Working Out and Physio


Well it’s been a while since i last updated this blog, as i’ve been focusing solely on getting healthy, losing weight and getting rid of damn hip pain! And do i have any good news? Well so so really i have lost 10lbs which is lovely and certainly helpful for the hips. But pushing to go further and harder the hips soon push me right back just as hard and fast. The left seems to be magickally stronger and able to cope with a lot more than i could of ever dreamed of. Although if i go too fast it does shout alittle, but ice or heat and some rest soon knocks it back into shape. Whereas the right is still my biggest hindrance, just walking or doing steps on the wii (you know it’s not high or hard to do) it flares up in a few mins, with aburning hot pain that not much will shift except alot of time to rest.

This puts me in a catch twenty two as my mind is mentally ready to keep going, as is my drive to lose more weight and tone up. But physically i’m still a broken doll, and is so frustrating to still be so hindered with hips after all this time. But staying positive i now can walk straight as those physio exercises O’Hara gave me have worked fantastically for this, sadly haven’t cured the right as hoped. But i now have an appointment to see him again (after lots of begging and pleading via email and phone calls lol Bet he hates me now) For the end of May. I can’t wait to hopefully get an answer and a solution as the right has now hurt officially for 6 years and i’m tired of it. Twice i’ve been told two separate surgeries would work to cure me from this pain and twice it’s failed. Granted the extra pain from the left has gone, and this leaves me forever hopeful O’Hara can cure me from this right pain as he has never tackled this side only the left, and we know he has done magick with that side. It will be so good to get this sort of result on the right.
Workout wise i’ve been doing a 30 min step programme on the wii every other day or so, the yoga and muscle combo for 15 mins on days i don’t do steps on the wii. I have done the O’Hara chair exercises every day 5mins x3 times a day. And various crunches and free weights for the upper body. Sometimes i try the stationary bike for 15mins at a time (but this bit me very hard on the ass today, super painful at the pelvic scar and top of thigh, Not sure if that’s old dvt pain or actual hip femur pain?) And i use the elliptical trainer for 5mins x 3times in a day for cardio but only once or twice a week.
Cutting down on sugary sweets and drinks but not so i don’t enjoy life, which honestly is hindering the full weight loss as i’m sure if i didn’t have any treats i would lose more. But i don’t want to be anal about it all.
Right guys i need more painkillers and a hot water bottle so i will check out for now. Hope your all healing well, and recovering from various surgeries, this hip journey is long and bumpy and i’m grateful i have you guys to help me through. xx