1yr Post #HipReplacement appointment

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Another milestone hit, it’s finally here my 1year Post Hip Replacement appointment. Although it’s technically 13months post op.

I went in fully prepared to say what I needed to say, I even wrote it down too, Nervous but intrigued. I dressed with no metal on my trousers so I would be as fast as lightening in the x-ray department. Which I scan safetly say with confidence I’m the fastest x-rayer!!

I requested my consultant, but alas it wasn’t meant to be, I ended with a Registrar instead.

This is last year’s x-ray. I can see a tiny spot now I’m home and studying x-ray on the bone.

Today’s (tuesday) xray and OMG it’s still there but moved.

No real explanation to why I still get groin pain, and stem pain. Except he reminded me it was never a normal hip replacement, it said it’s more like a revision one, because of the extensive work I’ve had done prior to this implant. So he said it would be 10 times longer to recover. So I’m prepared to work more and wait.

He watched me walk, we discussed quad weakness and my struggling to do stairs, the quads would explain that. And knee pain too. So more years until it evens itself out. He checked the ranges and was happy on the replaced hip, but noted the limitation on the left one.

We discussed that I have no pain in the left just very restrictive, so he suggests I leave the replacement in that side until I do have pain, so the success is greater. And it also gives this side more time to fix itself better too, without adding more stress and weight to it.

So although I was originally disappointed to hear the initial results of expected pain for a while yet, and using stick too (Will it ever go, will I ever ditch the limp), and not to replace hip for a long time yet, when I was totally expecting too in a year’s time. I feel slightly better about it now.

He asked if I was happy with the leg length, and I casually said yes. But now I’m home and freaking out, am I happy with the length? Is there a difference?

So I’m not back for a year, well sooner if need to be seen. But if not another year and we can discuss if progress has actually been made or not. And see how the left is holding up. Pleased I saw no damage to the stem or around the acetabular cup, as they were my greatest fears.

And with that I hobbled myself out, with the worse gait you’ve ever seen!! Damn it

* once home I noticed a white dot on the x-ray next to the hip replacement, so I looked at older x-ray and it was there too, but more on edge of the bone. So I think it’s a rogue staple left in!!*

Day 48 Post Op Appointment

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I’ll be the first to say I’m disappointed I’m not one of ‘those’ who get to walk into their post op appointment walking unaided, as I’d wrongfully assumed.

And I am wholeheartedly disappointed, but I can’t focus on the negative. I need to accept what will be will be. At least pains I had pre surgery are subsiding, though at times I couldn’t ever imagine that, Especially groin pain and knee pains.

My strength is returning, I just need consistent physio exercises and do them regular. And hope I finally rid myself of the Trendelenburg gait. I’ve had for 10years.

Obviously I’m wearing my Tragically Hip tee you can buy here it’s now my tradition to wear a tee to all my appointments. I also have this one

Now I need to find a bionic one really don’t I?

I saw a Registrar of McBryde which I haven’t seen before. No real check up or needed x-rays, (this disappointed me as I wanted to spy on them) but he did pull up an x-ray so I could take a photo of it.

I will say he seemed mighty impressed I have a custom made implant. He explained that because it’s custom and I’m complex a revision one will be extremely difficult, so sports that involves falling, and impact aren’t recommended. To try and preserve the joint for as long as possible.

So with that I may have to forever hang up my snowboard, and just accept it, or accept the high risks that come with it. This and jogging too. Though not jogging won’t hurt half as much.

Luckily there’s lots I can do, and want to do, which are hiking, cycling and swimming, so it’s not all bad.

He’s the second surgeon to say preserve it as much as possible, and also to be realistic about being totally pain free, I understand for some people that’s not what they want to hear, but I’d rather know the truth than skirt around it.

He says my ‘staple’ is possibly a stitch in the muscle underneath, (but I heard all this last time they did it, all the denials until a had another surgery and they found it!!)

Well that’s me apparently for a whole YEAR, he wants both hips x-rayed next year, I think they would like to keep an eye on the other hip. I can ring up and be seen earlier if I need to.

Day 1 I go home!

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I barely slept, the beeps the alarms and chatting nurses kept me awake, I tried music and earphones, eye mask but still it alluded me.

I managed a few cat naps, but nothing substantial in a block of hours. So when the lights came on at 6am, I thought I may as well get up.

Straight away I was asked if I wanted to have a wash, freshen myself up. So I did. Feeling reasonable, though I can tell some pain relief I got from surgery day had positively worn off.

Now the leg feels so weighty and hard to put weight through on the walker. Hoping I get some crutches later though, as I feel more confident and safer on them weirdly.

I sat in the chair, while they changed the bedding and freshened up the room. I got to eat at 8.30am I’m shocked at how well I’ve been able to eat.

