No more Injections


Yay! After my bloodtest on Tues the Nurse rung me to say my INR was at 2 and teh injections could stop. WooHoo!! I was so pleased as they had begun to get so sore (especially after the stuff had been injected in) and i was bruising proper bad as well.
The bruises have got a little worse this week even though i’m not injecting so i best ask the Nurse about that.
But the freedom i’ve felt just from not having these is amazing, Although i think my Hubster missing it as we bonded over the treatments. He would make a lovely Nurse for someone, maybe he should change his profession?
Just been practicing my exercises all week and pushing myself by walking round town for the first time and round shops (this has been heaven, and makes me feel like i’m finally progressing) The leg is feeling so much stronger i’m eager to ditch the crutch to try it out, but daren’t just in case it isn’t any better inside.
The DVT has proper played up as much as possible this week, but each time it gets worse it’s following a day i’ve been out and about on the leg and pushed it too the max. So it’s just reminding me it’s there, Just by swelling up again, pain and swollen foot so you can’t put the shoe on. I’m wearing the compression stockings and the Warfrin is being taken so i need to balance rehabbing and fun with rest and recovery.
I still can’t get my clothes on and it’s so annoying now as it’s been 3 months since surgery. I’m not asking for much just too wear my skinnies would be nice. But i’d even settle for leggings for now to fit comfortably. It’s my tummy as it’s looking like i’m sporting a baby bump! Lol
But it’s all positive this week i think, i’m starting to be able to move around the house freer and i’m not so sore at the end of each night. It can only get better from here.

Side note, i really think i’ve got a staple left in just under the scar. it’s not from when they were removed as the wound was shut, but probably when i was being stapled during surgery. I showed the Nurse when i had my bloodtest and her eyes said it all, like she too knew it was a staple, but she didn’t say it was. This is was where i had an infection so it’s quite likely it is a staple, it even fits the shape and size. I will have to ask when i have my new x-rays and see the Consultant too.

Exercse and DVT’s


Now i’ve since found out that it’s good really a good idea to combine the two, as a jolt may make the clot unstable and it may break off. It really shouldn’t if your on medication but with some many differing opinions i rather just try and stay safe and alive, so i wont be doing anything that may jolt it. (There goes my table tennis matches on the Wii) Swimming and walking is very good for dvt sufferers but as i’m not really doing either there’s no hope for me.
Although saying that i did have Hydro which was lovely, i was terrified for sure to be honest as so many people would say it was safe then others that sid definitely don’t do it. But i was torn to do it as i really need to rehab the leg, i mean i can’t just let it hang there for 6 months doing nothing can i?? So they all said i’d be alright if i co slowly and stop if i feel any pain.

Well it was great and the rom i have is out of this world to be, the exercises were lovely and although they kick my *ss and hurt me for a few days, i love doing them as i feel like i’m progressing them. We discussed me being able to go to the gym once i have the all clear from O’Hara and my x-rays, so i’ll be crossing my fingers for that.
The therapist said to me that DVT’s are really common and affect a lot of people, well if thats the case then why couldn’t we get better preventative treatment, or even be offered it in my case? Then surely they wouldn’t be so common, and cost the NHS less in the long run!!



Well it’s not too bad so far, the only side effects i’ve been getting so far is tiredness ( i know i’m tired normally but this is different, i drop asleep like a stone for 20 mins or so) But then it’s ok and i’m super cold all the time. Not sure if thats the Warfrin or the fact that this country is at it’s coldest right now and our house is not the warmest of houses anyway. Been wearing 3 jumpers and i have 2 blankets and the heating on full and i’ll still be cold. Better than losing my hair or having an all over body rash so i’m thinking i’m lucky so far. Just today i noticed i’ve got one purple big toe nail bed as well, but that seems to come from the injections i’m on so that should clear up once they are finished with in 2 weeks time.
I’ve finally started to exercise more which was needed so bad, as i’ve not been able too for weeks and weeks and you can really tell in the leg muscles. I don’t do too much as just walking with my crutches can wear me out. But i try to do 10 reps per day of knee lifts, side lifts, leg going backwards all while standing. Then on the sofa i do glut squeezes, push knees into the sofa, lift lower leg and hold, and sidewards again all lying down. These small exercises wear me out good and proper and as i get stronger i aim to be able to do them at least 3 times per day and possibly add more too.
Missed hydrotherapy due to the weather, as Rich didn’t want me to walk outside as it’s so icy. And so far every member of my family has fell over so i don’t fancy it myself either. Got one on the 18th Jan so hopefully the weather with me better by then. I’ve also been getting the blood pumping by going on the Wii. I love it and finally i can join in with something with the kids as well, i can’t use the balance board yet ( i will as soon as i get x-rays that pass me too, and that will be my reward) But just using the controller for basketball and table tennis gets a sweat on, so my arms are working hard. I can only stand for a bit but it’s great fun and i’m so pleased i can finally do something for myself.
I wish i could go shopping, i need a bit of retail therapy. But i guess i have to wait, but i’m missing the bargains!! Much to Rich’s delight as he hates shopping and spending money on clothes.
Still can’t wear the compression stockings as they are too long and bunch up to create too much compression and it feels like my limbs will fall off! Lol but i really don’t want to suffer from post thrombotic syndrome so i need to wear them for up to 2 years!!!! Hope i can get someone to find me some that actually fit me, or i’ll have to buy some. They come in different colours as well so i’d get black and flesh coloured so you wouldn’t be able to tell that they were medical. So thats something i need to research and follow up.

Anti-coagulant Clinic


Had my first appointment today at the clinic and had to be education in the proper use of Warfrin and the does and dont’s of taking it. The worse thing i heard was it can have a hair loss side effect (OMG!!!!) But i hope this will never happen. Been warned against drinking either cranberry or grapefruit juice and eating too much red meat and green veg, luckily i don’t do any of them anyway. I hear that some people get excessively tired and feel the cold more in their bones as well but i feel these things anyway from other medication so nothing should change?? Well hope not, but it’s tough if it does anyway. Had my blood taken for a baseline result and my INR result was 1 and the aim is to get it between 2-3 and i’m starting on a low dose Warfrin 3mg with Clexane 95mg for 3 week overlap. But i will need to have a blood test everyweek at the GP’s to test it, as it can go up and down and be erractic. And then they can adjust my dose accordingly if needed. Been sent home with 28 1mg brown tablets and 28 3mg blue tablets so i can pretty much make up any dose i need too. It needs to be taken last thing at night so if the blood test is took in the morning and the results come back and you need to change the dose, then you wouldn’t of took the dose already for that day. So today must start and i will be keeping a little journal in my diary of it, to see if there is any changes or effects going on.

Still can go to Hydro as i’ve asked pretty much everyone beforehand, and it’s only for half an hour as well. It’s a fine balancing act between resting the leg and keeping it moving in order to retrain and work the muscles. I can only hope the bone has started to grow now that i’m getting treatment for the DVT. Must wear the stockings more as well worse luck as i want to prevent the lasting damage the DVT will cause.