Uh oh Not Again?!?

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Now I haven’t posted here for a while and for that I apologise, I have been religiously and faithfully exercising and doing physio as and when the body allows me too. So much has happened since I last posted here.
Slipped disc eased off after lots of rest, as frustrating as that was it did help, and I went on holiday too. But I’m jumping the gun, Before holiday  I had just finished my second bout of Hydro, which I may add was lovely and very very helpful. I had my all important x-ray appointment and to see my Consultant, I really thought this would be a walk in the park, they would say blah blah blah and it’s ready we will take out the metalwork now, and it will be roughly 3 months time.

But Noooooo it’s not healed at all? What the H? Still, and Yes they said I have fallen arches in my feet so need orthotics again, and I would need to wait another 3 months for the next x-ray and if all well then it will be 3 months after that to come out, WHAT????? Talk about a serious delay? Gutted, I walked out totally deflated.

But you bounced back, started to list the positives, like I can cook Christmas dinner as I wont be on Crutches, Hopefully less pain around then, it wont be snowy,icy weather when I have surgery etc…..

Had the BEST most relaxing holiday ever in Ibiza, it was full on beach, stroll, relax fest and I really honestly needed that. I took my stick as quite frankly I can’t walk, whether I want to admit to that or not it’s true I really can’t. We walked most days, slowly I might add, and not always far. But that was still a shock for the body.

Came home from holiday exhausted purely from travelling, and walking. My groin started a dull ache, so once home I rested more, stopped the walking daily and got the pain back under control. From walking everyday it wasn’t just my Hip/Groin that hurt, it was my Ribs,Shoulder,Wrist and Fingers all on my Left side from intensely holding my Walking stick so tight and for so long. No one ever tells you that will happen?

Anyways seen Physiotherapist after hols and explained everything to her in my Physio review, and she has put me onto TWO sticks, how annoying and backwards is that?? Now I really feel like I’m not healing sadly, I will admit though it has straightened me out, and it has eased the pains the entire left side gets from holding the stick. But I feel stupid, frustrated, and sad? So back to the drawing board, Doing as I’m told and listening to my body (as much as I hate that)

Hippie Hugs Everyone xx