Week 1 post op!! #HipArthroscopy #Debridement #LabralTearAnchor

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How is it a week already?? I’ve been home since day1 post op, and I’ve been doing ok so far.

Well I say that, had a few hiccups post op day 6 and 7, mainly because my dihydrocodeine and paracetamol has now been switched to co-codamol, which is a huge difference in pain felt, overall wellness and fatigue too. I never realized it in would be such a change. And I’d been doing a bit much Physio wise, so pain had flared up.


As I’ve had prior extensive surgeries before, I now know hand on heart, I never gave this surgery the respect its due. Its far bigger than the mere 1/2 inch scars portray, and the lack of real info on why to do or not do things is shocking. I’m the type of person that likes to be told why they have certain protocols, and rules. Helps me understand the healing process more, less likely to push it if I know consequences.

However I did not, until I reached out to other Hip Arthroscopy Warriors, and once they said, the Anchors can ache, or swelling and pain is normal towards the glutes. And why not to over do the Physio, it made more sense to listen and accept that recovery is boring, but better to do it slowly than rush and undo it.

As far as I understand it, the soft tissue in the labrum can be easily retorn if you are too active in the early days, and the hip capsule is loose from traction. The hip needs a few weeks to settle down and get tighter in the joint, before I stress it out.

I have dusted off my areobic step, as I don’t have any stairs or steps in my home, so to get that range of motion, I use an aerobic step, which is good. But with hindsight, this is exactly what flared up my pain, so I did too many (20steps) overall, and perhaps too early. Though in my head I reasoned that if I had stairs, I would be doing it already. And I got my foam roller out as knee support for Short Arc Raises, push the knee downwards into roller while raising lower leg. This exercise is good and I feel no pain from it. My worst exercises are hip flexion or heel slides, and hip abduction. Groin does NOT like it at all.


Day 7-8 I have rested,totally rested Physio wise, instead using daily living as Physio. Getting up to wash up, or help prepare tea. Even these are extremely difficult. My lower back is agony from simply standing. I wasn’t prepared for that at all, so this came as a shock. Its so bad, I’m asking hubby to dig out my perch stool again, just so I can help, but I can relieve joints too. Just a 5 minute activity like washing up, needs hours of rest, or sleep to recover.

Lesson learnt, do not run before you can walk!! 

Surgery day 21st Sept Part 2 and recovery….

Hip Arthroscopy, SURGERY

How time is flying already, lots of Physio to be done, at least 4 times a day as well. And its going well.

But I will take you back to 22nd Sept, after a night of hell (no pain relief at all until 6am due to mistakes) I subsequently got NO sleep all night, I was wrecked. But by the time I got some pain relief at 6am the nurses rounds and breakfast rounds start, so no rest for the wicked. Breakfast for me was toast and it was delicious!!


And once this was eaten I then saw the Registrar, I kinda wished I’d asked a tonne of questions, but I was delirious with lack of sleep, and ended up just nodding, smiling when appropriate.

Next up was the Physio team, I was really eager to see them, I was desperate for crutches, the freedom to go to the bathroom, to have a wash was a huge pull for me.


Here are the exercises in my new booklet that I must do daily, either in hospital or at home.




After this session went well, I’ve had a lot of practise with crutches and dodgy hips hindering me, it feels like second nature. I knew then I would be discharged to go home.  I had a wonderful vegetarian lasagna and Chips for dinner first though, even a crumble and custard pudding. How spoilt!!


Finally at 2pm I was taken by wheelchair from the ward (goodbye my new friends) and took to the discharge lounge. Ended up there until 4pm so those 2hours were actually pretty hardcore on my hip, pain threshold was through, and I was almost hallucinating from exhaustion. Then we were off at 4pm, woohoo. Epic drive home in work traffic, delays galore, but I was homeward bound. Dragged myself in the house by 5.30pm and following my medication of #Diahydrocodeine and #Paracetamol at 6pm along with my #Clexane blood thinner injection I swiftly drifted off into a full sleep. I slept on and off all night, but it was a glorious sleep, and just what I needed the most.

Surgery Day 21st Sept Part 1

Hip Arthroscopy, SURGERY


Its soon flown by, and I’ve already completed day 2 of post op recovery. How fast is time flying?!

Anyways back to the BIG day, it started off with traffic hell, and me panicking that my surgery would be cancelled. So I did what I could, which was ring the hospital and explain the delay, and assure them I was definitely coming. Ended up 30mins late, so got there 7.45am. Once there I was soon whisked into a consultant room to meet the registrar, get my leg drawn on, speak to the nurses and saw Mr McBryde briefly too.

Then off for another room, while being told I’d be next. I’m literally never this quick, usually I’m in last that day, so here was no time to be starving like usual, or scared as there was no time! Got took to another room, measured for stockings, got my allergy id band and that was me checked in.

Just managed a quick kiss and reassuring hug for hubby, and down to theatre I waddled.

At 8.55am my anaesthetic was in, and I drifted off to sleep. I found myself awaking in recovery to some lovely nurses at 11.30, being more awake at 11.40 and drinking my first coffee.

