Physio appointment on day 146 #hipreplacement

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So it’s physio time, and I’ve been looking forward to asking about the weakness I’m experiencing in the opposite hip. It’s something ive noticed ove the last few weeks. I do work both legs at home whereas at the official appointments we only do the operated leg.

Also I’m officially 21 weeks post op tomorrow. So it’s nice to show her how far I’ve come, as suddenly I feel like this leg has really turned a corner. Yes I’ve ached (well deserved aches, from pushing it hard) but rest, medication and time have stopped the aches, and I feel stronger than ever.

After a brief discussion of what I’ve been experiencing, such as weakness in the left hip, but with no pain. We decided it could simply be from muscle wastage and weakness, so the plan from now is to work on targeted areas (glutes and abductors) on both legs.

So we started with a Stationary bike for 5mins at resistance level 3

Then onto the leg press machine 25reps with 40lbs (I felt operated leg taking over though)

Onto a fave, duck walking with a green resistance band. Feet outwards, bend a bit, then walk sideways. 50 reps.

Onto other butt burners, walking lunges (so as deep) between parallel bars for stability. 30 reps.

Hip abduction with resistance band around knees 25 reps.

Onto hip bridges, where I know quads dominate. So adding a ball to squeeze between knee, engages the glutes. 25 reps.

Absolutely exhausted, but carrying on, we added an ankle weight and did a front leg raise, with foot out, toes pulled up. To engage abductors. 10 reps. (Left leg would NOT lift up)

Rolling into the front, prone lying Knee bent it was a knee raise with an ankle weight. 15 reps. (Left struggled)

Then to finish up we grabbed a kettle bell to hold. While sitting, going into a standing position, while pushing pelvis forward. 25 reps.

I can honestly say my butt was on FIRE after these. I surely waddled out as well. But I felt productive, and like we had done some good. So now it’s resting up, and nursing that burn.


19 weeks post #hipreplacement

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The weeks are flying by, and with the warmer weather we as a family are getting busier, which is lovely. But boy oh boy I’m still paying a high price for any activities.

Which I wholeheartedly admit is gutting. I truly wanted, wished and hoped that by now this magic bullet surgery would be the answer and I’d be skipping into the sunset.

And while this surgery has been amazing, it’s clearly not the sole issue I thought it was. I’m struggling with my hands alot, but not just them though my ankles, knees and shoulders too and I feel cheated. All I’ve ever wanted is my life back, who I was at 32 and I’ve chased this dream headlong ever since.

I had no concept that I was literally fixing the hips to then swap the goal post and need intervention on other joints.

So I’m not going to compare to others healing times anymore, it is what it is. I’m not sure if it’s the Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hip Dysplasia or Arthritis that is ruling my life, but something is, more than I care to admit too.

It sucks that I have some issues, I have to remember not to focus on them, I need to remember the positive thoughts and drive my energies into them.

No physio appointment booked this week, so physio at home is foundation basics to keep movement going and no stress out other joints. Using ankle weights for resistance.

  • Hip abduction x 15 reps
  • Hip extension x 15 reps
  • Hip extension (backwards) x 15 reps
  • Hip flexion x 15 reps
  • Single leg lunge on areobic step x 15 reps
  • Monster walk x 30 steps

Going to work on these while I await the next physio appointment.

Found these exercises on Pinterest and I will try to add some of these are well, later on in the week.

Day 104 #HipReplacement

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As the week progresses, I need to start thinking of Saturday which is a party day for my Grandson, he will be 3 yrs old. So the weekend won’t be used for walking or physio.

So I need to get my physio in on these 4 days at least. Still having some thigh pain I’m reluctant to do much. And my elbow is still super sore and feeling odd from partially dislocating on Friday, so weights are definitely out for now.

I think I will do my hardest ones, but very low reps for now.

