Physio has started and so have i, down the long road of Recovery,

Hey Guys!! This weather has been gorgeous, so been outside plenty to get my years quota before it goes! lol Had my first official Physio appointment today (about time too!) and i think she hates me? We did not click at all, and every time i said something she would try and twist my words into meaning something else or contradictory, so not sure how we will get on. Been given 3 basic exercises to go home with to practise everyday 3 times a day and i see her again in 2 weeks. Not the intensive physio O’hara had planned for me at visiting 3 times a week!! The exercises i have are bum clenches as she told me i have no glutes especially on the left side (i was expecting that), i have to do 10 controlled reps per hour. Lying on my right side and with a straight left leg raise it up hip height, hold for a few counts they very slowly and controlled let it go down, doing 5 reps 3 times a day. And finally lying on my back bringing my left knee to my chest, hold for a few counts and very slowly and controlled take your leg back to starting position, doing 5 reps 3 times a day.
So far i’ve done them all, and i’m super sore already and i’m clutching the hot water bottle already, for my knee that feels like it’s going to blow out (left) and for my groin and hip pain too. The right hip is not happy that i’ve started exercising again, so i’m getting the old familiar pains back again, i can only hope that when my muscles are stronger, the pains will ease) I’ll keep you all up to date as physio and proper recovery has now finally started, and i want to share my journey with you all xx
Happy healing guys xx

Wow I was not prepared for this……….


Hey guys, so much has happened yet not happened as well, I’ve been practising these sitting down exercises for 10 mins everyday and i can honestly say i was not prepared for the muscle pain, the tiredness and frustration that goes with it. The urge to just crack on is so great, but the body is useless and like a prison for the mind. In my head i want to workout for hours but the body lets me down over and over again. But i do understand why i can’t do more, but it doesn’t always help lol.

The next biggest challenge is to come off Tramadol, as it’s poison. The shakes and shivers i get just after missing one dose, so you feel like you’ve got the Flu is ridiculous, then i get all feverish and sweaty yet extremely cold, and super emotional. I’m a fricking junkie because of the Doctor’s. The cold turkey is vile and i’m thinking perhaps dropping from 8 per day to 4 per day to nothing was probably too quick, so i will do the whole process much slower now. Mind you, what i think is a cold turkey symptom from Tramadol could very well be just a normal effect off my Warfarin, so who know’s?? As the Warfarin makes me tired, and emotional. Coupled with joint pain, sickness and cold feeling, so i can’t call it really.
Should of been to Physio by now, but the letter has only just left the Doctors surgery, so who knows. but saying that maybe the later the better as the Hospital is still shut in parts because of the Novovirus (this has been this way since Dec 09) so not really in any hurry to be staying in there for session any time soon. Hopefully as they do physio in my local Doctor’s surgery they will let me do it there, as that is down the road and easy to go 3 times a week. No worries i have been keeping my physio up and doing the wii fit exercises and yoga as well, even started to go on the Elliptical Trainer each week too.
If anyone has any ideas about how to drop my Tramadol down to Codeine without the vile headaches and sickness and flu and crying then please let me know, i am desperate.
Need to think about losing my weight, hence another reason to want to workout as much as possible, as the pounds have piled on during the recovery process, and immobility. Another mental block that comes up, as i have to curb my frustrations of my body’s failings. And i’m sure i’m still not mentally over the trauma of having the surgery, (which sounds daft as i wanted to have it) But somehow the whole surgery and recovery process has been a long mental battle, and has had me cry many a tear over it, maybe i’m just not over it just yet, but i will be soon i’m sure.
Happy Healing Hippy sufferers x0x00x0x0x0x