OT came round at 9.30am and I got crutches!! Yay so off we went for a walk, we found a flight of stairs and I managed them with ease, so I’m now officially signed off OT. So at this point I knew I could go home.

But as ever you need x-rays, bloods, many many observations, and a doctor visit before you are free to go.

To break the day up I had a wonderful visit from Chelsea, one who herself knew what a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy feels like, and is back soon for screw removal. We had been speaking via the Facebook support groups, and I can’t tell you how much this lifted my spirits. To compare tales and feel validated in our woes, did me the world of good. Thank you so much sweetheart xx

So dinner time came and went, the food was great. But I’m feeling a lot more pain now, it’s the movement of the leg. So I give in and get back into the bed at 1pm.

At 1.30pm I was took down to x-ray in bed thankfully, and it hurt moving from my bed to theirs, they stole my pillow too (never did get it back!) X-ray was fast. But the pain lingered so I gave in and pressed the buzzer for pain relief. I got some oramorph.

Took eons to get a doctor’s review on x-ray, so it’s looking like early evening before I can go. At 5pm they said I needed a new x-ray as the screw looked like it was in my bladder.

So that was scary, though I’d been weeing freely since I woke up from surgery. I did not know I had a screw until this point. So down to x-ray in a wheelchair this time, new position for x-ray, which was hard. I had to lean 45 degrees onto operated leg!!

But it was over fast thankfully, though it made me feel woozy sick from the position. I soon was back to my room eating tea, and trying to liaise with husband as to when he can come up to collect me. Finally free from the cannula as well, what a relief!!

X-ray needed another review and it came by 6.30pm so at 7pm husband was in the building. But I’d had some dihydrocodeine and I felt sick, a bit dizzy and exhausted. I still hadn’t slept over 4.5hours in 2 nights. So I drank lots of water, and got dressed while we waited for the discharge nurse.

By 8pm I was free, and hubby wheeled me to the car in a chair, as I couldn’t face the walk yet. As soon as I was in the car I felt relief to be going home, I finally relaxed a bit.

Spotted the hospital’s resident kitty on the way out, got Mr Moon to snap a pic!

And of course as I predicted as soon as I got home and comfy on my sofa, I was flat out asleep!! I needed that so much!

Found it harder to get onto sofa and bed with my leg, I think it’s more to do with technique than anything else. I slept so well until midnight, when Mr Moon said let’s go to bed. I took my dihydrocodeine and off we went. And I slept right up until 5am, then dropped off again until I needed paracetamol at 7.30am. I shockingly fell asleep again until 9.30am and got a much needed drink, and at 10.30am I had my dihydrocodeine.

Not bad for the first time at home, it’s positively harder at home, but I hope I will see improvements each day, a little victory here and there.

Post #hipreplacement actual surgery day

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Who knew it would be over that fast? Certainly not me! I got there a tad late, dying for the loo at 7.20am hubby was parking.

As soon as I got out of the toilet, I was called in for questions, and preparations, weighing, ID band, then I saw the an anesthetist, then my own surgeon, I briefly went back into the waiting area to find Mr Moon, sat down for a few mins and was called for surgery at 8.30am.

First off you go to change into the gown, slippers, paper pants, and dressing gown, they also put on compression stocking on. Nerves hit me a bit.

Then I’m off with a porter telling me he had his here just over a year ago, I know it’s not a story as I saw him on the ward near mine in September 2017. He puts my mind at ease, I can see how well he’s walking. I’m into the pre theatre room, more checks, on the bed with my pillow, and cannula is put in, down the side of wrist (that’s going to smart later, as it’s already swollen and sore from CMC joint)

Then off to sleep at 8.44am, swift it was. Then next I knew I woke freezing with hot air blanket and I was getting a coffee at 11am, onto a ward at 11.20am and it’s a private room ward!! Happy days x

I even have a TV too!! Spoilt. My fellow patients arrive and they are mainly 70+ and male, the separate rooms make sense now. At around 1.30pm I got my phone to tell everyone I was fine, because I really was, totally awake and bright eyed.

Pain controlled by a spinal but not epidural, so is quicker to wear off. Block between legs for now, with a bed that moves to reduce pressure ulcers, and leg cuffs that periodically inflate to stop clots.

After dinner (couldn’t take photo as no phone at that time) I sat up and pulled myself up unaided. Feeling great, moving around. Leg feeling came back enough for OT to take me to the toilet, where I used a walker and was absolutely fine going, the walk was easy enough. They both said it’s due to me already having a triple pelvic both sides, they said nothing is more painful than that, so this should be a walk in the park. I even managed some bed exercises, such as heel Slide, push knee into bed, and hip abduction. Only 3 reps but it’s movement!!

We will see once the painkillers wear off. I don’t have a pca pump, but they assured me I would not be forgotten or denied stronger painkillers. Makes me nervous as it’s happened multiple times, but we shall see.

