Day 207 post #hipreplacement

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Round up of the last week, and I’ve managed to do my hardest physio routine Mon, Tues, Weds, I had a break Thursday and did Friday. See here for the routine. This completes 6 weeks of doing 3 different routines twice. It’s a way to kick-start new and healthy habits and routines.

Thursday I used to hoover the front room, but I’m still finding this hard to do. Maybe it’s how you plant your feet into the floor to push and stabilize yourself.

So come Friday I was honestly dreading doing the set. But I remembered someone on the boards telling me I’d inspired them to do it, so I was soon up and doing it. And I’m glad I did. Your comments mean the world to me!! Thank you.

So now this weekend, it’s all relax and let my muscles recover. Zero weight loss which is sad. But not my main focus, but the skincare routine is down to a tee. And I’m managing at least 3litres of water per day. So I’m happy with that.

So my skin is feeling so much better, and my insides feel less bloated. So it’s a win for me even though the weight isn’t coming off.

My ehlers danlos syndrome is playing havoc this weekend, because it’s THAT time. So ankles, hands, elbows and shoulders are super loose, painful and feeling extra awful. But with rest it should feel better. But I’m starting to hate rest days, my brain complains.


Week 29 Post #HipReplacement

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After gorging on birthday cheese… Yes I asked for cheese for my birthday, and boy it was goooood. And of course cake too. This week it’s time to embark on week 3 of my physio routine, it’s the hardest one out of the 3 weekly routines I have, but by far the most affective too.

I’m getting concerned about my left side, as I never ever feel the muscles pull, or tense or anything really. I’m keen to ask the surgeon in Jan 2020 to ask his opinion, that’s for sure. Whereas in the operated leg boy oh boy I feel those muscles after this workout, it’s a butt killer.

Gorgeous birthday flowers are giving me the sunshine feels, as it had to typically rain all weekend. So peeved.

Had a lovely rest off physio Friday Saturday and Sunday, as we used those days to visit all the family.

Logan and Leonardo are doing well, and it was lovely to get to visit them again.

So back to physio, this week it’s a killer!! But hopefully it’s all worth it.

  • Foot pointing outwards, leg raise (ankle weighted) 20reps each side
  • Side leg raise (ankle weighted) 20reps each side
  • Single leg hip bridges 10reps each side (my worst)
  • Hip thrusts (green banded) 20reps
  • Reverse lunges (ankle weighted) 10reps each side
  • Side lunges (ankle weighted) 10reps each side
  • Romanian deadlift 7kg weights 20reps
  • Supine marching (ankle weighted) 10reps each side
  • Dead bugs 10reps each side

Day 179 post #HipReplacement

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As I relax today, first time since last Sunday, I think about my week round up after another full week of physio. And I’m honestly pooped, it’s wearing me out, but in a good way.

This time I had switched up some exercises up, to challenge the muscles, and gain stamina.

And I also did 2 days of double the amount. Which I admit killed me off at the time, but I do feel better for it. I can vastly see how incredible the right hip is, but left glute is all but dead, I’m struggling to activate it at all. So going to try single leg hip bridges both legs next week.

I’ve also been drinking at least 4 pints of water per day, watching my calorie intake more, doing food swaps, and a bit of intermittent fasting. And in 2 weeks I’ve lost 2.2lbs.

So it’s been successful, the beautiful weather has helped massively. Next week is rain due, so that will be a challenge for me, and more outings planned, ie hospital physio appointment, as well as family outing for birthdays.

Hands are a huge issue, but I’m going to attempt doing weights next week as well, for a more overall body workout. Even if it means wearing splints for support.

My back, is horrendous, knees too. I’m at a lost, as I have had my form checked for all exercises, and I’m not straining either, yet everyday I wake-up and I can’t move for a fair while, I’m so stiff and achy. Roll on sept when I can discuss this with MiCats.

It could be because I’m due on, as ankles have also been playing up, and cracking as I walk. Something to keep an eye on anyways.

16 weeks post #HipReplacement

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It’s been a funny weird week, I’ve not done much physio, and when I have done it’s caused so much knee pain, so much pain!! I’ve been forced to rest.

Had a lot of committments this week, family wise and going out to places, so the physio hasn’t been easy to slot in either. But I even found walking around town leisurely, this week was a miserable affair.

Straight away my knee was in agony, and I felt I hobbled, and waddled even with my walking stick. And using that so heavily, it’s flared up my hand too. I’ll be honest, I was better than this before surgery, so you can imagine this was quite depressing, and emotional to realize that.

And though that’s a huge negative, I may be a bit down this week, but I’m not out!!

Why have I struggled more this week, is it because I went out a fortnight ago? Or because I’ve had to increase the daily living, family commitments? I’m not sure.

