16th July – 23rd July 2016 post steroid hip injection and birthday #london plans

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From day 3 to day 10 and how it all felt. So far my painkillers had been massively increased, due to a sharpness sting in the thigh, But after 3 days off housework, it was time to return to it and see how the hip coped. And boom Summer has arrived in the UK, and this NEVER stays long, so I often rested outside and sunbathed. Hips and Joints LOVE the warmth, so it’s good therapy for it. A few days of housework didn’t kill me off, so come the 18th July I decided to add basic physio exercises ( doing them outside to kill two birds with one stone! Sunbathe and being productive at once)

Such as you see here, Lots of Hip Flexion, Adduction, Abduction, Extension all standing, then some Lying down such as Abduction, Side Leg Raise, Front Leg Raise and the Vile Front Leg and Twist and Raise. I even have an Aerobic step to do Forward Step Ups and then Side Step Ups (this exercise alone activates the deep groin ache and pain!!) so it’s still present sadly? Will this steroid work? what happens if it doesn’t??

Next few days pass in much the same way as earlier ones, lots of hot water bottle sessions, me attempting physio and seeing which annoys the hip the most. Is a side step the most annoying thing? Can I do normal activities without activating the pain? I was babysitting Leonardo (my Grandson) who stayed overnight, he’s 11 weeks old, so lots of carrying him, squatting, bending and walking. So during these two days I didn’t do physio (simply as he was enough of a workout!!) And I managed it, I coped!! So with a victory we decided to drive to visit family (they have stairs, so this always always activates the hip) Weirdly I was sore, but not for long as the day after which was the 22nd July I managed to do DOUBLE the amount of physio, as I had before. Doing new exercises to push myself, even introducing Boxing done on the wiifit board.

Really honestly starting to feel better, doing more than I was last week and taking less painkillers now, back to normal amounts. Yes, I see get Lower Back Pain, Knee Pain but the actual Groin Hip Pain, could it actually of gone?? Well on the 23rd July we decided last minute to book #London for my 40th Birthday Celebrations, so if anything is going to be testing the hip and pain thresholds, it will be this trip!! Excited, is not the word. Just think of the #shops #carnabystreet #coventgarden #accessallasos #asosinsider #victoriassecret #mac #irregularchoice #harrods

Day 1,2,3 update post hip injection #spoonie #hip #eds #hms #hipinjection

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Well it’s been a few days, so I best update and record how things are progressing. First morning on 14th July 2016 I woke up stiff, but I had slept really well. Pubic Bone area is super swollen and it hurts to bend down. I ended up taking 1 Tramadol, I Ibuprofen 400mg, I Codeine, by 2pm!! but I am still sore, stiff in the lower back and deep into the groin. Feeling a bit down today, but I know it’s more about the steroid than real feeling. Later on I took 1 Codeine and 1 Ibuprofen 400mg for the evening. I slept on and off as well. Not too bad for the first day, Though boring it was, it was quiet and peaceful.

Next day was a complete opposite, so today is the 15th July 2016 and it’s another hospital visit this week (third in one week and third hospital too) but this time it was for Hubby. Who had 8 weeks ago broken his Scaphoid Bone and Humeral Head Bone in his shoulder, ALL the left side, and he is of course Left Handed.

So up nice and early and we actually drove, he had not driven for 8 weeks, so it was testing but he did really well. Slow and steady we drove and got there in plenty of time. Hip was feeling a bit rough but maybe walking the steroid in will help?! Definitely less limpy now at least. Hubby had new xrays (at long last) an Excellent Doctor too, and was given the all clear, as in the bones are healing well, and he can now do as much as his own pain threshold allows. This time I took 2 Tramadol and 2 Ibuprofen throughout the day, so thats an improvement at least.

After the hospital we headed out to TKMaxx and I found a couple of bags by Michael Kors for my Birthday, of course I can’t decide which I like the best, so I ended up buying both to decide later on. Both are Hamiltons, One Large and One Small. The dilema is I have 1 Small Hamilton Bag already in Black, which is my pride and joy, and will always be my BEST Bag. So I found another exactly the same but in a Mink colour, so unusual and striking. It definitely turned my head. But then I saw a Bigger Version in Brown and Tan Monogrammed Pattern, this would be more practical and more hardy to use daily than my Black one, and so different looking, so Do I choose that one? or stick to my Original small one?

Anyways enough of my shopping woes and Birthday present bags, Today is now 16th July 2016 and I woke up awful, super groggy and achey all over. Right knee is playing up, deep groin ache still and top of pelvis. I had planned sneaking in a boxing session or weights, so I would be working out my top half only, but the gnawing ache is actually too much, so instead I am relaxing and watching #TheGoodWitch tv series on Netflix instead. Hubby is off out trying on wedding suits as he’s best man to his best friend Paul’s wedding in Sept. and youngest Daughter is off out for a picnic with her friend. So here I am, all alone and relaxing. Wondering how many tablets I will take today, perhaps if I dont move, I could get away with 1 Tramadol and 1 Ibuprofen today? So far only took 1 Tramadol, but it is aching like mad?!

