Anterior Pelvic Tilt

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Mine is back and it’s horrific.

What is it you ask? it’s what I could say is Instagram bum.

Where your lower back throws out your bum, while the whole pelvis tilts forward.

I believe it’s where your Hip Flexors are too tight and short these then pull the pelvis down. While the hip extensors are too loose and long and allow the short flexor the range to pull.

Clearly it’s not by choice to stand like this, and after years of work I had corrected it. But it’s back and it’s time to get to work again.

Dead Bugs are good at helping this out, it’s important to go slowly, and under control. Alternative arm and leg slowly into outstretched, while pulling in the stomach and keeping pelvis in neutral .

Much hated Bridges, but they do help immensely. I too use a band to stop knees from falling outwards. You can add a single leg if you like to make it harder, but for now I’m doing basic.

Just a simple pelvic tilt to help find neutral, can work wonders. Especially to then learn it while standing upright too. I do a few rocks and then settle into neutral for a few breaths.

These Supermen exercises help, but like dead bug but on your knees. Do alternative arm and leg the same, keeping gut sucked in and in a straight line. I find these too hard as my knees hurt.

Let’s hope I can get the results back again, just goes to show physio is really for life and problems soon arise when I stop doing it as regular.

Cold Weather, Cold Joints??

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Are you like me and suffering in the cold weather like me? The temperature has dropped here and I’m freezing daily. Even with the heating on!!

There is not one simple explanation as for why dropping temperatures affect your joints.

However 1 theory I can get behind says it relates to drops in barometric pressure, which in turn cause tendons, muscles and the surrounding tissues to expand.

Because of this tight confined space within the body, this can cause pain, especially in the joints affected by arthritis.
Everyone’s body reacts to fluctuating barometric pressures in the air, but people with arthritis and those with chronic pain are alot more vulnerable to feeling discomfort.

Also, it’s well known that bad weather can also affect people’s moods; if you are sad or depressed, the perception of pain can be magnified, and centres your focus on the pain so much more.

I find myself shrouded in hot water bottles, blankets and fluffy pyjamas. Which isn’t all bad, let’s face it, it’s cosy to curl up and watch movies. But it does remind me that this flare I’m in, that it will pass once weather turns, and doing more physio at this time will help with heating me, and lifting my mood before it improves the hips too.

Now where is that book I’m reading. I’m in my igloo of blankets and I’ll see you soon

Happy Hippy Birthday

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Can you believe it, it’s 2 years today since I had my Hip replacement in Right leg.

And it was the BEST thing I ever did.

I LOVE my replacement and I certainly have no doubts heading for a second one, I can only hope it’s as successful as this one.

I’ve even managed to walk on snow and ice, something I’ve not done without intense fear for over a decade, This time it was just a normal level of caution. And I honestly enjoyed it.

Imagine how confident I can be with 2 Hip Replacements!!

For those that are heading for a replacement, my advice is, don’t look at ridiculous claims of running up mountains after 5 weeks, they are unhelpful and depressing. But celebrate the small victories each time you hit one, like dressing yourself, taking less meds, having a bath etc… I knew at 3months that this surgery was the BEST one yet.

New Years Day

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So it’s here the infamous 2021, I fear not the saviour that everyone is relying on. But this month I face an Mri and Phone Consultation with my surgeon to discuss the state of the hip inside, and the timeframe of getting surgery done under these new restrictions.

I’m struggling with how externally rotated my hip is, it means the foot rotates and lies flat, and the knee is totally pointing outwards when I lie down.

For an Mri I need to be able to hold it upright for better imaging, for at least 45mins. So I’m attempting to strengthen the glute muscles to aid me.

I am so far off 45mins, I can just about get to 2 minutes before it’s shaking and painful beyond words. They will have to tie my feet together, I’m not strong enough.

#Blogmas What’s crackalakin??

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My hip is that’s what’s cracking!! It’s decided to now crack at every lift and movement I do, rather loudly at times and certainly painfully too.

And I hear there’s a 6 week wait for the letter to come my way for an Mri date, so that takes me easily to Jan 21 before anymore progress in treatment.

So there’s nothing more I can do, except keep the hips moving as best as I can, nurse it when it’s cold and at its worse, and take more and more painkillers.

The reason I think it’s cracking is one of these three problems. Not the usual Snapping hip syndrome, more internal than that, and more painful than hip flexor issue.

  • An acetabular labral tear is an injury to the tough, flexible cartilage that rings the hip socket, like a gasket. A tear can cause a snapping sensation as well as pain in the groin area. One study found acetabular tears accounted for 80% of intra-articular snapping hip cases.
  • An injury to the articular cartilage, which covers bones’ surfaces where they articulate, or meet up with one another. This cartilage reduces friction between the bones at the joint, and it can be damaged suddenly from a traumatic injury or over time from arthritis.
  • Loose bodies of material in the hip that interrupt the joint’s normal biomechanics and cause a catching or snapping sensation. For example, following a trauma, a fragment of soft tissue or bone can break away and get trapped between the hip’s ball and socket.

Snapping hip due to a cartilage injury may develop suddenly, and may be caused by a fall or other trauma. It is often accompanied by a catching sensation and/or a limited range of motion in the hip.

Nonsurgical Treatments for Snapping Hip Syndrome

Below are nonsurgical treatment typically recommended to alleviate pain caused by snapping hip syndrome: Well I’ve got to try while waiting for treatment.


People with snapping hip syndrome are advised to avoid the motions that cause the snapping, popping or clicking sensation. Resting limits joint irritation and allows the affected tendon, muscle or bursa to heal. If walking initiates inner snapping hip, the patient may be advised to walk with the affected leg rotated out a bit, as this may minimize hip snapping.

