Day 1,2,3 update post hip injection #spoonie #hip #eds #hms #hipinjection

Health, Hips, Hypermobility, Hip Arthroscopy, SURGERY

Well it’s been a few days, so I best update and record how things are progressing. First morning on 14th July 2016 I woke up stiff, but I had slept really well. Pubic Bone area is super swollen and it hurts to bend down. I ended up taking 1 Tramadol, I Ibuprofen 400mg, I Codeine, by 2pm!! but I am still sore, stiff in the lower back and deep into the groin. Feeling a bit down today, but I know it’s more about the steroid than real feeling. Later on I took 1 Codeine and 1 Ibuprofen 400mg for the evening. I slept on and off as well. Not too bad for the first day, Though boring it was, it was quiet and peaceful.

Next day was a complete opposite, so today is the 15th July 2016 and it’s another hospital visit this week (third in one week and third hospital too) but this time it was for Hubby. Who had 8 weeks ago broken his Scaphoid Bone and Humeral Head Bone in his shoulder, ALL the left side, and he is of course Left Handed.

So up nice and early and we actually drove, he had not driven for 8 weeks, so it was testing but he did really well. Slow and steady we drove and got there in plenty of time. Hip was feeling a bit rough but maybe walking the steroid in will help?! Definitely less limpy now at least. Hubby had new xrays (at long last) an Excellent Doctor too, and was given the all clear, as in the bones are healing well, and he can now do as much as his own pain threshold allows. This time I took 2 Tramadol and 2 Ibuprofen throughout the day, so thats an improvement at least.

After the hospital we headed out to TKMaxx and I found a couple of bags by Michael Kors for my Birthday, of course I can’t decide which I like the best, so I ended up buying both to decide later on. Both are Hamiltons, One Large and One Small. The dilema is I have 1 Small Hamilton Bag already in Black, which is my pride and joy, and will always be my BEST Bag. So I found another exactly the same but in a Mink colour, so unusual and striking. It definitely turned my head. But then I saw a Bigger Version in Brown and Tan Monogrammed Pattern, this would be more practical and more hardy to use daily than my Black one, and so different looking, so Do I choose that one? or stick to my Original small one?

Anyways enough of my shopping woes and Birthday present bags, Today is now 16th July 2016 and I woke up awful, super groggy and achey all over. Right knee is playing up, deep groin ache still and top of pelvis. I had planned sneaking in a boxing session or weights, so I would be working out my top half only, but the gnawing ache is actually too much, so instead I am relaxing and watching #TheGoodWitch tv series on Netflix instead. Hubby is off out trying on wedding suits as he’s best man to his best friend Paul’s wedding in Sept. and youngest Daughter is off out for a picnic with her friend. So here I am, all alone and relaxing. Wondering how many tablets I will take today, perhaps if I dont move, I could get away with 1 Tramadol and 1 Ibuprofen today? So far only took 1 Tramadol, but it is aching like mad?!

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