Hippy Update


Well when i say update i actually don’t really have one, Sorry guys but the snow has scuppered my plans. I was meant to go on the 30th Nov to the hospital and have my post op consultation. But the snow was bad and the 80 mile round trip would not of been fun, and i couldn’t guarantee i’d be home in time for the little one, should we be held up on the Motorway. I chose to cancel event though i knew it meant it would be months until i get to see him. Mainly because i’m off crutches now, i know i’m healing so the appointment wasn’t ever going to reveal anything or any major decision to be made from it either. So with 5 accidents already before we were due to set off on that Motorway it seemed silly to risk it. Needless to say i do have to wait months, until the 25th Jan to be exact. Oh well.

On the recovery front, i can honestly say nowt has happened. In fact i feel worse than ever, weaker than ever and progress seems very very slow if at all. I have tried to do some of the exercises i did after the first surgery on the left hip, and i can’t do them at all. The strength has gone, the stamina has gone and it’s all too much. Which is weird if i think about it, as technically the bone is stronger than ever, no plates or screws to hinder me. But i can’t do anything like i did just months before the screw removal. I have no idea, and if anyone would like to enlighten me i’d love to hear the theories. So far i can only presume that actually the plates were stronger than i ever thought and were my asset not my hindrance!
Had some weird dodgy shoulder pains, which admittedly has stopped a lot of exercises as i simply couldn’t handle the pain to even try anything. Now the snow has come, i’m feeling a little trapped to say the least. i was hoping to go Christmas shopping, but i daren’t try it out, as i’m not steady enough on my leg to counter any slipping in the slightest, or jarring. I hope i can do a lot of it online and get it delivered to help me out. The snow is lovely to look at and i’m glad it’s here for the kids to play in. But i would love a few days without it so i can get some jobs done lol