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Stryker Hip Implants and Complications

Every year, 459,000 Americans have hip replacement surgery, with the goal of decreasing pain and increasing mobility. Hip replacements are often done because of arthritis, osteoarthritis, bone death, obesity, trauma or other hip conditions.
Not every hip replacement surgery alleviates suffering, however. Some hips implants, like two of Stryker Corporation’s devices, the Rejuvenate and ABG II, can cause severe damage and increased pain.
Stryker Hip Implants
Stryker sells 57,000 products, including hip replacement parts manufactured by its orthopaedics division. Certain parts reportedly were not properly tested before they were marketed and implanted in thousands of patients.
The Rejuvenate and ABG II modular-neck hip stem systems come with several neck and stem components and are designed to offer a custom fit for younger patients. The Rejuvenate was designed to be long-lasting and provide good range of motion. The FDA approved it in June 2008. The ABG II system, approved in November 2009, promised to provide stability and limit bone stress.
Around 20,000 Americans received these Stryker implants.
Serious Complications and Recalls
In April 2012, Stryker published an “Urgent Safety Alert” for hospitals, surgeons and people with the systems, regarding the hazards of the devices, including “excessive metal debris and ion generation.” The metal ions are generated when the chromium and cobalt neck of the device rubs against the titanium-coated stem.
The alert explained that the metal can cause metal poisoning, tissue death, pain that necessitates revision surgery and bone dissolution. Revision surgeries can be complex, traumatic and costly. As a result, many people with various brands of hip implants have filed lawsuits against device manufacturers. As of February 2013, 50 Stryker Lawsuits were pending in New Jersey state courts, and several hundred more cases are expected.
After dozens of people reported adverse events to the FDA, Stryker voluntarily recalled the Rejuvenate and ABG II in July 2012. Though this action prevents more patients from receiving faulty implants, thousands received implants prior to the recall.
Patients who experience pain from modular-neck hip implants should receive medical evaluations, MRIs, X-rays and blood tests to determine if the metal contamination has reached toxic levels.
General Implant Complications
Hip replacement surgery, like any surgery, carries certain risks. Following surgery, blood clots are fairly common. All surgeries are associated with the potential risk of excessive bleeding, heart attack and stroke during the procedure, and anesthesia injury.
Occasionally, there are other complications such as implant breakage, plant loosening, hardened tissues near the joint, differences in leg length and poor alignment, resulting in increased wear and the need for revision surgeries.
Understanding the potential complications of implants can guide you in the journey of pursuing safe and long-lasting mobility.

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Do I Tell Him Or Not

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I’m in a catch 22 situation, The Old Groin pains are back and with friends, that beat down the door of my knee and thigh, but could all this be simply from the metal plate still stuck inside? Could it really be catching, rubbing and irritating my muscles, tendons and the like. Well i know the answer is a resounding YES. But i have a doubt niggling and gnawing away about the Groin pain more, as it’s should a dull nagging pain that is constant. It’s there when you wake up, get moving, sitting down etc… I have tried resting completely, but still there, But doing physio totally flares it out of control. When i say physio i’m talking about simple steps, not far, or even anywhere if your on the wiifit.

Just a few steps and it burns like hell, and i’m back on the sofa with more painkillers, and hot water bottles. But i digress the question i ask myself is do i tell the surgeon? I see him in April for hopefully the last X-ray before the metal comes out. Do i give him a heads up, the steroid has worn off, I’, back to not being able to workout much, is there a chance to shave the bone while removing the metal? Or is that daft? Perhaps i should see it through, get the metal removed, recover from that and see where we stand? Will it still be there after the plates are free, and what happens after things aren’t so raw.

I’m not sure of the best policy to be honest, I feel like i should warn him that it’s back, that i’m not comfortable anymore and walking is hurting a lot. But i feel like he could just think, of course it’s going to hurt until the metal is out GGggrrrrrrr so stuck? What would you do?

Hips Knees and the Same Old Groans

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I feel like I’m going round and round on a merry-go-round and I can’t get off! No matter how hard I try. I’m at my wits end literally, The steroid has/had been totally amazing, after 2 wks of waiting for it to work and the swelling from the manipulation had settles down the pain relief came (finally) And with the pain relief came lots and lots of physio, in fact I had put everything else off that was taking my time, to solely focus on Physio and getting this leg finally better. I can highly recommend Xbox Kinect, and WiiFit for this if boring exercising are not your thing, You can make it as hard as you can go, or as easy as you need.

But after riding the waves of finally getting somewhere, It started to come crashing down. Even my X-Ray results looked better in Jan which was a shock. So he has put me on the surgery waiting list, and I have one more X-Ray end of April (was hoping sooner to be honest) and if all is well, then Surgery should be very quick afterwards. he put me on the list now as it’s soooooo long already. So thats a massive help.

But I’m just gutted after all this success and exercising for my beach body beautiful (ok ok shift a few lardy lbs) the damn groin pain is back, back even though I have been resting more, reduced my exercising and I’ve had to increase my painkillers too :o( Not a happy bunny! Knees are killing too, just walking, or doing steps on WiiFit Board are just crippling the knee, as well as the Groin. I’m at a loss of what to do, or say now to Surgeon.

Wondering whether I should give the Surgeon a heads up that the pain is back before my X-Ray, Or as I’m having so much Plate irritation that it could all stem from that, and worry about it once the plates and screws have come out, as it could be from that.