All I know is, my Thigh KILLS, like a tooth ache nagging pain. And my knee is not happy either with walking, or with physio. I don’t see anyone for a while, except occupational therapist for my hands. So I guess increase rest periods and go steady as I can.

But I am camping hopefully at the weekend, so who knows how the hip will behave?? I will keep you updated.

Day 87 #hipreplacement

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This weather is causing pain pain pain, and a healthy dose of stiffness and immobility with that.

So far this week to control the hand pains I’ve been taking 400mg ibuprofen x 2 but I’ll admit it’s not really helping, on top of that I’m using ibuprofen gel. At least I can splint them, and use gloves.

However the hip isn’t feeling any benefit from Ibuprofen, but it aches deep in the thigh crease where pelvis meets the thigh, Or bikini crease area I should say. With the increased rain, I’m noticing that the hip still feels seized up and stiff, exactly like it did with Arthritis?? So for this I’m adding Paracetamol. And see if that helps.

Today’s physio is focusing on lubricating joints to ease pains.

Shoulder exercises

  • Circle ball on wall left 10 reps x 3
  • Circle ball on wall right 10 reps x 3
  • Push ball on wall up and down 10 reps x 3

Then hand exercises

  • Make an O with each finger 10 reps x 3
  • Raise thumb 10 reps x 3
  • Thumb abduction 10 reps x 3
  • Thumb scoop and up 10 reps x 3
  • Wrist up and down 10 reps x 3
  • Make a fist and open 10 reps x 3

Hip exercises

  • Glute squeezes 10 reps x 3
  • Quad exercise 10 reps x 3
  • Short Arc quad 10 reps x 3
  • Ball between Ankles squeeze 10 reps x 3
  • Ball between knees squeeze 10 reps x 3
  • Hip abduction 10 reps x 3
  • Single leg raise 10 reps x 3

For these exercises I find I can do many while sitting down, watching the TV. And I break them down in 3 sets, so one set in the morning, then a set after dinner, then one more in the evening. So although it looks a lot to do, it’s easily slotted into my day.

Day 73 Struggling High Pain Day

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I seem to have a few good days then a crash down to the bottom. Clearly my pacing skills are pants, and I’m either doing too much, or the scar tissue just won’t let me go beyond the strength I have.

Yesterday I had an amazing day of physio, I felt strong, and like I was progressing, but this morning I feel like crap!

I went to sit down and my god it felt like it was ripping as I hovered above the seat, just under the scar, it’s swollen and hurts like hell. Always around the butt, piriformis area. Hope hot water bottles work enough. Even the groin decided to join the pain party!! Yes I’m moaning, but my god it hurts.

But I’m not giving up, technically I have 1 year to push it to see how far it can go, maybe I need to dial it back a little and respect it a bit more. Think marathon not race. Maybe I’m too eager to get it fixed, that I’m hindering it by going too fast?

I think the flare up of pain is from trying to work out both legs, as some exercises require me to stand alone on that leg, and although I use a walking stick, perhaps it’s not enough, and I’d be better suited to a crutch for now?

So that’s my future plan for next week, but as it’s the weekend. I’m going to relax, read and visit family members instead of physio. Do you have anything good planned this weekend?

Day 53 learning the stairs

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Yesterday we popped out to visit family for their birthdays. We have a spat of birthdays all at the same time.

So although a lazy weekend for us, I took the opportunity to try stairs out. As I don’t have any at home. Still using my walking stick and pulling up on a bannister too. I put my bad leg up first.

I can kinda do it, but I’m definitely relying heavily on the bannister, and the walking stick. So it’s no where near strong enough yet.

Coming down, I attempt to do one step after another, rather than down, both feet, down, both feet. This seems a little easier with weight transfer, but still the hip feels like it wants to give way. But gravity really helps coming down.

So it’s hydrotherapy tomorrow, so I know I’m going to be attempting the steps extra, as this is my weakness area from all the physio exercises.

Noting what muscles you use, help you visualise what is going on inside the hip.
When you walk upstairs you engage numerous muscles, these include hip flexors, iliopsoas, sartorius, rectus femoris, tensor fasciae latae and pectineus these are your hips and thighs; then the gluteus medius on your outer thighs; the gluteus maximus in your butt; the quadriceps group in the front of each thigh; hamstring muscles in the backs of your thighs; erector spinae along the spine of your lower back; plus the gastrocnemius, soleus and tibialis anterior in your calf and shin area.

There’s a lot going on, with everything that needs to be able to work together and efficiently. So it’s no wonder I have difficulty at the moment. I need to remember, these muscles have been cut at least 4 times in this one leg.

