Slipped Disc hell!

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Just as I really start getting somewhere with physio and hydro I give myself a Bulging/Slipped Disc in my lower back, the pain is unreal and it’s forced me to have to stop to rest and recover sadly. But I will do as recovering is important and it must to done right and not rushed (as I know I’d love too, but it’s never worth it!) this I’ve found out the hard way, many many times!

After a hydro/physio review I was pleasantly surprised they agreed to give me another 4-6wks of Hydrotherapy which is wonderful, I just wish I had found this team years ago to help me when it was my left hip. No worries as it’s better late than never, and my left is better than I’ve ever had in my life! Now that’s a shock result, I was happy with painfree, but range of motion and strength and flexibility is better than I could ever of imagined, I never thought that would be said!

So can’t really workout so I think I will ask advice tomorrow when I go for Hydro, and at least I have Aquafit on Fridays so get the legs moving and working hard 2 days a week, if all exercises are to be stopped for now. I really feel like the bone has healed, but still can’t walk unaided without a massive glimpy limp, this is why I have been doing steps, clams and chair squats religiously so stopping these are hard as I want to be unaided if possible for my Holiday in 6 wks time. It’s definitely taking longer than the left which had more done too it inside and more complications to hinder it as well, so not sure why all the delay in strength and limping staying around so much!?

Happy Hippie Healing Hugs xx