I was seen at Stafford Hospital for the follow on treatment and after a shaky start i recieved good care. I’ve been put onto the injections which Rich has decided to do for me, so i can squeeze the flab at the same time (avoids bruising and pain too). He’s so gentle and a perfectionist so he’s definitely the right choice, plus i get too say i have a sexy nurse looking after me! Lol
After a week of these injections i’ve noticed that the swelling has gone down loads which is ace, and i have an ankle again. Also i’ve noticed that sometimes you have blunt injections and some nice sharp ones, and the side i have the injections on matter too. You have to alternate each day with sides but the side i have been operated on, is my worse side ever!!!! it really hurts and i always seem to bruise or bleed a bit that side. but to be fair it’s still quiet swollen and tender to the touch so injections there would hurt!!
Enjoying the festive period and i’ve done loads of relaxing considering it’s Christmas, only been out once for a social visit the first in 7 weeks. I finally went to my parents for a meal, but they live in a bungalow so i wasn’t worried. Afterwards though i went to Rich’s mums house which is a house and i had to do STAIRS!! (only did stairs once on day three or four after surgery so i’m not used to them) But i managed to conquer them and i’m pleased i did. But i was exhausted after a few trips up and down (down being my worse, as i still can’t put any weight on that foot/leg). Hope the bone grows soon, it’s a bit worrying to be honest, i should try to remain positive.


Hospital Appointment 22/12/09


Saw the registrar of O’Hara’s today for my 6 week check up, and after having x-rays today and they compared them to the day i left hospital they’ve not seen much change. So i have to go back again i 6 weeks for another set of x-rays. So i still have to use the 2 crutches for the time being, but i sort of expected that to be honest. And 6 weeks is nothing in bone healing time. My worse news is that i’ve got a DVT in the left operated leg from groin to calf, so injection was given today after umming and arrrhhing about whether i should be admitted over Christmas or not. I got out of it by the skin of my teeth, and had one injection tonight with the promise i will see the Anti-coagulent clinic first thing in the morning. I probably will have to have injections everyday for a few months now. Not sure what it means for Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy but i will ask when i go tomorrow. All in all we spent 7 hours at the hospital with 4 kids and we were starving, set off at 9.30am and finally got home and had tea at 8.00pm!! Long day and i’m sure we will sleep well tonight.

Hydro Again


I did have a Hydro session on the 18/12/09 and the night before i woke up to new tendonitis pain in the operated leg, because the night before i dared to do some physio exercises. Twice i’ve done this particular exercise and twice i’ve got tendonitis so i wont be doing that one ever again without water! I have tendonitis in the foot, achilles, calf, behind the knee, front of thigh and back of thigh and it’s sheer agony!! Tried resting, icing, heating, painkillers and still the apin would not ease, i was being driven insane with it, and i’ve been very emotional and exhausted with it.
Last night 19th i had finally had enough as it was my Daughters birthday, and i’d been miserable all day with pain so i had all my normal painkillers, tramadol, and para’s and added a 12 hour diclo and 5ml of oramorph just before bedtime, and i actually had a good nights sleep and this morning the pain had eased to a more manageable status, so if it stays like this then i can cope. Although i must admit i felt as sick as a dog this morning, but hey you can’t win them all can you!
In hydro i’ve been doing steps, sideways steps, weighted kicks out to the side, towards the chest and back out behind you, and some strengthening exercises on my back. Half an hour is not a lot but boy it wears you out, but it’s a good warn out. Now if only i didn’t keep getting Tendonitis at a drop of a hat, this is truly holding me back.

Hydro therapy


I had Hydrotherapy again last Tuesday 8/12/09 and because we got there a bit late, i only got 15 mins of the session. It took us over an hour and a half to get there for that! So i must admit i pushed myself hard ish. The whole time though the joint felt good, as did the tendonitis too, so i never pushed it until it hurt me, just until i was tired. Haven’t got any sessions now until after Christmas i think, just got an appointment for my X-rays on the 22/12/09 to find out whether can go down to one crutch, i’ve got my fingers crossed that i can. But i also expect him to say No as my recovery could take 50% longer than most standard TPO’s.
I finally left the house for a trip to the shops rather than just to doctors and hospitals. And it felt great, Yes i was slow at walking but we went to a quiet area of town. To get some fresh air in my lungs did me some wonders, only managed around half a hour ish to get some Birthday presents but i think for a first trip out that was plenty. Around the house i’m getting more confident, which sometimes goes against me as you get cocky and accidentally put your heel down to heavy, and have shooting pain! Thankfully it hasn’t happened much and the pain doesn’t last for more than a second or two.
I still have a frame around my toilet but it’s more for added extra help than necessary help now which is good, so i’m going to return it on the 22nd Dec. As i’m sure someone else will need it more than me. I can’t believe how much i’ve changed in ability in four weeks, i’m pretty amazed. But due to my last surgery having worked for a few months then the pre op pain returning, i’m keen to take this slowly and not rush it too much as i wouldn’t want to ruin the recovery of this surgery and put myself back to square one.
Leg is still numb in the thigh area but that is too be expected, although feels weird when you have an itch! Lol and my skin is soooooo dry i’m having to moisturise my legs every morning and night with coco butter as the skin is so thirsty. Maybe this is due to surgery or the water at Hydrotherapy? As i’ve have never had that problem before. All in all i’m a chappy lass and already i would do the surgery again if i had that vile pre op pain. Fingers crossed this really has sorted out my right hip and my lower back, just by having the left realigned. Now all i need is my left leg to shrink as it’s still 1cm longer than the right.

Achilles Tendonitis


Just been diagnosed with this in my right leg. I noticed late last night that i could no longer put any weight on the calf muscle and the ankle was so sore, i couldn’t pull my toes upwards without shooting pains up to my knee. I of course was having panic attacks that it could of been a DVT, and stressed all night, how i slept god knows!? The pain is unreal, especially when putting the heel on the floor. The whole thing is more ridiculous because i need this leg to carry me while on crutches, and it’s treatment is more rest and immobilization. Oh well least it’s not a DVT, and it could be worse.
Ironically i’ve just got rid of tendonitis in both feet, which i had right up until surgery. They bloody hurt as well. I’m not sure why i get tendonitis all the time, but somehow it must like me?

Daytime tv here i come with more rest on the cards, could take 8-12 weeks to fully get rid of it. x