NSAIDs and COX-2 inhibitors
Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or COX-2 inhibitors for a limited period of time may ease inflammation and hip pain. I already take Etoricoxib for my hands, and it’s not helping with hip pain yet.

Physical therapy
A licensed physical therapist can help loosen tension and encourage healing in the muscles and tendons that cause external and inner snapping hip. A physical therapist may employ:

  • Stretching. People with external hip snapping may benefit from stretching the IT band. People with inner hip snapping may benefit from stretching the hip flexors.
  • Massage. Just as stretching can help loosen tendons and muscles, a deep tissue massage or trigger-point massage can help reduce muscle tension, and reduce snapping hip symptoms.

But I have tried all these, but no luck yet sadly. I would ask for a steroid injection but they never work for my hips.

So I’m at a loss… Let’s hope Christmas can distract me.

Emergency Hip Appointment

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A few days ago I shared some news of my week in Boscastle, and how the walk in Tintagel I felt and heard my Left hip crack, and hurt the rest of the holiday.

Well following this I had upped the painkillers to fulfil my holiday and with the thinking once home I could totally rest the hip, I even resigned myself to buying a new right handed walking stick. But with all the extra conservative measures, it cracked again at home and caused tears and pain levels like no other!!

So I had to ring, to beg to plead for an earlier appointment if possible (thinking I could not love like this until Feb 2021 when I was scheduled to go) And thankfully the most wonderful Secretary heard me out, and managed to wriggle me in a cancellation spot for the 20th Nov.

Here’s the new walking stick, it’s got a moulded handle for my right hand, to try and protect my hand arthritis. And of course it’s funky as you may as well get one that suits your personality too.

Feeling A Little Lost Hippie Woes

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I’m sure we’ve all been there, caught in a catch 22 fighting the pain or acknowledge it and rest.

Physio is going well at home (but it’s entirely of my own device), but as I do certain things the left hip is getting angrier and angrier. And so I bit the bullet and rang the hospital.

We discussed that I already had an appointment booked in for 23rd Feb 2021, I was saddened to hear it was now a telephone appointment,which I can’t do. I badly need an x-ray, discussed the failing other hip, so I am allowed a face to face but I still have a wait…. Booked now for 26th Feb 21

Gutted it can’t be sooner, but I’m relieved it’s now an x-ray and waiting list discussion on that date at least.

So it’s back to hot water bottles and tramadol, and hope we get through this winter without too much hip pain.

I hate being negative and depressive, but as more body parts fail and I’m sleeping less and less, headaches are a killer daily too. I have to face facts, it’s not all sunshine and roses, some days truly suck and I’m tearful and exhausted and I see no end in sight!!

I had another physio appointment over the phone of course, and it’s pushed back for another 6 months. so I’m looking at March/April 2021 if we are lucky. Hopefully I’ll at least be able to say I’m on the hip replacement waiting list by then though, silver lining and all that.

3 Weeks Post #SteroidInjection

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I’m feeling like it’s in a good place, though it was dicey at a week ish post injection.

From week 2 to 3 I’ve been finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Which is heaven sent. If only the other hand I could say the same 😭

So I’m just counting the days, weeks and hopefully the months of relief it will give me. I’m also going to enjoy the freedom of having one hand splint free, at least for a while.

But my added extra thing I’ve been taking is turmeric tablets too, unsure if they are helping to be honest, but willing to try anything!! Been trying these since 19th Sept.

I guess the un steroid injection hand is my control to see if they work in any way for me.

New Physio Routine, 1 month review

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I’m going back to basics, walking is great but it doesn’t cover other joints, and overall health.

And with wetter weather comes more pain, and Less desire to want to get cold and muddy.

So it’s back to Losing Weight for Men app (find it in play store) it’s customisable so no impact or low impact. And I’m on Beginner. Started on the 3rd Sept. So now I’ve been back into a routine of nearly a month, I thought I’d share it again.

I use my Bosu Ball for the Mountain climbers, and I only do them one leg slowly at a time.

I even use it for Push ups on my knees, and plank on my knees. I aim to build up very very slowly.

It’s just 4mins a day, 7 exercises. Nothing too wild, as I know left hip is already angry.

Edit to say, I forgot how stiff it makes me the next day, so I’m doing day on day off day on routine, to build up.

But a month in and I’m loving the routine of it all, and feeling vaguely productive too. Nicer to do now it’s all wet and grey outside and too muddy for walks. It’s nice to have a dry warm place to work out.

More and more I feel and see huge limitations of the left hip that simply weren’t there only back in Feb 2020. So in a few short months the mobility aspect of that hip s horrendous.

Worth keeping a close eye on, until I can speak to my consultant in Feb 2021

2 Weeks Post #CortisoneInjection #CMCJoint

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This week has flown by, I definitely feel like I hindered myself from pulling the wrist( I accidentally put all my weight on my unsplinted hand and wrist, and the wrist twanged, lightening pain and totally gave way) I collapsed into instant sobbing it hurt that bad!!

I’ve had to nurse that with splint wearing and the MCP joint was pulled funny too.

Where it says tendon sheath is where I pulled it, and the wrist went from under my weight. Little bit swollen and still tires out quickly without a splint.

The Ulnar ligament near the MCP joint is feeling thicker and more fibrous. But you can’t see anything. It’s just a feeling. So again in a splint it’s felt safer and more protected.

But hallelujah I can say on week 2 that white hot cmc joint pain has started to leave me alone, occasionally I get a twinge when hand is tired, especially from using on my phone!! Maybe it’s telling me to get off it lol

Best of all, my hormones, and emotions haven’t been flaky with Dexamethasone unlike when I have Kenalog, usually I would have some tearful for no reason days and bad depression days,but I’ve had nothing like that at all.