Before the weather turned

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We finally managed a little garden party, and saw our granddaughter Delilah. And got together for good food and reconnecting.

Just what we’ve needed. To be together and enjoying the sunshine.

We’ve had picnics and glorious walks, enjoyed the scenery and nature at its best.

Though missed another daughters birthday, which plays heavy on my heart. It’s so hard being separate from everyone on special days.

And now it’s my wedding anniversary this weekend. And I’ve bought a couple of nice drinks.

I have bought the top one, to try and replace my discounted #hapsburg liquorice absinthe. And an extra special prosecco for our 19th Wedding Anniversary. Just need to find some nice food to eat and a good movie to watch.

Especially now as the weather has turned, we will have to snuggle up and make the most of it.

New Month New Challenges.

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It’s 1st June, and if you have certain aged children, they are meant to be returning to school. Due to some lockdown restrictions lifted. And we can now see family outside in gardens or parks.

And with this change, we can finally collect our daughters belongings from campus. So that’s our mission today.

We had to book a slot, be as fast as possible, but also clear it out thoroughly. It’s a sad chapter to close, all those drunken pre drink get togethers, Sunday dinners made with pals, and cosy movie nights. All gone forever, not to return to this building again. It’s a process to work through emotionally.

Also today, it’s the start of 10,000 steps a day challenge for June, set up by #VersusArthritis

You can sign up here if you’d like to join in Miles Together

Obviously I could never do 10,000 steps let alone do them daily. But I’m here to support and corale all those taking part, and share their just giving pages too. I think it’s a great get together, and the Facebook group is full of wonderful people, find them here