Day 104 #HipReplacement

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As the week progresses, I need to start thinking of Saturday which is a party day for my Grandson, he will be 3 yrs old. So the weekend won’t be used for walking or physio.

So I need to get my physio in on these 4 days at least. Still having some thigh pain I’m reluctant to do much. And my elbow is still super sore and feeling odd from partially dislocating on Friday, so weights are definitely out for now.

I think I will do my hardest ones, but very low reps for now.

  • Mini squat 15 reps
  • Clam raise 15 reps (some improvement there)
  • Side leg raise 15 reps
  • Prone lying, bent knee raise 15 reps
  • Aerobic step lunge 15 reps (I don’t have a Bosu Ball)
  • Aerobic step overs 15 reps
  • Ankle weighted side steps 30 steps

I do NOT lunge as well as this, more like a lean forward with the weight solely on the operated leg. Then push back off that leg. Really hard, really difficult, and does twinge my knee at times. I need to speak to Physiotherapist to check it’s ok. I do less of lunge to protect the knee at the moment.

For the walk overs the step, I do exactly what it says, I use the operated leg on the step and step right over with the opposite leg, keeping the operated leg planted the whole time. Again difficult for me,but hoping it helps with strength.


Day 102 Easter Weekend

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Well this weekend has been eventful and hugely victorious in the recovery period of the hip replacement.

I’ve done things I’ve not done for a decade (walk down stairs normally) standing to put trousers on, and finally going out clubbing with NO groin pain!!

We’ve celebrated this glorious weather and the celebration of ‘normie’ me returning to myself with Gin in the park.

Walking around the Victorian Park and River.

Even eating ice creams, because why not.

Loving the new lease of life this hip has given me. Yes I have niggles, and twinges, but absolutely nothing like before. Hoping it just keeps improving, and that the other hip doesn’t fail me.

Warm weather has meant minimum pain and stiffness for my hands, so that’s been a bonus. Though I did partially dislocate my elbow going to the toilet. That wasn’t so pleasant.

Day 96 post #hipreplacement

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Last night I hit a victory!! On the last time I walked down the stairs, I walked like a ‘normie’ one foot one step at a time. Loving the new strength to do this. But keen not to tear it or set myself backwards.

So it’s Monday, and I’m feeling reasonable, a bit of mid thigh pain leads me to think of doing upper body exercises instead of lower body.

  • Shoulder Press 15 reps x 1
  • Bicep Curl 15 reps x 1
  • Later Raise 15 reps x 1
  • Bicep Row 15 reps x 1
  • Tricep Kickback 15 reps x 1
  • Goblet Squat 15 reps x 1 (knees weren’t happy, so not a squat persay)
  • Kettle bell Swing 15 reps x 1 (again knees not loving bending even a bit)
  • Chest Press 15 reps x 1
  • Butterfly Raise 15 reps x 1
  • Tricep Overhead 15 reps x 1

I feel like I could of done more, but today has been the first day my shoulders and hands haven’t hurt a lot, so I don’t want to change that.

Not sure why knees hurt, could be from doing the stairs yesterday. So again I’m not keen on doing too much to then make them an issue.

Day 89 #hipreplacement

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Yas!! The sunshine has returned, it’s a little nippy out, but dry, which means it’s a good day to get outside for a walk.

With a mission to go Geocaching to make it a little more fun.


Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, I think of it like treasure hunting!!, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, at specific locations marked by coordinates all over the world.

These can be filled with little gifts, like a pencil sharpener, or pretty pebble, or just paper to write that you found it and what the date is. Really good ones have disposable cameras to take photos of you finding it.

I love Geocaching, the aim is to take you off the beaten track a bit, and show you an area that is pretty, or stunning views.

Came across a Deer bone first. Not sure it’s treasure we want, but still privileged to see it.

Aiming for the funny tree, let’s see if we can find one?

Path isn’t always easy though.

I see one!

No good gifts, but logging that we found it. Back to hiding it again. Making sure #muggles don’t see us.

Sarnie break, and much needed leg break too. Though I can feel such improvement in this hip. Hope other one stays behaved. Hand is particularly sore on my walking stick though.

Another cache to find, but harder this time and definitely prickly too. But we had success. Again no gifts as it was an old camera film container.

Hidden once more, it was time to meander home. The routes have took us on uneven grassy tuffs, and heather filled areas (bit scared of adders)

Only beast we found was a millipede.

