Day 38 post #hipreplacement

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Still resting which is admittedly tedious. I’m just about doing basic chores, and keeping myself busy that way. I’m still too scared to even think about physio, though weirdly dying to start again too (catch 22)

So having to give myself things to do, just to occupy myself, and while my hands aren’t too bad (thanks to splint wearing and ibuprofen gel daily) I’ve started my colouring again.

I use Faber Castell pencils, but they are pricey so I only have 12 colours at the moment. But I do love the polychromos. They are buttery soft and don’t shatter unlike conventional pencils.

Its no secret that #JasmineBecketGriffith is my favourite artist, and I love that she does colouring books as well as her stunning paintings. You can check her out here

I also do papercutting when hands let me. My latest one that I finished

And then my ultimate favourite cut is perfectly me.

I’m glad I can do some crafts to keep me going when I feel all is lost with my hip, as it’s like a mindful meditation. It helps me focus on what I can do, an not what I can’t. They aren’t always possible due to Arthritis, but when I do them, they are immensely enjoyable.

Hoping all this rest pays off.


Day 26 #MySBSWin Hippie wins

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*shameless plug for my own stuff here* please feel free to ignore if you rather.

On my journey through my own hips saga, I have lost many many things, my mobility obviously, but a lot of hopes and dreams along the way, time too, I’ve definitely lost that, all of my 30’s in fact.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, I found a wealth of friends online, chronic pain friends that helped me feel less alone, I discovered crafting, as now it was all I could do! Ways to spend my time without moving, that challenged my mind, and made me feel productive. From this #MysticMoon was born.

I have used my jewellery designing to incorporate my hip and disabilities in a fun and funky way. My shop is currently in holiday mode, while I’m recovering but I hope to open again asap. You can find me here

I started jewellery selling back when I had my first BIG hip surgery back in 2009. I’d just had a triple pelvic osteotomy (pelvis broken and plated back together in new alignment) and femur broken and lengthened 2 inches and screwed together. I was housebound, and bored, lonely and my career was over!!

I also sell various charity awareness bracelets, covering #invisibleillnesses such as #Lupus #Fibro #Arthritis #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Endo #SpinaBifida and many many more. It’s what got me noticed by #TheoPaphitis a former Dragons Den Dragon.

He chooses 6 businesses to retweet and become his Sunday Small Business Winners, as a winner you are mentored, supported not only by the dragon himself but all the other winners as well. And each year we all get together at an #SbsEvent Theo Paphitis puts on for us. Here we are given opportunities to speak to other famous CEOs, business owners, as well as connecting to buyers, investors and more. Next event is the 12th Feb so I really hope I can go.

Here above is my own personal affirmation hippie charm, it shows I had RTHR and it says Strength.

But I have lots of ways to do them, Bilateral screws, Bilateral replacements, no screws or replacements as we are all hippies!! Using purple for invisible illnesses, blue with it for hip dysplasia, and some with charity ribbons, or spoons. It’s faux suede so vegan friendly, or a bangle if you prefer.

I also have designed a Tragically Hip t-shirt via bonfire. They make the t-shirts after the campaign has finished (usually 2 weeks later) and ship them direct to you. I get a small commission of each sold.

I always wear mine to physio, and hospital appointments.

They do different styles of t-shirts and hoodies too, various colours and have a good range of sizing too. Delivery takes a couple of weeks for UK though. buy here

#Blogmas 2018 2 weeks until #HipReplacement

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Christmas has come this week, and boxing day is my 2 week mark until surgery.

And a mere 5 days until my pre op. Because surgery originally was cancelled, nearly all my Christmas presents can and will be enjoyed after surgery.

Such as these cosy socks and awesome book to occupy me

Then these sweet PJ’s

And these cosy slippers

I enjoyed a stress free Christmas day, we visited our eldest daughter and her husband who cooked for us.

I have some lovely bath products from the body shop as well.

Moschino perfume, as my youngest knows I love Moschino and Flamingo pjs. Other presents to follow, from my other daughter’s that don’t live with me anymore, as they’ve flown the nest.

Have a lovely boxing day, it’s calm here as just us three today, before the chaos of tomorrow seeing all the children together.

#Blogmas 2018 Manchester uni and Christmas market part 2

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Rain rain rain, certainly has dampened our spirits, soaked us through to the bone, and boots leaked so we had wet soggy feet too.

But nevertheless we braved the weather to hunt down our now favourite tea hotspot, Maccies of course. And if we are doing that, we may as well visit Zippy too.

After McDonald’s we walked to the Albert square to find Zippy and found him in all his glory. Lit up and sparkly, overlooking all the festivities. Scents of hot dogs and mulled wine is wafting through the wooden cabins.

Rain and lights interfered with my photos, so excuse the blurry pics, I was shaking with cold.

Much of the stalls are the same as Birmingham, though clearly more choice on food, with their being Greek, Chinese,Indian food on offer. But NO singer, this really let’s the place down, get a radio station down there, or local singer. It really makes a difference to the atmosphere. Everyone joins in, young and old. Makes the whole market much more alive and festive.

