Still in Pain!


I hate to be negative and down, as the surgery on a whole has been very very successful and i would do it again in a heartbeat, but the Right hip is not settling down as i had hoped and neither is the back pain. Least surgery is only a week away now and i’m ever hopeful that this could change how i walk and hold myself, at least the back pain could be cured. But i am resigning myself to the fact that the right side does need the femur cutting in two places and twisting back into alignment. This surgery has been so successful it seems such a shame to hamper further progress and recovery by leaving the right side to hinder me. Perhaps i need another 2 years out and time to fix this right side and hope that this could finally be the end? Well until the hip replacements start anyways.

Been nicely busy selling some pieces of jewellery, especially the twilight inspired bookmarks. They each have an iconic charm that matches the book covers and the colours represent the blood droplets and darkness of the film. Thankfully i have this to do to take my mind off the pain, but it is hindering success of physio and exercising. I would love to do more, but i can’t walk properly for longer than 5 mins without a stick, after that i start to waddle and swing the hips. The pain is vile and puts me off trying again. After doing so much housework this week, in preparation of Jema moving out to Uni and for surgery (best do it while i can, otherwise it will never get done!) The hips have screamed and complained all day, even taking a full dose of 8 Tramadol and Paracetamol hasn’t helped only took the mere edge off it. I dream of a day when i no longer need painkillers or sticks or bloody crutches. Hips rule my life and it’s time to take back that control.
Well best think positive and have everything crossed that having the metalwork out will help me recover better and progress once more, Best behave Rightie xx

Holiday and Surgery coming up!!


I’ve had a wicked last few weeks, Been camping with the family which was freeing and very much needed. If only to prove to myself that i’m not old and fit for the skip! Lol The sleeping on the floor in the tent was fine, in fact caused no more problems or pain than my bed at home (which is a little disturbing to say the least!) We fed animals everyday and i walked miles and miles around Longleat and i survived. I used my walking stick admittedly for long journeys, but on the site itself i managed without it, which i’m pleased with.

Ibiza was amazing and i’m sort of missing it already, as it captures my heart and soul and i can’t really explain why. We walked everyday a fair distance and i didn’t use my stick at all, i held onto my Husband Richard instead and we casually strolled in the sunshine. I was on top on all my painkillers and made sure i never ever took a dose late or miss it totally, as otherwise the pain would of got too great for sure.
Flying was very very SCARY!!!! Firstly i was on tablets to stop me from coming on (dangerous for people that have had clots) But i did ring to check with Nurses and Doctors and Anti-Coag team, to get the go ahead. I was super nervous about flying even though the flight was only about 2-1/2 hours long. I wore my compression tights, class 2 (bought from HappyHealthyLegs thank you for keeping me looking young and trendy, while keeping me alive!!) And stayed every hydrated, but i will admit i was far too scared to fall asleep as i was constantly moving my legs and feet to keep the blood flowing. I did experience pain in the calves but once you pumped the foot or wiggled toes the pain would go. Not sure how much of it was in my head, or really pain if you know what i mean?? While in the sunshine though and walking a lot i didn’t wear them throughout the daytime, although i probably should of. Naughty Naughty. Does dancing the night away count??
I’ve got my date for surgery and it’s in 3 weeks and 1 day, not that i’m counting or anything! lol I’m panicking already. I’m terrified of it all, the staples back in the wound, the wound that has so nicely and thinly healed being open again and of course going back onto crutches. But even the physiotherapist has agreed that my severe back pain is probably due to the screws, and the range of movement and my ability to improve more is hampered with the plate and screws in, so it does makes sense to remove them as soon as possible. I’m worried that my dvt will be back in full force, as some days it does not let me forget it was ever there sadly. But i know i’m better prepared this time, i even have my own injections should they forget me again, or refuse to let me have any.
  • My next worry is that my friend has actually worked at the Royal Orthopaedic and she has said my treatment went against their own protocol, so she thinks i should complain in order to make sure it never happens again to anyone else.
  • My Tribunal is still pending, and it’s making me stress and be nervous and some days quite ill, all this is ridiculous when you consider your actually telling the truth, They make me nervous as the Welfare Officer said they try their hardest to trip you up and twist your words (charming!!) Also no-one can represent you or help you speak, yet in a court of law you can, so why not here??

On top of all this, My daughter is due to move out in a few days, and it’s all so chaotic and emotional. Not sure how the day will go, except there will be lots and lots of tears for sure.

I now only have 2 children in school as my other daughter has started college, so it’s all change and transformation here. It’s all so much to deal with, but it will settle down soon enough and i’ll be able to sit back and relax and concentrate on recovering once and for all. Just hope this is the last surgery i ever have for hips, but in the back of my mind and heart i feel like it’s not (rightie is a naughty hip and likes to hurt me too much!!)
Anyways chewed everyone’s ears off too much, so must dash. I’m nesting around the house to get everything in order before surgery and of course making sure Jema has everything she needs too. Happy Hippy Healing everyone, Love you all x0x0x0xx0