come with interviews and presentation preparations and stresses, so this book has been the perfect antidote to all of this.

A bit of quiet time, alone with my thoughts and an opportunity to step away from stress, was the perfect escapism.

I’m a huge miss Marple fan, and I felt like the character Jenny was like her but young. Observant and spotting the smallest of details, connecting the clues.

So easy to read and it’s my first by Faith Martin, it sure won’t be my last. Afternoon murder films are my guilty pleasure for sure, and I could totally see this adapted for TV.

Wonderful way to spend a few hours to yourself, happy reading

#Blogmas 2018 Favourite Christmas Decorations TKMaxx

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In all the shops this year TK Maxx has been the favourite for Christmas decorations. They have just made me giggle, or say awwww, or just be so cute it’s insane.

What can I say, everyone needs a glass skiing elephant in pink pants!!

Happiest dinosaur I ever did see. Felt seems to be a top material this year.

Nutcrackers I’ve honestly never liked them before, felt they were too creepy. It’s the teeth for me. But slowly been won round by my youngest who adores them! On the hunt for a pink one though.

Why not change the bathroom too, soap dispensers in elf and snowman style, extra cute factor.

Not sure why you’d want a rubber duck on your tree, but this badass has convinced me i do need one!

Sleepy knitted mermaid, check. Definitely a keeper.

Speaking of mermaids, here is the bustier cousin of the sleepy one.

I actually found a black poison apple decoration, very snow white to me. One I really liked.

I feel like gingerbread men are essential to Christmas. And these are super cute.

When you think you know everything about Father Christmas, you find out he has a new ride this year. I’m impressed.

Seems a little glum but cute anyways, maybe his buddy above can cheer him up.

Is it a horse? A llama? Who knows, but this tail is fabulous!

Just to get to the posh decorations, I mean look at her pearls, she’s so ready for Christmas.

Here is her date, the dapper mousey with his bow tie are sure to raise the class of your tree this year.

At the top of anyone’s Christmas decoration list should be Alan. So popular this year, there’s even a Facebook group of Alan fans!! join here

So there you have it, for me Maxx is amazing for those things you never knew you absolutely needed in your life.

#Blogmas 2018 Week 1 #No7AdventCalendar

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Calendars I love them, the instant reward, the countdown, the surprise. However I wasn’t planning on even a chocolate one, but my daughter Mini Moon decided we HAD TOO. So she bought us a Dairy Milk (me) a Milkybar (Mr Moon) and Galaxy (Mini Moon) one. What a brilliant surprise for us.


As I said I had no plans on any calendars at all. And I ended up with 2!!

So this year I wasn’t going to do a beauty calendar, so many I liked and loved, but I felt I couldn’t justify it to myself. So I didn’t buy one. Little did I know as a Christmas present my husband (Mr Moon) had bought and surprised me with one.


Day 1

Total Renewal Micro-Dermabrasion Exfolitor 25ml Buy here

Helps to work against the appearance of dark areas, sun damaged or belmish prone skin too. Not to be used on sore sun-burnt skin.

How to use

Dot onto clean damp skin. Gently massage upwards for 1 minute, following the instructions on the leaflet carefully. Rinse and follow with an SPF15 moisturiser. Only use twice a week.


Day 2

Stay Precise felt tip eyeliner black 1.6g Buy here

No7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eye Liner features a built in extra-slim brush that is easy to apply; making you eyes stand out with style.

How to use

  • Simply line your upper lid from the middle of the lash line to the outer corner.
  • Then finish the line by working from the inner corner of the eye to the middle.


Day 3

Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream 25ml Buy here

Visibly improves deep lines and wrinkles with younger looking skin in just 2 weeks.

Advanced protection & perfection for visibly younger looking skin.


Day 4

Instant Results revitalising hydrogel eye masks 3g Buy here

Our radiance enhancing formula with Vitamin C works to visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles, while Vitamin E effectively conditions to promote healthy looking skin.

