Well i had decided to go shopping last monday and wednesday, one at Merry Hill which didn’t hurt me too much, and i was totally doped up to the eyeballs!! Had a day of rest between them then headed off to Shrewsbury which is cobbled streets and hills, and this trip is what has done me in good and proper! Gutted, been suffering ever since… Thurs and Fri i couldn’t walk at all, so least i’m improving from that, but still frustrated that a day out can cost you sooo much and not just in ways of money! xx

Surgery or not??

SURGERY, Triple Pelvic Ost, Femoral Ost, PAO

Well i’ve finally had my Mri, and sadly it didn’t show much, and because i whined a bit, my OS decided to send me off to have some X-rays there and then. I did and then was snet back in, to discover the true horror of the state of my left hip!! They looked like i was 2 people as the bones and joints were so different from eachother. The left was a mess, with a misshapened ball and very shallow socket. I asked him what was to be done now, he ran off for his other consultant to mutter to him what our best plan of action is, and i was NOT prepared for the answer………. I need a THR which is a total hip replacement, at 32 yrs old. I am gutted and truly frightened, but i must do this and seek a second opinion too for my sake and my families, as this hip had ruled my life for the last 3 years!!!