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Post Depo Medrone Injection Day, what happened?! #Hip #Op #Lidocaine #Spoonie

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Wow that injection was totes different this time round, so different to 2011,2012 ones. I got to the hospital at 12 noon so I had 30mins to grab a coffee. I had this in the canteen, (as I did not want to be one of those peeps I detest, that come into Admissions with food and drink, when you’ve starved for hours) so that was a new experience for me, actually drinking before the procedure.
Merely sat down for 25mins and I was called through (super fast) I’m so used to hours and hours waiting. I said my farewell to my parents, who had brought me to ROH.
They checked height and weight ( so much weight!!) And through into the ward, I got my fancy RED bracelet. Red for allergies. But this was my BIG shocker, no need to remove clothes, I can wear what I’ve got on!! Really?! Then was told NO sedation, eek, started to worry then.

Read a bit of my book, watched others get called up, and walk back to ward after 10mins, so its super quick, and they didn’t look too bad, so I relaxed a bit.

At 1.40pm it was my turn, fire alarm set off (workmen I believe) but how loud was that, with flashing lights!? I got onto the bed, freaking out now, there was one nurse and the doctor Mr Politis. I pulled trousers down, was covered up with hip exposed. Of course I had a fancy arrow on Op Leg.

First came the Marcaine, to numb the skins surface area, it was cold, it tickled, it was weird. Then expected sharp needle but not too bad, I relaxed, for about 2seconds… Omg!! The tubey needle thing, wiggled and danced like a devil up the vein, and scratched the boney joint. I felt weird, it hurt, but was weird feeling more, very very unpleasant. I jumped a lot, so the nurse had to hold my hands, felt like a baby, but bitch that hurt a fair bit!! The injection itself was Depo Medrone (Steroid) and Lidocaine (another numbing anaesthetic) though I didn’t feel numb.

Once over.. Didn’t feel quick in there compared to the 10mins out there. Here the 10mins dragged.. But once through, I got up, and had to wiggle joint, do a few hip flexion, hip abduction to work steroid into joint. And then I had to walk back to the ward. Each step was limpy and awkward but not as bad as I imagined.

Felt a bit traumatised and shell shocked, think because it hurt so much more than I thought. I got a coffee and bourbons, and it was 1.50pm wow really was only 10mins.

So afterwards I was told to wait around for 20mins, see if any after effects came out, drink and eat to prove I’m ok. So I contacted my parents to come and fetch me. And by 2.30pm I was in the car ready to come home.
After that drive, the early start, and no sleep the night before, I literally crashed out, I slept long and hard and it was so needed. I had to take Codeine for the pain, but I was comfortable enough to sleep all night.

Here we go again!! #Blogger #BlogUpdate #HipOp #Spoonie #Fblogger

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Well its been forever since I updated my hippie blog, mainly due to Physio being my whole life. And nothing much changing hip wise.
Well, I say nowt’s changed but, not strictly true. I no longer have O’Hara as my surgeon, he retired and the registrar I saw of his team signed me off, until I couldn’t cope any more.
This day came faster than I ever imagined. So cue lots of FAFF to get signed in again, without re referring to the ROH. I’d emailed O’Hara too, on advise on possible reasons for blasted hip, just causing so much pain walking still, and he recommended Mr McBryde who I was now under.
Saw another registrar in  15thMay,  2016, they agreed with O’Haras advise and ideas ( I showed them the emails, my physiotherapist Kelly also mentioned same possible cause) and this registrar also agreed. That felt good, having all medical professionals agree on it, without conferring to each other prior. So in June I got an MRI, not had results told me yet, but I got booked in for a Steroid Injection, possibly same as the ones I’ve had in 2011,2012?? But this time I’m going to be awake!!

So that’s me today…. Waiting for my injection today. I’m super sad that after all these surgeries I’m still struggling with groin pain, knee pain and back ache. But I must stress, it is better than its ever been. Its just this last hurdle. Outcome ideally from steroid, is the confirmation of either an arthroscopic hip op, to shave ball joint of hip, and anchor the torn labrum? Or possibly a hip replacement. I’m at a point where I’m open to both options.

Will do a more effective update once I’m back home, and tell you all about my new grandson Leonardo, my daughters prom and hubbies biking accident. Its all go here at hippie camp!! #blogger #fblogger #bblogger #accessallasos #asosinsider #nardo #grandmamoon #nanniemoon #grandson