Surgery or not??

SURGERY, Triple Pelvic Ost, Femoral Ost, PAO

Well i’ve finally had my Mri, and sadly it didn’t show much, and because i whined a bit, my OS decided to send me off to have some X-rays there and then. I did and then was snet back in, to discover the true horror of the state of my left hip!! They looked like i was 2 people as the bones and joints were so different from eachother. The left was a mess, with a misshapened ball and very shallow socket. I asked him what was to be done now, he ran off for his other consultant to mutter to him what our best plan of action is, and i was NOT prepared for the answer………. I need a THR which is a total hip replacement, at 32 yrs old. I am gutted and truly frightened, but i must do this and seek a second opinion too for my sake and my families, as this hip had ruled my life for the last 3 years!!!

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