Back home and on the road to recovery

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Well I’m back home, well actually came home on the 20th August 2013, after spending on single night in Hospital. My surgery was sooooooo late in the day it was 5.15pm when i went through the theatre doors. Before this we had discovered that every note,page and letter had had it’s address for me changed, all because i sought medical help while camping back in July, following a horsefly bite. So all my notes stated i lived on a campsite. The first set of nurses were told, and the set of pages was changed, but once down for theatre it became apparent that every note had been changed, and it threatened whether the whole surgery would go through or not!!! Imagine that, i had already had the anti-sickness and sedative in my hand, just the anesthetic was next, thankfully my address was still on the system as all my surgeries have been done while living at the same address. So it was allowed to go through, and i could go to sleep with no worrying.

I had packed hubby off home, as i knew that once i’d come round and been given something to eat and drink, the time would be past the visiting hours, plus it’s a stress on yourself to be fit enough to be seen. I decided it would be better to come round slowly and sleep without having to worry about visitors. Besides the poor man had been up from 6am with me starving as well as i was, no drink too until 5pm. He deserved the break, and some sleep. Turned out to be an excellent decision as i had 5mins of visiting time, and i just leisurely ate some toast and had a coffee. Pain was pretty nagging and stingy but not too bad.

I managed to go to the toilet on crutches with a nurse walking with me just in case, and it was slow and steady but manageable. The rest of the ladies on my ward were hugely older and had had replacements either knee or hips.I was given stockings to wear, a fetching blue this time and a blood thinner injection. There was lots of uummming and ahhhing over whether i would get these, I wanted them to be safe (having had a DVT previously) so i told them this, to see if that would help the decision?!

I have noticed little things that have changed in the hospital, it’s my sixth surgery there, fourth big hip one and protocol has changed, how they treat you has changed and the amount of paperwork is HUGE!!!! some changes are for the better, but some things not. I can not slate the NHS as quite frankly i am forever grateful that i get seen, get cared for and treatment is given whenever needed. Slowly slowly you can see private corporations under the guise of NHS foundation trust, acting as if they are NHS but the truth is they aren’t.

So here it is, I’m stapeled (madness i know seen as my MRI is on 2 weeks time.) pushing for time. Last time i was glued back together and had steri strips for added security. It’s the full original scar length around 10inches long.


Surgery Day

Health, Hips, Hypermobility, SURGERY, Triple Pelvic Ost, Femoral Ost, PAO

Well it seems lots and lots has happened since we last spoke here. The plan then was to do a Triple Pelvic Ost at the same time as the Metal Removal, well with this all in mind we decided to do as much family summer holiday stuff as well could. It’s military missions with sticks, support and painkillers, but so worth it when you know you are going to be laid up for a fair while.

In this time from April to Aug i’ve had a ct scan and I thought I was on the waiting list for surgery, but when I went back in to see the Surgeon for the Ct scan results in June this clearly hadn’t happened, they had forgot the waiting list, But as it happens on the results from the Scan he decided that Metal Removal would be done first, with a view to having a further look in the joint with no metal hindering the view. And I am to be booked in for an MRI two weeks after the metal removal.

Surgery booked for tomorrow 19th August 2013 and MRI booked in for 4th September 2013 so that is where I am today. Still in pain in the groin, outer hip pain whenever I try to build up strength and stamina and desperate for it to go. Will simply the removal of metal cure this? I dont honestly think so, but it has done for others before, so I will try to think positive.

Feels all a bit weird this time round as my time to book in is later on at 10.30am and I can eat until 7am which is super odd for me, normally I book in at 7.00am and nothing to eat from Midnight the night before. But as I never get done until afternoon anyways perhaps thats their reasoning for asking me to come in later?

Here’s to seeing you on the flipside and metal free, hopefully it will be easy and quick like last time xx