To explain what the hip flexors do, its as you’d expect, they are responsible for hip flexion as you lift your foot to the next step. The quads extend your knees when your legs straighten. The hamstrings, sartorius and gastrocnemius flex your knees. The gastrocnemius and soleus assist during plantar flexion, when you push up from a step, (here is my moment of weakness!! It wants to give way as I transfer all the weight to flex upwards) while the tibialis anterior is primarily responsible for dorsiflexion when your foot lands on a step.

Sometimes I wish I had stairs to practice more often with, but I have an aerobic step which I can make as low or as high as I can tolerate. So I may have to dig it out, and get a few steps in to practice each day.

Day 45 swellings

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The ever swelling thigh is annoying, but I’ve been using a walking stick since a week last Sunday all day every day, even outside.

And then with physio exercises as well. Using the stick to stabilise as I do mini squats, or hip flexion etc. So it’s not as supportive as a crutch, making the hips work harder.

With exercise and physio, and walking a lot more, it’s making the hip irritated, good for healing. But it gets sore and swells a lot.

But I’m proud to say every day this week I’ve done some physio in some form, but not pushed as hard as I could, as I’m hoping doing it less hard but everyday is better than going all in, but then crippled for a week.

I’m loving the no compression stockings, skin definitely needs more tlc to get it less dry. But hoping the sunshine of this week will help too.

Day 37 post #hipreplacement

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Its been Valentine’s day, and I’ve had a total day of rest yesterday, to settle the pains and swelling. I was happy with that until I went to bed, I abducted my leg in the bed, and it set it off again.

And I don’t mind sharing I sobbed a fair bit!! The pain is unreal, way more painful than the surgery itself, in fact more painful than any of my surgeries.

So what can I possibly do, there’s nothing I can do really except take the enforced rest for longer, and only use quiet times making drinks and cooking as my physio, so I don’t activate that tendon/muscle.

But as gutted as I am, it will be worth it going more slower and steadier than trying to rush it and it continues to be a sticking point.

To celebrate our Valentine’s Day (which we don’t really celebrate) it’s a follow on from our Rambo, Rocky and Creed fest we are starting The Expendables trilogy.

Week 5 post #hipreplacement part two

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How is it five weeks already, this post is mainly like yesterday’s, and it’s peppered with sbs info. But read to the end and learn of my hippie accident!! I never want a repeat of that. Just as I thought I was getting over it. 😦

Thank you if you read yesterday’s post, of me off out at #TheoPaphitis Small Business Event.

Feeling very special that a tiny hobbyist like me can be chosen by the former Dragon himself, a man I greatly admire as he’s often quite detrimental to himself and is super humble.

We discover we are 1% of the entered businesses to make the cut. There has been 370,000 applications, and 2,500 winners. I won back in 2012.

After the delicious dinner, we were in for a presentation and fireside chat with Scotland’s first billionaire Sir Tom Hunter. He created Sports Division and sold this eventually to his rivals JJB for £260million. Following this success at an early age he set up his own foundation to invest in the future of young entrepreneurs. Giving them the help, support and guidance needed to be their own success stories.

Once again another humbling and truly inspiring story of how he sold trainers from the back of his van to becoming a billionaire. And not once did he allude that skill or knowledge above others were the reason for success, instead like Theo he opts to be down to earth, and say it was luck, his gumption and sheer cheek at times that won the day.

They both concluded with Q&A which I thoroughly loved, some years I’ve found this more boring and above my understanding. But this year I loved hearing his answers. What a warm and friendly man Sir Tom Hunter is.

This is the time I had to admit defeat and set to leave. Although if you were new winners you would collect your certificate and get your photo with Theo. There also were games, networking and group photos going on, as well as presentations upstairs. But I couldn’t, I needed to get home, it’s the longest time I’d been out, and the hip was nagging.

On the way out we collected our goodies bag, and though no #MrsHinch approved cleaning products this year, we got a bumper of goodies.

All in a reusable cotton tote bag, which I absolutely loved getting instead of a paper bag.

All in all I had an incredible day, and I left feeling inspired, and extremely happy…… But all that changed on one stupid accident!!

Totally my own fault, busy chatting away with Mr Moon I stupidly stepped up on the step to leave the building, with my bad operated leg. Full weight transversed to this bad leg, quick scream from me, absolute burning pain I quickly realized what I’d done.

How I kept the tears in is beyond me, I hobbled to our car thankfully nearby. Struggled to get in, pain was throbbing, and leg went warm from thigh to ankle, worried was not the word. I was convinced I’d done something serious.

Our journey home was sadly 1hr 40 for a usual 40min journey, and in that time, the pain subsided if I didn’t move much, so panic left. And once home the PJ’s were soon on, with hot water bottle and lots of rest too. Felt more of a muscular tear or straining, than mechanical. Certainly hope so.

Now it’s rest and re assess the situation and hope it recovers.