Nice to see new growth coming through, and the dead old brambles disappearing now.

Following husband’s footsteps so I don’t stumble, though I did kick a rock which hip did not like at all.

Once home we were all shattered, I ached everywhere, especially glutes and quads.

Day 85 monster walks

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I am loving the resistance band monster walking, I feel it really is targeting the weak muscles, and it tires them out pretty quickly.

So todays physio as knee isn’t too bad, is absolutely simplistic.

Monster walking (Red Band) 50 reps x


    Step ups (No Band) but no stick 50 reps x 2

    So little done, but my god it hurt my back (probably piriformis area) and my thighs in a muscle type way.

    Caught up with the GP to discuss my hands and my inflammatory arthritis. And although it wasn’t what I wanted to hear (ie they can’t book in steroid injections) as the bone is destroyed over time, so it’s best to not get too many.

    Instead the plan is to wear the splints more, the gloves every night. And take my 400mg ibuprofen every day up to 4 times a day, ideally 3 times a day and map how it affects the pain and mobility. Also to use ibuprofen gel, and keep up the exercises too. If they all still don’t help, to then go back and speak again on options for pain reduction, and stiffness.

    Not what I thought would happen, but hell I will give anything a shot!! And obviously my trusty hot water bottle and wheat bags are always my trusty friends too.

    Day 78 Just do it!!

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    Ok I admit the total rest did work, as much as I hated it, and hate admitting it. Today I woke up feeling a lot better, not 100% but definitely improved, so I’m going to take advantage of it.

    I’ve not moved for days, literally less than 300 steps per day, and the thing I’ve found with this new bionic part, is that when I stay still, it’s actually more stiff and sore, than when I move around a bit. Which is so unlike every hip surgery I’ve ever had. It’s like a Fitbit leg!!

    So thinking what could I do, without causing my head to swim, or sway. And I thought, the easy do in bed post op exercises, would be perfect. Still activating muscles, with total support, and I didn’t use any resistance bands.

    It’s easy at this point to overdo it because you feel marginally better, so resist that urge and just gently gently do some muscle work, to help the hip.

    • Squeeze Glutes Exercise 20 reps
    • Quad Exercise (pull kneecaps towards you) 20 reps
    • Short Arc quad (wedge a towel or ball under knee, raise leg) 20 reps

    • Heel Slide 20 reps
    • Hip Abduction 20 reps

    I didn’t do the standing exercise at the bottom of this exercise sheet. Instead I opted for

    • Single leg raise 20 reps
    • Clam (let knees fall out to the sides) 20 reps
    • Ball squeezes between Ankles 20 reps
    • Ball squeezes between Knees 20 reps
    • Long arch quad (sitting on edge of bed, lift leg to straighten knee) 20 reps

    After all that I’m feeling accomplished but not overly done in or tired. I felt like I’m reclaimed a piece of me back.

    Day 72 #HipReplacement Red or Green Band?

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    The last few days I’ve not managed to get outside and walk, so it’s been hydro or physio at home.

    I’m back on the red band as I can do the exercises with it, with reasonable ease. But I’m debating whether that’s good or not? Like is it wise to do more reps with low resistance, or low reps with high resistance? Definitely something to ask at hydro next week.

    Back to

    • Glute exercise 20 reps x 2
    • Quad exercise 20 reps x 2
    • Heel Slide 20 reps x 2
    • Hip abduction 20 reps x 2
    • Single leg raise 20 reps x 2
    • Short Arc quad 20 reps x 2
    • Clam side drop 20 reps x 2
    • Ankle ball squeezes 20 reps x 2
    • Knee ball squeezes 20 reps x 2
    • Long arc quad 20 reps x 2

    Used the RED band throughout, and 2 sets took 40 mins. I felt a few twinges around the groin, nothing to worry over but enough to need rest and hot water bottles.

    Following rest and warming of the joints I carry in with these

    • Hip flexion 20 reps x 2
    • Hip abduction 20 reps x 2
    • Hip extension 20 reps x 2
    • Heel to butt 20 reps x 2
    • Mini squats 20 reps x 2
    • Step ups 20 reps x 2
    • Monster walk 20 reps x 2

    Feel it in the butt when I do the mini squats, and admittedly the hip flexion isn’t my friend either. Pulls at the groin, and hip flexor. These 2 sets took 40 mins as well. Did both legs as well, so that’s only my second time of including the opposite hip on the standing exercises. Feels good but quite hard.