First thing I asked was, what was done. Now I knew the plan roughly, but I was eager to know, was the repair doable, did they find an impingement, was cartilage damaged. And the nurse gladly filled me in, from what I can remember, I had the Labral Tear anchored, there was more bone than they expected, so that was debrided (removed) then removed the CAM impingement also, and removed some arthritis. I hope to finalize that when I see McBryde next in 6 weeks, I’d love to see the photos of it all.

Although I was awake, I couldn’t tell hubby as my bag wasn’t near me, and I still wasn’t on the ward. Drug round had started so I stayed in recovery until 1pm. Meant I’d missed dinner too, but at least toast and coffee hit the spot.

I was alone in the 4 bed ward for 2hours, and finally I got my phone! Woohoo I could message Richard and friends, and it entertained me a bit more too. I honestly came round from anaesthetic totally fine. I wasn’t allowed out of bed though, due to self inflating sleeves that are worn on the legs, gently applying pressure and squeezing, to encourage blood flow and to prevent blood clots. Even the bed inflates and moves randomly to stop pressure sores from being bed bound.


I started to get some bedmates around 4pm first was Annibag, she’d had some footwork done, and bless her got the TV on for us, and broke my boredom up, next up with Sylvia who had had similar arthroscopy to me, hers actually being worse than mind, as she’d had micro fractures so no weight bearing for her, whereas I can. Well once we see Physio the following day. So clearly one day and night of bedpans!! And last but not least Angie who’s a bilateral hippie now, she’s just had her second hip replacement.

These girls are amazing!! They made me laugh, put my mind at ease, totally entertained me, and helped me not focus on the pain. I couldn’t ask for better company. I would of took photos, but in all honesty you don’t want randoms taking pictures while you feel vulnerable and fragile. Just know they are lovely ladies, and we all friended each other on Facebook asap.


Of course I took my #LegoMe #LegoRich #LegoOlivia to keep me company. They seem to come with me everywhere out of habit now. And for ultimate comfort, I took my fluffy chick. As my hubby is my comfort blanket, I don’t sleep well without him, so I cuddle my fluffy chick, who’s been to every surgery so far, so my lucky charm too.


Less than a week to go… Need to pack.

Hip Arthroscopy, SURGERY

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Well its that time already, a mere 5 days until my surgery, so I best get myself prepared. Pack a bag as I’m staying in at least one night, buy supplies, and organize things to do afterward

Time to start a checklist

• Remove Nail Varnish
• Pack Pjs, Underwear
• Pack Slippers, Socks
• Pack Headphones, Charger, Tablet
• Pack a Good Book, Boiled Sweets
• Fizzy Pop, @getbuzzing Nut free bars
• Crutches, Dressings
• Dressing Gown
• Toiletries, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Fannel, Baby Wipes,
Anything else? I can’t really remember.

Oooooo vasealine for lips as they get so dry!! Puzzle book or colouring in??

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Get buzzing!! Totally Nut Free

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*Disclaimer- I was sent these bars for a review and blog post. I was sent 6 snack size and 6 full size bars*


Now I’m not an athlete, not a fitness buff or guru. But I am a chubby girl trying to eat better and shift some lbs. Sounds simple, until you factor in my immobility issues.

Working out can’t be done as I had before ( in fact I think exercising following my last reconstructive hip surgery, had actually worn hip out more, thus leaving me worse than ever)

With another hip surgery fast looming, 18 days not that I’m counting… I am counting. I really wanted something to help protein wise before after surgery.

I stumbled upon a blogger request on
The lifestyle blogger uk requesting some blogger reviews for their bars. I soon wrote an email expressing my desire to try them. And I’m so grateful I did.

Not only was a at my heaviest again, I felt bloated, miserable and trapped. Medication has also played heavily in this weight gain and shift in activity. As while I was on Gabapentin my weight massively increased, but coming off that tablet pain levels are sky high.

A few days later after speaking with Get Buzzing my parcel arrived. I could not wait to get stuck in.


The variety was wide, so I was sure to find something that could rival chocolate and crisps. I received

•Mint Choc High Protein *Nut and Gluten Free*

• Protein and Cherry *Nut Free

These two are also tested by LGC Laboratories for a number of WADA banned substances to ensure they are risk assessed for athletes. 

•Wowbutter *Nut Free

•Mixed Berrie *Nut Free

•Date and Seed *Nut Free

•Banana *Nut Free

You can find them at Get Buzzing
And @getbuzzing on twitter and Boy oh boy, are they tasty, we three at home have all tried the snack sized ones, saving full sized ones for after surgery now. And from fruit phobes and banana haters, we all have collectively enjoyed the flavours we thought we wouldn’t like. They aren’t overly fruity, or overly oaty. They are a rich densely packed bar, that really satisfies the taste buds.


We all agree that the *MintChocHighProtein is the BEST. this actually better than mint choc ice cream and that’s saying something. It totally rocked my boat!! And better yet, I’ve lost 2lbs as I’m not snacking on carbs as much. Total win. Will be purchased many many times.