  • Mini squat 15 reps
  • Clam raise 15 reps (some improvement there)
  • Side leg raise 15 reps
  • Prone lying, bent knee raise 15 reps
  • Aerobic step lunge 15 reps (I don’t have a Bosu Ball)
  • Aerobic step overs 15 reps
  • Ankle weighted side steps 30 steps

I do NOT lunge as well as this, more like a lean forward with the weight solely on the operated leg. Then push back off that leg. Really hard, really difficult, and does twinge my knee at times. I need to speak to Physiotherapist to check it’s ok. I do less of lunge to protect the knee at the moment.

For the walk overs the step, I do exactly what it says, I use the operated leg on the step and step right over with the opposite leg, keeping the operated leg planted the whole time. Again difficult for me,but hoping it helps with strength.

Day 78 Just do it!!

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Ok I admit the total rest did work, as much as I hated it, and hate admitting it. Today I woke up feeling a lot better, not 100% but definitely improved, so I’m going to take advantage of it.

I’ve not moved for days, literally less than 300 steps per day, and the thing I’ve found with this new bionic part, is that when I stay still, it’s actually more stiff and sore, than when I move around a bit. Which is so unlike every hip surgery I’ve ever had. It’s like a Fitbit leg!!

So thinking what could I do, without causing my head to swim, or sway. And I thought, the easy do in bed post op exercises, would be perfect. Still activating muscles, with total support, and I didn’t use any resistance bands.

It’s easy at this point to overdo it because you feel marginally better, so resist that urge and just gently gently do some muscle work, to help the hip.

  • Squeeze Glutes Exercise 20 reps
  • Quad Exercise (pull kneecaps towards you) 20 reps
  • Short Arc quad (wedge a towel or ball under knee, raise leg) 20 reps

  • Heel Slide 20 reps
  • Hip Abduction 20 reps

I didn’t do the standing exercise at the bottom of this exercise sheet. Instead I opted for

  • Single leg raise 20 reps
  • Clam (let knees fall out to the sides) 20 reps
  • Ball squeezes between Ankles 20 reps
  • Ball squeezes between Knees 20 reps
  • Long arch quad (sitting on edge of bed, lift leg to straighten knee) 20 reps

After all that I’m feeling accomplished but not overly done in or tired. I felt like I’m reclaimed a piece of me back.

Day 54 hydro time

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It’s Monday which means it’s Hydrotherapy day. What a lovely way to start the week.

After 2 days off official physio exercises I was more than ready to get going.

First up it’s the warm up

  • Walking forwards x 3
  • Walking sideways x 3
  • Walking backwards x 3

Then onto the actual exercises.

  • Hip flexion with ring (adds resistance) 20 reps x 3
  • Hip abduction with ring 20 reps x 3
  • Hip extension with ring 20 reps x 3
  • Push float down (core exercise) 20 reps x 3
  • Step upwards 20 reps x 3
  • Step up sideways 20 reps x 3

I am absolutely exhausted now, I targeted the weakest areas which is the steps, and abduction. I’m impressed how much I was able to do, and get done in the half hour. It helps that I know what exercises I have to do, so it cuts down time waiting for the Physiotherapist to tell you what I next.

*What’s a betting I can’t move Tuesday?*

Day 47 it’s Hydro day!!

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Yay it’s my Hydrotherapy day, the best way to start the week. Finally a Monday I’m not dreading!!

Cue excitement as I love the water. The water is highly chlorinated so it’s more buoyancy, therefore more supportive, so once you are chest height in water, you can water unaided. (Side note this chlorine seriously eats your swimwear, so but cheap ones solely for these sessions)

As it’s the first session I’m making sure I don’t do too much beforehand or afterwards, as I know how tiring it is. As in water you can work your muscles so much more and not realise it until you get out. So my advice for anyone having Hydro is rest afterwards.

Once in the pool it’s important to warm up and to do that we gently walk up and down the pool a few times going forward. Then to do it sideways, switching leading leg to keep both sides evenly worked out. And backwards walking too. That’s a new one for me!

  • Walking forward up and down x2
  • Walking sideways up and down x2
  • Walking backwards up and down x2

Then it’s onto the actual exercises.

