Its gonna be wicked…part 2

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What a first day, can we top it? Woke up refreshed but bodily tired. That was to be expected. So we casually got dressed and headed down for our epic naughty breakie… You can’t beat a #premiereinn breakfast.


All the carbs, they called me. And with our new healthy eating, they’d been surely missed. I kid myself we need the carbs as fuel for our day ahead.

Once stuffed to the brim, we head up to the 14th floor thinking we’d relax rather than dash out, as checkout was midday. Kinda saw a small A4 notice that a fire alarm would be done, but didn’t register it. But if I had, I would of saved myself an incredible struggle, cry down 14 floors, because it happened at midday!! We left the room, alarm sounded, lifts all stopped!! Omg not the best idea for me with a walking stick.

Died all the way down, staff went passed us multiple times, I stopped multiple times, legs screaming, I’m thinking I’m finished before day has started. Saw all staff and guest pile back in way before we’d got to the bottom floor. Not a great start to the day.

Headed to the #WaldrofHotel for youngest as she’s a huge gossip girl Blair Waldrof fan.IMG_20170206_142550.jpg

Then off to #ConventGarden gentle strolling as that’s all I can bear.


Then up to #Carnby where I can drool over the best shoes at #IrregularChoice I love this area too.




After thoroughly losing track of time, we hunted down a metro tesco to grab a sandwich, ate on a freezing cold bench. And ended up doing a mad dash to #VictoriaAppollo #Wicked we were wet,cold,tired and incredibly sore and got into the wrong queue!! And if we had to re- queue we would of missed the start of the show, disaster!!


Omg imagine queuing again, I admit by this point I was close to collapsing in an exhausted painful heap. But thankfully we had seat numbers, so off to the stalls we went. And OMG, are we close!!


What can I say about #Wicked? It was everything I’d ever hoped for, and so much more. The audience were silent when they should be (unlike pantos) I literally loved each second. I was moved, emotional and in awe. And it was worth every painful step to get here. And definitely worth the 10year wait.

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It’s gonnbe #Wicked Part 1

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After a grueling 10 years of wanting to see this show, I’m finally going. Hubby spoilt me and youngest to tickets and an overnight stay in #London. My hips have always held me back on one form or another from going. And it feels good to be able to say I can finally go, as I have 1 good leg to help me cope with the 1 very bad leg.


Here’s us on a typical touristy sight seeing, walking around #TowerBridge which I totally loved. Windy and cold but so brilliant to see, we also walked around #TowerOfLondon a place that I revel in its history. Then onto the V&A Childhood Museum where we could share our childhood memories with youngest daughter. I even spotted my fave toys Kermit and Paddington, but I guess they were quite common. But what did shock me to see, was my Doggy Walker. I used that as a child to help me walk, while wearing my #HipDysplasia Splint!


Wow that brought back some memories!! I guess you could say Hips have always ruled,hindered my life. After all this walking, I just couldn’t wait to check into our hotel, we use #PremiereInn every time, as staff, hotel is always impeccable. We requested the best views, as often we get walls, or dirty backstreets. But as its a special trip, couldn’t hurt to ask. And boy did they deliver!! We got floor 14.


Look at the view! Omg it was amazing. We could see #LondonEye at as it was evening the lights made everything so much more Magickal.


To finish off this perfect day, we dashed out at 8pm to hunt some food down, and spotted this tourbus along the way. #TheGhostBusTour


We found a #Whetherspoons pub and ate the best burgers ever, we were famished. Youngest daughter even got a Vegetarian burger, which was nice, we thought we would struggle to find a decent meal.


And this finishes day one of #London. Obviously I took a million pics, but I don’t want to bore you.

#SBS event with 2 Dragons!!

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Friday the 3rd Feb saw hubby and I dashing to ICC Birmingham for a Small Business Sunday Winners Meet up. img_20170203_142229


Excited, nervous and terrified all rolled into one, even though its not my first event! Obviously I wore my own jewellery (in case anyone asks) and got my business cards too. Though I only gave one out lol 😂

This event saw a panel of 2 Dragons them being Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden and then John Mills of (JML) They answered lots of questions, delivered advice, they were supportive, informative, and most of all human, they spoke as equals, and were happy to share tipbits and their own stories.


We also had guest speaker Jodine Boothby of #GummeeUk and her speech was moving, had a few of us in tears. But also inspiring and motivating too. Proving that you just needed passion and a will so strong, that you don’t give up. It was amazing to see a fellow #sbs winner be up there as a success!!



The food was lovely as usual, afternoon tea styled sandwiches, chips and mini quiches too. Then coffee cake and fruity kebabs. On our way out, we collected our goodie bags and travelled home. All in all I came away with renewed passion and inspiration for my own little business, reminding myself that mighty oaks grow from acorns.