Clothes Sizing, what’s the deal?


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I’ve finally booked an aboard holiday, and with much excitement I embarked on the exciting holiday clothes hunt.

I knew I needed new clothes, as its been a few years since my last holiday, and with my hip issues and medication, I’ve gained weight. Which is depressing enough, but I was confident I’d find something nice to wear.

And so we hit the shops, now with surgery coming up in less than 3 months, I needed clothes that are as cheap as possible, in case my weight changes again. So my obvious choice was #Primark.


I managed to find numerous size 14 things I liked, and couldn’t wait to try at home, I also found some pieces I loved in #Asda of all places.


My joy was short lived however once home,  ALL of my size 14 from primark were like size 10’s!! My #Asda size 14 fit, but not #Primark. I’ve had similar issues from #H&M too.

I know I can swap the sizes, but I fear according to #Primark I’m more of a size 20 and although it doesn’t dent my pride, I think of those that are affected by numbers and society telling them what is and isn’t acceptable. Is this a price of cheap clothing? Is this the consequence of fast fashion? I could agree on many counts, but having been successful with #Asda who were as cheap as #Primark, but definitely better quality and better true sizing, you really can have cheap clothes, and have them for many years (as I literally will wear my clothes to their natural end, not because fashion trends dictate the end to me)

But its not all bad at #Primark the shoes are always fabulous and last me many years, and their flip flops too. And of course the all important #Unicorn inflatable couldn’t be bought anywhere else. So I had my successes there too. And boy oh boy is this inflatable HUGE!!

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June #Glossybox Mix Bag?!

Beauty Boxes


My #GlossyboxUk arrived about 1 week ago and its a half and half for me this month. Half I am scared of or wouldn’t usually use, others great. So to start it off with my worst to best.
#Beautypro Black Diamond Charcoal peel off mask, I’ve seen so many bad painful youtube videos about these masks, I’m a bit scared of it. Hence why its my worst. But I will give it a go.
RRP £4.95 for 3
#Lypsyl Cherry and Almond SPF 15 revitalising lip balm, now iblove the flavour so 10 out of 10, and I presume it was added as this is part of their new range, which contain Shea butter, cocoa butter and avocado oil along with beeswax, aloe vera and vitamin e to nourish and protect the lips. I add it low as its uninspiring as we’ve had lip balms for the last few boxes now.
RRP £1.89
#Batiste Stylist Texture Me Texturizing Spray
To give yourself a tousled textured styling, adding body and movement. And I’m sure its wonderful. But if you know me personally, my hair resembles a hedge out of control, so more body and movement and texture is the last thing I need!! So for that its low on my list
RRP £ 4.49
#SleekMakeUp Power Plump Lip Crayon
A pretty feminine shade which contains a lip tingling action that encourages blood to rise to the surface making them plumper. I add it low ish as my #Sleek Palette was ok, but not the greatest, brilliant for budget buyers though.
RRP £5.50
#MannaKadarCosmetics Sheer Glo
A bit of liquid light to dot along cheeks, under brow for extra highlight, or add to a Bb cream for a dewy fresh glow.
RRP £22.50 for full size
#111Skin Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel
To help reduce dark circles, minimising puffiness and softening the fine lines ( I have crows feet, I’m old now) I have heard many a good thing about 111skin so I’m eager to try it out.
RRP £110 for full size
So there you have it, a mixed bag. Some fabulous, some okay, none bad at least.


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UCI Downhill MTB World Cup

Family Adventures, Travel

This weekend we did something completely different, we travelled up to Fort William ready for the #UciWorldCup #DownhillMTB

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Camping in #Bunroy Campsite we used our #Outwell Tent, and put it next to our Daughters tent and her friends tent. Ours being the biggest!! You can tell we are seasoned campers.



Midges were pretty horrendous at times, and I constantly smelt of deet spray, but I was only bitten once badly.  But we loved the campsite, and the owners too. The site itself was really beautiful, with access to a river and lots of country walks if you wanted to explore.

Queuing for the shuttle bus was overwhelming to look at, but thankfully went down pretty quick. Though it was standing for me, thank goodness I had my walking stick to help keep me upright!!


Once there, we visited the stalls, and booths offering bikes, merch, freebies and gear for all your mountain biking needs. Even as a non biker, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the stalls were interesting to me.

It was busy and getting busier, so while we could we got into a queue for the cable cars to visit the actual track start, to see riders set off, and to really comprehend the tracks descent, and technicalities. And I was blown away, how they navigate the terrain in split second timing is beyond me!

We saw the boys warming up for their upcoming heat. And heard a little lad playing the bagpipes. Chilly up here, and you can really feel the air thinning compared to the bottom. Here I took my favourite photo of my favourite human!! Hubby


I had an incredible day, I finished mine off by going back down the cable car, to stand in crowd to watch the timings of each rider, whereas hubby opted for the walk down the mountain, and seeing the riders whizz past each section. I think had I been able to do the walk, I would of enjoyed it a lot. But its not for me I’m afraid.

Though I ended my day in a lot of pain, and no spoons left, I did really enjoy myself, I think some things could of catered for more disabled watchers, and more organization of queue for shuttle bus back!! As everyone pushed in, resulting in more time standing up, when that’s the most painful thing to do. I’d do it again, and #Scotland is breathtakingly beautiful.