  • Step up forwards 20 reps
  • Step up sideways 20 reps
  • Hip flexion with float ring 20 reps
  • Hip abduction with float ring 20 reps
  • Hip extension with float ring 20 reps
  • Engage core, push float down with arms 20 reps (core exercises)
  • Floatation arm rise 20 reps (lying flat on back with floatation aids, one arm to raise out of water (core exercises)

Phew after that I’m pooped, but actually impressed I got some good exercises, and they weren’t easy either. I’m sure I will feel them tomorrow especially.

* On this day I had some personal family news that was deeply upsetting and devastating. I know this affected my pain levels, and the actual will to do the exercises. * So I think next week I will do better.

One week post #hipreplacement

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Totally a cliche, but man this week has flown. From awful anxiety and feeling such fear, to now, where I’d easily book in my next hip, it’s been a whirlwind.

I’ve had highs, and lows, times I want to sob, or times I want to scream from frustration. But overall it’s been pretty amazing. Only my back pain makes me feel murderous.

One more week with this dressing on, and with these staples too, they get removed on 23rd Jan. Redness is settling down and the thick heavy feeling is lessening too.

From now on, I’ll probably update the blog maybe twice a week, rather than daily as I don’t want to bombard you all.

From today onwards I’m doing some simple physio exercises to build up stamina to stand up and wake the leg up again.

Hip Flexion 10 reps

Hip Abduction 10 reps

Hip Extension 10 reps

Heel to Butt 10 reps

None of the movements are large, and I only do as much as I can before the twinges come back. I take breaks between times and I’m on top of my painkillers as well. But I feel like I’m making process.

42 weeks post #HipArthroscopy

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Best Fitness Motivation Memes best 20 don t give up ideas on pinterest dreams e

Well if I was pregnant I have now done a full term and then some… But I’m not. However I do feel more in a position to judge the arthroscopy surgery and it’s results so far.

Am I pain free? Quick easy answer is NO. but I’m coming to terms with its unlikely to be that painfree ever.

Am I more mobile? This is more difficult to answer, Yes I am doing more, but mainly because my mind isn’t as broken as before. And the realization that this may be as good as it gets forever, spurs me to make the most of it regardless.

Before my mind was truly broken, I didn’t trust my ability and stamina, I definitely didn’t trust the legs.

This past 9 months has been going to basics, working the muscles from absolutely nothing into legs I do trust to hold me up, they are stronger, I am fitter. (Sadly not lighter though)

It’s been 2 weeks since the steroid injection and it’s been ok, but it’s not been the magic pain free injection I hoped for. But I did have some improvement, so I can’t complain really.


This week it’s been about getting into an exercise routine once more, though I needed Monday off completely to recover from our barmouth weekend.

Tuesday I did the basic post hip replacement physio exercises

Glute squeeze 20reps x 2

Quad activation 20reps x 2

Heel Slide 20reps x 2

Hip abduction (lying down) 20reps x 2

Short Arc Quad 20reps x 2

External hip Rotation 20reps x 2

Bridging 20reps x 2

Pull in stomach breathing 20reps x 2

Hip flexion (ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Hip abduction (ankle weights) 20reps x2

Hip adduction (ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Hip extension forwards (ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Hip extension backwards (ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Heel to buttock (ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Mini squat (ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Hip pendulum (on step ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Looks like a lot, but broken down in an overall day of physio. It’s done slowly and methodically, with resting at times. All its for is muscle activation and strengthening.

Wednesday to rest the lower limbs it was a weights day. I’ve read that if you have Arthritis you should try and lift between 5% to 10% of your body weight, so you don’t lift too heavy and speed the disease up. I use 7kg for my arms now, but I started slowly and light at 2kg at first. I don’t do much as hands and elbows are in a joint flare up today.

Bicep curl 10reps x 2

Shoulder press 10reps x 2

Lateral raise 10reps x 2

Bicep row 10reps x 2

Tricep kickback 10reps x 2

Chest press 10reps x 2

Tricep overhead 10reps x 2

Kettle bell swing 10reps x 2

Again it looks more than it is in reality, and the sets are broken up between morning and afternoon. It’s to lubricate and activate, more than anything.