The Result: Eyes feel instantly refreshed, and the appearance of shadows and puffiness is reduced. Continued use works to visibly reduce dark circles, leaving eyes looking brighter and more awake.


Day 5

Stay Perfect top coat 10ml Buy here

Simply apply over your favourite No7 colour and enjoy long-lasting and chip resistant nails.


Day 6

Protect & Perfect Intense Serum 0.16floz Buy here

Supercharge your skincare regime with our unique complex of anti-ageing technologies that help to repair, enhance and protect the skin:
Matrixyl 3000 Plus™* – the star technology for helping to restore a more youthful appearance to your skin.
Retinyl palmitate is No7’s age-defying pro-retinol ingredient of choice. It supports the skin renewal process to reduce the key visible signs of ageing, while being mild enough to be suitable for sensitive skin.
Hyaluronic acid – for added firmness.
Patented antioxidant complex – to protect the skin against environmental stress.
Rice peptide and alfalfa complex – helps to preserve levels of collagen and fibrillin in the skin.

Day 7

Radiant Results micellar cleansing water 30ml buy here
Use in one easy step to cleanse face, lips and eyes. No Fragrance.

Formulated with No7’s Tri-Vit Complex + Red Ginseng.

Each No7 Cleanser is formulated to help protect your skins natural, healthy balance.

For Best Results:
Using cotton wool or your fingers, sweep over your skin. Suitable for use over face, lips and eyes. No need to rinse away.

#Blogmas 2018 4 weeks ish til #HipReplacement

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Holey moley how fast is this time going? It’s whizzing by, and now we have university interviews all month, the time is flying by even quicker.

So far we have done one interview and she’s got a conditional offer from them already, but you have to wait to do the others before you accept. So still a few cities to do yet.

It’s also nearly 2 weeks since the steroid and I’m happy to update that the thumb now feels fabulous. It was so worth the discomfort and aches, and side effects to get to this point. I must remember this as now my right big toe is aching (literally I’m fixing/masking one problem area, and another pops up!!) It’s hurting to flex as you step, but hoping rest, ice and ibuprofen will help that.

I literally can’t have other issues, as I’m struggling to juggle on the ones I have. Curse of Arthritis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome I guess.

As you can gather this week I’ve not done any hip physio, as I’ve not had the energy or time to do them. Each day it’s been a doing day or recovery day. Which is looking to stay like this all of December. Weather too is dreadful so extra pains, swellings, and aches, which isn’t helping at all.

But we did snatch a quick woodland walk in, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Some fresh air, some uneven ground, to help work muscles, so in that way the hip was worked out.

So although it wasn’t regular exercise, I still huffed and puffed, and sweated away. Knowing in a few short weeks I’d be longing for fresh air. Better to get it all in now. However hip was ANGRY as hell once home and rested, took 2 days of complete rest to sort out pain levels to reasonable again.

Roll on the next busy week, it’s Birmingham university next and occupational therapy too.

#Blogmas 2018 Chester Uni, Xmas market part two

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Following on from yesterday’s post, taking our youngest daughter to her 1st university interview.

And wandering the Christmas market. It’s so enjoyable to see the lights, the extra happiness around, it is what Christmas is too me. Not the gifts, just the light in the darkest days, knowing that they guide you through the long hard times, and that joy and light is on its way, following the solstice.

Completely drenched but having fun nonetheless. My hood was/is useless. It’s too big so I can’t see if I wear it. So hair went pants!!

Every thing looks amazing, no matter the weather, when you have lights and decorations!!

The pubs look so inviting, and warm. But on a mission we didn’t have time to visit. But I was certainly tempted. Instead we made do with a Gregg’s pumpkin spice latte that was dreamy!!

Finally we got the call that interview had finished and it was time to meet. Starving now too, so we’d visit a McDonald’s for tea. And start the journey on home.

It went well and now the nail biting time starts awaiting to hear from them. And also the new nerves to start for the next interview!!

Whatever happens we are proud, and we loved our time here. Even in all this gloom Chester can look romantic and beautiful.