All systems go…. 21 days and counting.

Hip Arthroscopy, SURGERY



Today was pre-op day at the #ROH Royal Orthopedic Hospital in Birmingham. Nervous, though I’ve done it a fair few times.

I expected to be there for a while, usual checks, blood, urine, weight (way heavier than I wanted to be, thanks Gabapentin) height, blood pressure, MRSA and ECG. But as it happens we ended up just doing weight (couldn’t not do that) height, blood pressure and mrsa. Then I was free to go. Seemed bit quick, but I trust the system.

Was told to expect them to decide on what to do, once they go in and look. Booked in for at least one night stay, crutches for home, stockings to compress and blood thinning injections, so Nurse Rich will be doing them once again. Thank goodness, he’s really good at it.


So I’ve bought this amazing T-shirt to wear, going to get myself organized and packed, as its a mere 3 weeks until operation date. 21st Sept 2017.

Now time to draft up a packing list and eat more protein to encourage better healing before and after the surgery.


Benzo withdrawal, Pregabalin.


I’ve been quiet lately, mainly due to busy life, family events, but also because of the dreaded hip.

Last year I was prescribed Alzain a Pregabalin tablet. A benzo I was to discover. And it was a wonder medication, it took 90% of my pain and had none of the side affects of Tramadol or Codeine. Perfect, or so I thought!!

images (30)

Fast forward a few months and a hefty weight gain of 2 stone, which gives its own side affect for mobility. I then began to feel pain once more, so doctor increased the dose. Huge mistake, this made me fall. Well I wasn’t sure at the time if it was me just falling or the medication causes the fall.

With this fall I tore my right knee MCL ligaments, and I rolled over on my left ankle. I was a mess. Told the doctor who acted like it was a common reoccurrence. Clearly a medication that messes with perception and balance.

Was this really wise for someone already unsteady on their feet. I reduced myself back down to the 2 x75mg doses one in the morning and one at night, with tramadol when I was to do big days out. This made me feel a bit steadier on my feet. But now I was concerned about what was this drug… Why give it, when it can cause confusion, unsteady balance, change in walking pattern, slurred speech, rapid weight gain, doublevision, clumsiness, memory loss to name a few side effects. I decided to do some research, learn more about it and hope to come off it too. Even though it would mean my pain would be increased and sleeping disturbed, it was better than this medication changing my balance, and confidence.  I found these Facebook pages which helped me massively Gabapentin Awareness and Lyrica and Pregabalin AwarenessAwareness

Now I was armed with Real peoples opinions and experiences, and through them I learnt how to reduce my doses to eventually nothing. Which I’m happy to state that’s where I am now. First I ditched my 75mg dose during the morning, made sense for this dose to go first, and it went well, though I did notice an increase of depressive thoughts, dark moods, and obviously pain crept back into my life. But I persevered and after 4 weeks I felt confident enough to tackle the evening dose. I decided to do this one slightly different, and instead of just dropping it, I took it alternative evenings for 3weeks until I felt like my sleeping pattern had regulated and I wasn’t feeling too much via side effects, then 5 days ago I stopped them too. So now I’m no longer taking it.

Bad news is the hip is horrendous and I feel miserable, I have my surgery date in 38 days though so I’m going to muddle through and see what surgery brings me. Back on codeine and paracetamol but at least I know where I stand with them. The plan with surgery is Arthroscopic so hopefully 2-3 scars ranging from 0.5-1 inch and to shave bony extras, and fix the labral tear if possible. They could go in and do lots of anchoring and bone shaving, or go in and confirm its too far gone and a Total Hip Replacement is needed.

images (8)


The above xray is me, and hoping to investigate this extra white fluffy bone, could it be arthritis or extra bone growth?? I guess I’ll find out on 21st Sept.

July #Glossybox Last one

Beauty Boxes

As I was due to go on holiday, this July’s #Glossybox was actually perfect for me. So glad after two boxes of meh!!


#July #Glossyboxuk First Summer Edit.
First item was highly wanted, its #BellaPierre #BananaSettingPowder will the baking trend going nowhere, this soft yellow hue powder, reduces redness, covers blemishes and hides dark circles. RRP £25 this is a FULL SIZE product.
#Papanga #Spiral #Hairbands perfect bobbles to hold hair up, without breaking the ends, and causing split ends. RRP £4.99 FULL SIZE product.

The main reason I bought this box!! #Spectrum #SmallFan #A10 a perfect partner with the banana powder, is this delicate fan brush. RRP £4.99 FULL SIZE product.
#Shills #SnailEssence #Mask
Gentle soothing snail facial mask, encourages skin to hold onto moisture, and reduce cellular ageing.
RRP £1.99 FULL SIZE product.

Last product, I actually took on holiday and it was a lifesaver!! Was the #MonuSpa #SoothingAfterSun a cool lotion with Shea butter, aloe vera, and vitamin e. This made my skin cool, calmed it down, and rehydrated it. RRP £19.95 * FULL SIZE PRICE, not full sized in box *

I was glad it wasn’t full size as on holiday I could easily pack it as it was 100ml. Easily the best product for the holidays for me, seen as we had weather temps ranging between 35-43degrees.
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