Heading to the shops we barely saw any big shops with lights and themed window displays, which is sad. London is amazing for window displays, and we usually go down this time of year for them alone.

House of Fraser looked good though, so I’m glad I saw that.

Probably the prettiest Indian restaurant wall ever!! How instagramable is this?

With all this cold and rain, it wasn’t long before we decided to call it a day, we’d been out since 11am and we were shattered. Finally got in for 8pm and managed to catch #WorldsStrongestMan on channel 5+1 again, our tradition lives on xx

*Update* she has been accepted by Manchester too. So that’s all three so far!! Woohoo xx

#Blogmas 2018 Manchester Uni and Xmas market part 1

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The last leg of our pre Christmas chores. All the interviews have been done now, 1 is booked after Christmas and 1 yet to hear from. But in honesty I think she’s chosen from the 3 already. Chester has always been her number 1.

However we needed a good second choice, so that’s where Birmingham and Manchester come into play. Rather than banking everything on one university.

Its a weird building, has no soul feeling. Way too modern for me. Inside it carries on, yet somehow looks quite 70’s as well. With striking wooden walls and rectangle rooms, it’s modern but old styling to me.

The usual introduction for around 20 mins is first, and parents or friends can join for that part. Afterwards they are asked to leave, while written tasks and group work is done.

All passed pretty quickly, and out of the 3 the least formal of them all. While she was doing this, we should of been in town enjoying the shopping.

However my hip had a whole other idea, it’s a freezing cold day, and extremely wet. So there wasn’t an option for me to do it both day time and after their interviews had finished.

So we stayed in the car, ate a packed lunch, had our own drinks and listened to Christmas tunes on radio one, and time went so fast. Soon we had a message to go and pick her up.

Walking through the student accommodation area, we are more familiar than when we first walked there. Learnt to dodge the lorries on the road ahead,as you get soaked as the puddles have build up and lorries career through them, soaking anyone in their path.

Hard to enjoy this weather, or feel christmassy in it. This time last year we had snow, and though it comes with its own issues, it does instantly make the whole place feel that extra special.

#Blogmas 2018 Birmingham Uni and Xmas Market part 2

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The evening transforms this dull grey day, into a German winter wonderland, the smells are heavenly. Though our vegetarian daughter says no to that. I love the sausages though.

We walked around, hear so many singers, watched street performers, the place is so vibrant, full of life. It feels alive, a stark contrast of Chester admittedly.

But there is a downside to that as well, there is more homelessness in view, and you are approached more than Chester, which in comparison is more like a quaint village or town than a city.

The wood cabins are cute, well lit and designed, and they transport you miles away from reality. Each stall has a tempting array of foods, drink, and gifts to buy. We resisted and headed to McDonald’s for a £1.99 meal, sometimes they just hit the spot!!

Once fed and watered, it was time to find the highlight of our day. Finding the Christmas singer, listen and join in with Christmas songs and hear out favourite #FelizNavidad

We get a good spot and once he starts singing, the atmosphere is more alive, full of joy, exactly what you need for a market (take note other towns, get a singer singing Christmas songs) beer is flowing (sadly not for us) but that’s ok, voices all join as one and it’s sung at 6.30pm our family favourite song #FelizNavidad officially feeling Christmassy from that moment.

Now it’s home time, we could of stayed longer, had a drink or two. But it had been a long day, my hip hates the cold. And I’ve been poorly, constantly coughing and feeling woolly headed. So decision was to go home and watch #worldsstrongestman on channel 5 +1 as that is our other Christmas tradition.

#Blogmas 2018 Birmingham Uni and Christmas Market part 1

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Well it’s that nerve wrecking time again! Time to get up ready and show the world my daughter will make an incredible teacher.

This time it’s closer to home, it’s Birmingham. My eldest went to Aston in Birmingham, so it’s not too far, just far enough to move away from home.

This time there wasn’t a presentation, so the whole thing felt more relaxed. We got there early, so parked up and ate some ready made sarnies, I come prepared.

Noticing the nearest parking we couldn’t go over an hour, so we checked her in, and left as the students were called upstairs, where they were broken off into smaller groups, to start with interviews, then to watch a program and complete a written test on it, to then finally do their chosen specialist subject matter to discuss.

Olivia chose the topic of literacy in the modern times, how it’s failing in areas and how to bring the standard back up, both as a student and a teacher’s prospective.

While she was busy, we drove off to town, a simple 5-10min drive or for some 25min walk. I couldn’t walk it.

Lots of building going on, so forced walkways are about, but you won’t get lost as it’s well sign posted.

We get a chance to see the town and Xmas market while it’s pretty quiet. But it’s freezing cold, so not wet like Chester last week, but still uncomfortable.

After a disaster coffee and rest, we had to start heading back to collect Liv, and hear what happened. The suspense is nail biting.

Its around 3pm ish now and lights are more noticeable, which starts to transform the whole feeling. We will be back to hear the Santa singing and see the market in the dark.

