#AccessAllASOS Summer is Nearly Here!! Festivals, BBQ’s and Ibiza Baby!!

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#AccessAllASOS Summer is nearly Here!! Festival Season, BBQ’s and Ibiza

Yay!! Summer is nearly here! And I love it, the Warm Air, Blue Skies and BBQ’s Aroma’s whats not to like? Well I guess wasps and mozzie’s but Hey, not bad really!! Open Air Music Festivals and Happy Smiley Faces make Summer my favorite season. And this year, I plan to do as much as my Disability allows, Physio is really helping and all the commitment I’ve given it over the Winter, is starting to pay off. I’m Slimmer, more Toned, and Lighter (which the Hips will really benefit from if I’m honest) and Hips are getting more ‘normal’ Not Pain Free by any stretch, or even walking unaided, but definitely an improvement, which I hope continues…

So with new body shape, comes the Fashion? What can I wear for the Summer this year? Scars still an issue, as in they are so big I can’t hide them, and I can’t hide the dents and lumps that surgery behind the scars create either. So Planning ahead, I use a Tanning Lotion, Usually I use this Tanning lotion

Which for Casper Ghostly white skin like mine is perfect, and it hides the scars too a bit. Not an easy thing to do when they range from 12inches to 4inches. But spotted this cheeky number on Asos it’s called Cheeky ‘Turn Me On’  Gradual Tan and it’s £12.00 for 200ml and looks like this.
and you can find it here
Or for the cheaper alternative but still just as cute and quirky there is No More White Bits, Instant Self Tan Mousse and that is £4.00 for 200ml. And it looks like this.
And you can find it here.
But as that is an Instant one rather than Gradual, I’m leaning more towards the Cheeky one, as I prefer the Gradual Tans that seem to wear longer and cover better on me. So Tan sorted now for some Clothes…. Looking on Asos I can see I’m lusting after
From top to toe, You can be Summer Ready, and Rocking the Latest Looks from Asos so what are you waiting for…….
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