Had a new Physio appointment today and things are going well, much better than i first thought they would to be honest. I have been given a few new exercises to try such as the dreaded clam on each side, as they are both equally weak and need building up, and to try and straighten my knees to engage my quad muscles. And some pelvic crunches to draw the lower abdomen in towards my back to build up the core structure.

Been doing the hip lifts 3 to 4 times a day, along with leg raises, bum clenches and knee lifts. All of which seem to be tiny exercises to boy do they make you ache, and you can feel them working.
I’m walking around the house now without any sticks or crutches, with varying success. Sometimes i walk pretty straight with the tiniest limp, but once i’m tired then it comes back full force.
Managed to pull my foot in straight as well, but only when i’m not tired as otherwise that swings outwards as well once i’m worn out.
Trying hard to lose weight as well, so i’ve been doing steps on the wii, and working out on the elliptical trainer so fingers crossed i will have some success.
Meant to be stopping warfarin on the 23rd June which is a scary thought, as they don’t rescan the leg to see if the clot has gone of not (unlike America) and many people clot within weeks of coming off, and once you have 2 clots you are put on warfarin indefinitely, So super scared and super excited all rolled into one. Least once i’m off warfarin it should be easier to lose weight, as it makes you gain weight (although doctors dispute this, but other uses do not) and i’ll be able to eat vegetables again such as Peas, Carrots, Garlic, Broccoli, Salad stuff all things needed for a healthy lifestyle. (perhaps this is why so many put weight on?) let it be known that taking warfarin is not an easy drug to take, it’s like poison! You have memory fog, can’t seem to function with the simplest of tasks, tired, cold, joint aches, sickness, dizziness, Back pain, Bruise easily, Sleep problems, either you can’t sleep or you sleep too much. So even though it does all these things to you i’m still scared of coming off it, as nothing is as bad as having a DVT and the potential of having a clot break off and travelling up to the Lungs and Heart.