Back for part 2 later

#Blogmas 2018 #SBS Christmas gift ideas Part 1

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As a very proud member of the #SBS crew, I knew I had to show off some of my fellow winners. All of us have been chosen personally by Theo Paphitis as Small Business Sunday award winners.

Theo set this up on twitter, as a way to help the small and micro businesses grow organically and with mentoring and support. And I could not wish for a better support network.

We are a vast array of businesses and services, and we are now in our thousands. But a select few chosen to be shared here.


Graphic designer, and social media expert. Get your stationary printed here, with logo designing, banners, and work products too. I’ve had my own stickers produced by Aquadesign an the quality is high.

buy here


Vintage Classics

For that extra special gift, of nostalgia and treasured memories. You can hire that car you have always dreamed of. Live out your fantasties and slip into the leather seats and be taken back to a time when cars had character and flare. A real ‘Drivers’ car experience.

buy here


Little Furniture Shop

Sticking to the vintage style, how about this amazing find. A furniture restorer that can give your sofa back it’s pizazz. Custom made bespoke service, to have one of a kind pieces that are sure to be a focal point.

buy here


All Terrain Kart

The big kid in me loves this. Gone have the days of the most dangerous builds in history, to try and bodge together a kart. Now you have the most beautifully built karts available, and they suit all terrains too. Sturdy, and reliable and hours of fun. An important piece of childhood memory will be made on these.

buy here


Sarah Greening Glass

An artist of the highest quality, using glass as their media to create the most unusual and unique jewellery I’ve ever seen. Suitable for both sexes and with plenty to choose from.

buy here


Colour me fun

Personalised crayons, badges and colouring books for all your children’s needs. Brightening the world one crayon at a time, I love that about them, and I know my grandson will love them too, when he’s a little older.

buy here


Livvy and Rose

The sweetest collection of bags, watches, scarves and jewellery for ladies and young girls. Lots of gifts to choose from here.

buy here


How Fine Designs

Affirmation, magickal jewellery that can be personalized to suit all your needs. From pin badges to bangles, and necklaces, there is something for everyone. I have my eye on the affirmation rings.

buy here


Prints Charming Jewellery

Beautiful and unique jewellery made with love, palm prints and footprints of loved ones, babies all captured forever in these one off pieces.

buy here


Mark Hewitson Photography

For gifts of a different nature, get a professional photo shoot for your special occasions, important milestones, and feel at ease with knowing you have captured such treasured memories.

buy here


Well that’s it for now, come back for more soon

#Blogmas 2018 Favourite Christmas Decorations TKMaxx

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In all the shops this year TK Maxx has been the favourite for Christmas decorations. They have just made me giggle, or say awwww, or just be so cute it’s insane.

What can I say, everyone needs a glass skiing elephant in pink pants!!

Happiest dinosaur I ever did see. Felt seems to be a top material this year.

Nutcrackers I’ve honestly never liked them before, felt they were too creepy. It’s the teeth for me. But slowly been won round by my youngest who adores them! On the hunt for a pink one though.

Why not change the bathroom too, soap dispensers in elf and snowman style, extra cute factor.

Not sure why you’d want a rubber duck on your tree, but this badass has convinced me i do need one!

Sleepy knitted mermaid, check. Definitely a keeper.

Speaking of mermaids, here is the bustier cousin of the sleepy one.

I actually found a black poison apple decoration, very snow white to me. One I really liked.

I feel like gingerbread men are essential to Christmas. And these are super cute.

When you think you know everything about Father Christmas, you find out he has a new ride this year. I’m impressed.

Seems a little glum but cute anyways, maybe his buddy above can cheer him up.

Is it a horse? A llama? Who knows, but this tail is fabulous!

Just to get to the posh decorations, I mean look at her pearls, she’s so ready for Christmas.

Here is her date, the dapper mousey with his bow tie are sure to raise the class of your tree this year.

At the top of anyone’s Christmas decoration list should be Alan. So popular this year, there’s even a Facebook group of Alan fans!! join here

So there you have it, for me Maxx is amazing for those things you never knew you absolutely needed in your life.

#Blogmas 2018 Chester Uni, Xmas market part two

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Following on from yesterday’s post, taking our youngest daughter to her 1st university interview.

And wandering the Christmas market. It’s so enjoyable to see the lights, the extra happiness around, it is what Christmas is too me. Not the gifts, just the light in the darkest days, knowing that they guide you through the long hard times, and that joy and light is on its way, following the solstice.

Completely drenched but having fun nonetheless. My hood was/is useless. It’s too big so I can’t see if I wear it. So hair went pants!!

Every thing looks amazing, no matter the weather, when you have lights and decorations!!

The pubs look so inviting, and warm. But on a mission we didn’t have time to visit. But I was certainly tempted. Instead we made do with a Gregg’s pumpkin spice latte that was dreamy!!

Finally we got the call that interview had finished and it was time to meet. Starving now too, so we’d visit a McDonald’s for tea. And start the journey on home.

It went well and now the nail biting time starts awaiting to hear from them. And also the new nerves to start for the next interview!!

Whatever happens we are proud, and we loved our time here. Even in all this gloom Chester can look romantic and beautiful.