Lower Limb Gym

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Well what has happened since we last did an update. Well we have discovered that the Leg isn’t working as it should, I am still manually lifting the leg into bed, to move it, get dressed etc… yet there are many Physio exercises I can do easily. it seems to be the one that requires a bend at the Knee, that suddenly renders my leg useless. So stepping up stairs, pretty hard to do. But got lots of new exercises to try, and we are hoping to build it up.

The plan is to go to a Lower Limb Gym every week, and get assessed to see if the range is improving or not. While doing daily Physio at home, and using a Tens Machine to try and stimulate the muscle or nerve that is being affected. We have located that it is possibly the Hip Flexor Nerve, or the Quad Muscle that is affected. Heat and Cold can’t be felt in this area, and once we have a few weeks worth of Data and Info on it, I can then present this to my Surgeon at my next X-Ray appointment in July.

The bonus so far is after 1week of intense Physio I have seen some stamina improvement, and I have been using the Tens Machine, which has resulted in some Intense Sharp Pains afterwards, but they feel like ‘Waking Up’ pains, so I am happy to have them at the Moment.


My Little Witch LITHA Midsummer Solstice Box

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Who has heard of Beauty Boxes that come monthly to your house? I know I have, and I just love the idea of a surprise coming through the letter box each box, giving you a sample of delights of new and exciting products to try out before you buy the large sizes. Kind of bitesize Beauty. This always gives me a chance to sample things I wouldn’t necessarily buy as well. Anyways enough of Beauty, now imagine that same feeling each month of a new box coming to you, to sample new and exciting products that are Witch Boxes!! Yep you heard me, a perfect sample box each Sabbat, tailored for each seasonal celebration, that can dress your Altar, be useful Tools for your Circle Castings and extra’s too. Well thats exactly what I’ve been trying out as mine arrived today! This comes from #MyLittleWitch can be found  here and I have it on good authority that these will be Sabbat Ones and Elemental Ones, so just perfect for the Witch starting out, or the more experienced Witch looking to expand their Knowledge, Tools and Essentials for their Altars.

Here is my LITHA Midsummer Solstice My Little Witch Box

So you can see the Lovely Black Sparkly Tissue Paper, that just shows you, your in for a treat, A Logo Sticker so you know who the box is from. And straight away I was hit with a Scent from Heaven, the Candle was just beautiful, Not a boring standard Candle, this is a Highly scented Triple Toned Candle ( Triple Goddess) + a Golden Orange Colour (God) and the Scent of Orange, Makes you think of Summer and Sunsets. And of course Candles always represent Fire/South representation for your Altar.

I also received a Carnelian Gemstone Chip Bracelet, which on Stretchy Elastic, A Goddess Stone that Women wear to Honour their chosen Deity. Carnelian also represents Creativity, Growth and Fertility all things we are celebrating this LITHA Midsummer Solstice. Also a stone for Positivity and Golden Orange like the Sun, another good representation for the Sun God.

Some Delicious and sweet Rose scented Cones and Sticks as Incense and complete with an Incense Burner. Rose is a scent traditionally used at Litha Time, as most Roses flower now, the delicate scent is a trigger for all things Summer related, soft and feminine like the Goddess as well. These Incense are your Air/East representation for your Altar.

Chamomile Tea is added for that extra Touch, for use as a Simple Feast ( as part of Wine and Cakes) in your Circle Casting, for you to drink after the Circle, to ground, centre and balance yourself afterwards. Also represents Earth and the Goddess herself. A wonderful Herbal Blend of Earths Goodness for you.

Sea Shells are also included in this Box of Delights, as a wonderful representation of Water/West for your Altar. They also envoke powerful images and visualizations of Seaside Holidays, the Summer, Carefree Warm Days and Nights and endless Childhood Dreams.

A Cute Silver Bird Charm, which reminds me of Summer, of Flight of Fancy, Dreams and Wishes all things I will be thinking of during my Rituals around this time. New Fledglings growing up and flying the nest like your Spells and Wishes do once the Ritual is complete.

And best of all, If you are a Newbie Witch and not sure on what to do, or what each piece is used for you can refer to the handy guide that is printed out for you. Showing you exactly what is in the box and what to do and why. Handy for all Witches New and more Experienced as you get exposed to new products, new tools and new ways to represent the Elements, the Sabbat and Dieties and grow in your Path.