Still in Pain!


I hate to be negative and down, as the surgery on a whole has been very very successful and i would do it again in a heartbeat, but the Right hip is not settling down as i had hoped and neither is the back pain. Least surgery is only a week away now and i’m ever hopeful that this could change how i walk and hold myself, at least the back pain could be cured. But i am resigning myself to the fact that the right side does need the femur cutting in two places and twisting back into alignment. This surgery has been so successful it seems such a shame to hamper further progress and recovery by leaving the right side to hinder me. Perhaps i need another 2 years out and time to fix this right side and hope that this could finally be the end? Well until the hip replacements start anyways.

Been nicely busy selling some pieces of jewellery, especially the twilight inspired bookmarks. They each have an iconic charm that matches the book covers and the colours represent the blood droplets and darkness of the film. Thankfully i have this to do to take my mind off the pain, but it is hindering success of physio and exercising. I would love to do more, but i can’t walk properly for longer than 5 mins without a stick, after that i start to waddle and swing the hips. The pain is vile and puts me off trying again. After doing so much housework this week, in preparation of Jema moving out to Uni and for surgery (best do it while i can, otherwise it will never get done!) The hips have screamed and complained all day, even taking a full dose of 8 Tramadol and Paracetamol hasn’t helped only took the mere edge off it. I dream of a day when i no longer need painkillers or sticks or bloody crutches. Hips rule my life and it’s time to take back that control.
Well best think positive and have everything crossed that having the metalwork out will help me recover better and progress once more, Best behave Rightie xx

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