Thursday I can feel a change in the air, my joints ache, mainly my fingers and elbows. Although hip is niggly too. Opt for a day of mostly rest, painkillers and hot water bottles. I discovered I can’t even lunge my left foot behind me due to ankle issues ( I rolled it in may 2017 and it’s still not right now. Perhaps I should see someone) I did try some compound exercise for physio though, only 5 exercises but they killed me off.

Goblet Squat 10reps x 2

Three point row 10reps x 2

One dumbbell reverse lunge 10reps x 2 (actually can’t officially lunge, it’s more of a step back, and letting leading leg take weight, super easy for most folks but for me it’s painful and very difficult)

Single arm chest press 10reps x 2

Supine marching 10reps x 2 (this really pulled operated legs glutes into action, but also hurt my groin. Don’t think hip is ready for this? It’s meant to work your core, but I felt it all in the hip??)

Friday I honestly feel bodily broken so it’s probably a curl up on the sofa, hot water bottle and Netflix kind of day. Frustrating as brain says go, body says NO. But I’m pleased I managed 3 days of various physiotherapy exercises, so if I don’t do anything today that’s still self care and productive in my healing.



5 days and counting to steroid #couch25k

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As you know I’m 39 weeks post #hiparthroscopy and I’ve been doing all I can to increase my muscle strength, lose weight (not actually losing which is annoying) and generally trying to be healthier and fitter. Though I’ve not lost any weight, I feel better, feel stronger and not as bulky!!

This week 3 run has been a nightmare, it’s 1.5mins run (walk unaided for me) then walk normal 1.5mins, then 3 mins run, 3 mins walk. Do this sequence twice. But this sudden leap up from 1.5mins to 3mins has made it very hard. So as I write this I’ve managed 2 run out of 3 (3 runs or 3 outings each week is set) per week. How everyone gets out 3 times in a week is beyond me, and way beyond my pain threshold too.

So last Friday on 38 weeks post op we did run 1 week 3, and today it’s Friday and we are finally doing run 2 week 3. At least we have stunning scenery to do it in, so the fresh air and sights heal my soul as well as physically.

In my defence we’ve had family get-togethers, physio at hospital too, then an awesome #LennyKravitz concert and the following day my grandson came for the day, so seriously not had energy or will to do it.

Pain wise it’s been HARD this week, and not my hip either. My left ankle has been awful and rolling inwards lately. Plus my left hand is dreadful. But more worryingly my right hand is having some stiffness, my elbows both sides often feel strange. It’s like one minute I was fine ish, then suddenly over the last 3 months it’s spread it’s more days of feeling like I’ve been hit by a train. I’m hoping come July I will have a better idea of what’s going on.

Saturday it’s carnival time and seeing family again, so no exercise persay, but me doing stairs certainly feels like an epic battle! And much needed physio to help strengthen my legs up. But my groin is on fire, it’s grinding as I walk, so I’ll have rest as much as possible too.

H.O.P.E hold on pain ends

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So they say!! And for years this has been my mantra. But now I fear it’s as elusive as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Does it ever end? Will it end after the 9th surgery I’ve had, or will it take the 10th?


Can I really be raising my hopes like that, only for dreams to be crushed yet again? Because it’s all consuming and devastating when you realize your body is useless, while your brain is firing on all cylinders.


Perhaps instead of chasing (Pain free) I should be looking at as little pain and immobility as possible. Pain that can be managed, activities done but with adjustments. Thinking more realistically and with common sense, than whimsical dreams and fairy wishes. Because for me working as hard as I can to walk unaided, and still not getting results can really put you in a negative head space, which makes you feel inadequate, a failure somehow.


I’ve lost all of my 30’s chasing this dream. I’m now 41, I don’t want another decade of it. I guess seeing the surgeon can help in March, maybe get some answers, some plan of action. Maybe there’s a silver lining to focus on, in some ways I’m am better than before the Arthroscopy surgery, I walk better for sure, it’s just not a stable joint. However I’m eager to see if this could be changed with physio, is it something I’m causing myself. So many things to ask, I’m looking forward to seeing surgeon to ask.