    At least I don’t have to focus on my hands and their pain while doing these exercises.

    9 Weeks post #HipReplacement

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    Activity and ability has gone up this week, successfully done my physio and not caused huge flare ups, so that’s a win. But I’m stiff, especially first thing in the morning, it eventually wears off a bit, but after watching movies at night, it’s hard to get going again. They are the moments I feel I need my stick. Or when I’ve done too much physio and I’m tired.

    I’ve increased some of my household chores and although tiring they aren’t causing the same pain as before. Now it’s a stamina thing, and lots of muscle aches, rather than deep bone pain.

    As I’ve been walking a bit more unaided in the house, I’ve found the pain in my knee on that side has increased. So it’s a work in progress, but slowly getting there.

    I still haven’t ventured outside alone, I’m always with my husband at the mo. Next is a test to see if I can go out without him, physically I probably can but I’m scared of buses at the moment. But emotionally it’s hard not to have my lifeline with me. But it has to happen eventually.

    Somehow this week has created eczema on my neck, I’ve never suffered with it before, nor did I ever think it was a possibility either. The GP states it’s can flare up from anxiety, stress, when the body feels under pressure. So that is wearing on me, the itch and burning sensation. But I have a cream to help it, I was worried about getting an infection which could travel to the hip.

    Omg I had a thought, I’m allergic to metals, and it’s similar in burning itch pain, and in looks when I wear watches. Oh crap what if my hip is annoying me? As buckles on my shoe would cause itches on arms, or watch wearing would bring it out on my chest. Probably unlikely but still it’s a worry. I’m hoping the eczema settles down and it was caused by stress.

    Day 61 Hydrotherapy session 3

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    The Monday soon swings around and it’s time for Hydrotherapy once again, half way through my 6 sessions.

    This time going into the pool I already felt tired and sore and stiff. And a weird sensation has plagued my week of late, the feeling like I’m sitting on a golf ball.

    I’m so lucky to be apart of so many hip Facebook groups as I mentioned the sensation above and instantly I’m not alone, and a lot less worried about it too. I’m told it’s possibly my muscles or the piriformis bulging. Or even post operative swelling, that flares up when I’ve done too much.

    • Walking forwards up and down the pool x 3
    • Walking sideways up and down the pool x 3
    • Walking backwards up and down the pool x 3
    • Hip flexion with ring resistance 15 reps x 3
    • Hip abduction with ring resistance 15 reps x 3
    • Hip extension with ring resistance 15 reps x 3
    • Push float down, core exercises 15 reps x 3
    • Step up forwards 15 reps x 3
    • Step up sideways 15 reps x 3
    • Mini squats 15 reps x 3
    • Floatation arm raise 10 reps x 2

    As I walked out following changing, I felt really tired, and extra sore. So the rest of the day will be spent with a hot water bottle, and resting up.

    Day 59 Weekend Vibes

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    It’s the weekend, I have ZERO plans, and weather is PANTS!! Literally it feels like Oz weather out there. So not sure I will make it outside today, or tomorrow.

    So it’s physio physio physio, yes im that person a complete physio bore. But trust me it’s so worth it eventually. Besides if I don’t do something, I will end up eating my weight in rich tea biscuits!!

    My newest exercise is ball squeezes between the knees. Gives a good glute Squeeze, and hip Rotation.

    Also upgraded to Red Band on every exercise I do.

    • Glute exercise 15 reps x 2
    • Quad exercise 15 reps x 2
    • Heel Slide 15 reps x 2
    • Short Arc quad 15 reps x 2
    • Hip abduction 15 reps x 2
    • Single leg raise 15 reps x 2
    • Clam side drop 15 reps x 2
    • Ankle ball squeezes 15 reps x 2
    • Knee ball squeezes 15 reps x 2
    • Long arc quad 15 reps x 2

    These take me 30 mins to complete twice, and I definitely feel like I need a break afterwards.

    Once I’m feeling rested and ready to move again for another 30 min set.

    • Hip flexion (my hardest one) 15 reps x 2
    • Hip Abduction 15 reps x 2
    • Hip extension 15 reps x 2
    • Heel to butt 15 reps x 2
    • Onto tip toes 15 reps x 2
    • Mini squat (still my worst) 15 reps x 2
    • Step ups on aerobic step (hate these too) 15 steps x 2
    • Monster walk (bit easier than first time but still very very hard) 15 reps x 2

    Well that’s me, time for a weekend treat!!