Hydro and Six Weeks Post Op

Health, Hips, Hypermobility, SURGERY, Triple Pelvic Ost, Femoral Ost, PAO

Well I’m at Six Weeks Post OP now and how things are going is fabulous!! I have sneakily walked around the Kitchen with One Crutch (not allowed really until Xray gives you the all clear) but feels strong and stable and it’s only a few steps.

This week I also go to say GOODBYE to the awful but necessary TED Stockings, This will not be missed that’s for sure. No more flaky skin and dry skin due to these, I can now Moisturize them to my hearts content. Not only was this happening this week but so was my First Hydro Session too.

First Session comprised of Walking in the Pool Forwards x2, then Backwards x2, Sidewards x2. Then Hip Felxion (Bend Knee and Lift, Hip Abduction (Straight Leg Sideways) and Hip Extension (Straight Leg Behind You). Some Deep Squats all x10 reps. Then came the more difficult Steps, using a Block to Step onto using Bad (Operated Leg as the Leading leg) up and down for x20 reps. By now it’s smarting a little painwise and I know I’m going to be feeling it later and Tomorrow. But my session was not finished yet, no no no. Next up was the Comical Flipper Walking, Hilarious Yes but Man it’s soooooo Hard. Definitely got every muscle and joint working, Had to go up and down the Pool length Twice. Then for a more relaxing exercise? Where it’s looks more relaxing, you Lie Down on this Slanted Bed Thingie, and it was time for a Weighted Ring round the Operated Leg to give more resistance too, Leg Raises and Leg Abductions (Out to the Side) with the New Resistance on. This is a full on Programme, Felt at the time that I could of done more, But honestly once I had got out of the pool and re-dressed I was exhausted and thankful that I hadn’t done more.

Bet you can guess how I spent all on the next day can’t you?

And as I write this, I’m getting myself ready for Tomorrow’s Hydro Session. Catch you all laters and Happy Hippie Healing xx

Five Weeks Post OP = So Far So Good

Health, Hips, Hypermobility, SURGERY, Triple Pelvic Ost, Femoral Ost, PAO

So whats Happening now, Not much to be honest on the large scale, But small differences are happening. And for anyone on a hippie journey (well any disability journey) you have to Celebrate the Small Victories.

Scars are clear and healing well

This is the Larger of the Two, around 6-7 Inches and it’s the Pelvic Scar.
I have pimped out my crutches thanks to accidentalvix who made me some gorgeous Crutch Handle Covers to protect my hands and soften the Vibrations that pound through the arms and wrists. After a short time of using crutches, you end up with sore Shoulders, Aching Wrists and Blisters on your Hands. You can find your own Covers here, Mine are 2 Years old and still going strong from almost constant wear. She also sells other beautiful things as well as drawing too. See the whole accidentalvix shop
Anyways here is my own Covers for my Crutches
Doing my Physio Daily and Here are my Workout Sheets at the mo.
Some Muscles still not working by themselves yet, I still bathe out of the sink, or use a Bath Board. I can’t do socks without pain and discomfort. Nor can I sit on hard things for long. Painkillers have been my biggest bugbear this time round, never knowing what to do for the best? Suffer the Co-Codamol induced Headaches or suffer the Insomnia from Tramadol? Both have Pro’s and Cons and Both give nasty side effects, so think this will be a trial for both Tablets and see if I can find a happy medium.