8 week Post Op Check Up Xray Results

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Well it’s now 9weeks Post Op, and last week at 8weeks Post Op I had my Xray appointment to see if all was well, and to get the Surgeon’s opinions. Also it was a chance for me to plead my case and request Physio back at Cannock and request Kelly as she is amazing!

Xray was perfect, everything healing as it should be. I asked about Kelly, and I think he believes I dont really need Physio anymore, but agreed to it as I said about the Groin/Deep Inner Hip Flare ups I have. So he tested the stability of the Joint, and Muscles surrounding the Hip, the waddle is caused from seriously weak Glutes and not just the Bum Glutes, which causes me to lean on the operated side, and swing the Leg out. So he showed me the Chair Exercises that O’Hara had previously shown me. Like One Legged Squats they are over a Chair. You have to go as slowly as possible, so they engage each and every muscle. I will need a Walking Stick or Crutch to keep me straight. These are incredibly difficult and tiring, so better to do 5 reps of excellent quality, than 10 reps and improper form.

But the worst news, or could be good news, Depends how you view things, The Hip Groin Flare Ups are indicating that it is the Joint inself, Meaning that a Hip Replacement is needed rather than it going by itself. But as I’m doing ok, unless I aggravate the Joint by doing impact exercises (ie jump, skip, jog, kick) I’m going to put the Hip Replacement Op off for as long as possible. See if Physio and good pain management will get me a few years. As I think the family need a break from surgeries, and recoveries and me being stuck in all day every day.

Hip Replacement Xray Below, Not Mine but a Reference so you can see what one looks like

Obviously should the Pain start to hinder my daily life and I can’t return to Normal ‘daily’ activities, such as getting onto a Bus, walking round town, Getting a job, snowboarding etc, then I will go forth with the surgery as soon as possible. But as it’s early days yet from having screw removal surgery, I have to allow the muscles, tendons and joint time to settle down and repair.

Here is info on the Hip Replacement via Birmingham Hip Clinic, O’Hara as he is the one I would go to see again. Click Here For Info