Spent 5 hours in the chair, watching TV, YouTube and feeling ok. Spinal wore off and by the drugs trolley came round I was grateful to take some painkillers, some paracetamol and senna. But I knew this wasn’t enough, and I stayed uncomfortable until the bedtime painkillers, the morphine. That was perfect and it made me sleepy too. So I returned to the bed for silent witness and drifted off.

Sleep didn’t last, I’m near a nurses station, but I have sleep music on my phone, so I’ve catnapped all night, still feeling pretty good. Harder to move leg now though, feels heavy.

Got my squad with me, help keep me company and are my champions to spur me on

Surgery Day!! #HipReplacement

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The day is here, and it’s come round fast really.

Sunday we enjoyed some last minute family visits, a beautiful meal and great company. While trying to avoid any sick family members and not getting to close to others.

Monday I tried to prepare the house more, though hip makes this a painful affair. Eat some nice protein and green veggies.

Tuesday was decontamination day, so stripped beds and re made, fresh PJ’s and that cleanser to decontaminate me. Eat a sneaky steak, and have a cheeky cocktail (thank you Hubby). Restless sleep, was it really sleep?

Then bam! It’s 4am time to shake a leg, so to speak. Have to re decontaminate myself with the cleanser,even my hair!! It’s vile and very drying afterwards, my poor hair, fresh clean clothes, last drink of water 1hr before admission time, and off we go!!!

Not sure how long I will be in for, or when I can blog again. But I found this on the site, for extra info.

Hip replacement

This service is provided by the Orthopaedics department run by the The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Key facts about the Hip replacement treatment at Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Number of operations


Time from GP referral to treatment

Up to 22 weeks for 9/10 patients

How long people stayed in hospital


Levels of surgical site infections

Lower than expected 0.2

Speak soon when I have gone bionic!!

Time to prepare.. last weekend before op!

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You know it’s coming, you want it to come, yet somehow it’s still so frightening. But it’s time to prepare, both mentally and physically.

As well as getting the house prepared and ready too. I need to strip beds, and change bedding ready for when I use the cleanser, I must have an entire bed clean to get into. So I’ll be doing that next Tuesday 8th.

Get your home ready for your recovery

  • Store frequently used items in easy-to-reach cabinets, such as cleaning supplies and canned foods. Avoid very high or very low shelves as these may require you to use a step stool or kneel.
  • Make and freeze meals or stock up on frozen dinners before surgery so that meal preparation is easier and requires less effort. You should plan on making enough meals for one week or so.
  • Check the safety of your home to prevent falls or tripping. Move long electrical and telephone cords against the wall, remove rugs, and place a non-skid mat in your bathtub. You may want to prepare a bed in the downstairs level of your home so you can avoid climbing stairs. Have an elevated chair or high-seated chair with arms in every room if possible.

I’m lucky as Husband can easily cook instead of me, and we have a bungalow so no dodgy stairs for me. But it’s a good idea to store things around you in easy to grab places, so no reaching, twisting or bending.

I need to remove jewellery as well, straighten hair (as it needs to be controllable while in hospital) but first it needed cutting by hubby too. So thats was done on Friday.

Saturday we popped out for fresh air, nice scenery and for my poor hip to have its last woodland walk. I struggled admittedly, but felt accomplished afterwards, napped too straight after!!

Mr Moon and Mini Moon raced up these steps trying to be faster than one another. Thankfully I was safe and sound merely watching!!

Lots of hills for when I’m recovering and rehabilitating the hip, I’m looking forward to it. For now flat fire roads is a struggle enough.

Finished at a Sun Dial, and headed home, tired but satisfied we had got out and about for a short while.

Sunday are seeing my parents for a meal, as afterwards I won’t be socialising much. So it’s good to get to see everyone now while I can. And before college, work and routine takes over all our time.

Still doing gentle physio for hands, shoulders and hips, it occupies my mind when I feel it racing to negative thinking. I don’t mind telling you, emotions are high at the moment, I know it’s anxiety, so I’m not shocked I’m tearful. I just have to look ahead as too why I’m taking this step.

The cold snap we’ve experienced in weather has helped my mind be focused on to why I’m getting it done, as with cold wet and damp air comes increased pain, aches and immobility. I’m looking forward to having this pain go! I’m tired of all this hip pain, it’s been 13yrs of constant pain, and this will be 6th surgery on this hip alone.

What’s in my bag… #Hospital

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I know we’ve touched on this before in previous posts, but now I’m fully packed… Actually that’s a bit of a lie, I haven’t packed Baby Wipes, Knickers or my Phone (yet!)

I have one larger bag for extras I may or may not need in hospital, it will be stashed ready for husband to grab whenever needed.

My 2 extra nighties, 1 pair of shorts, a selection box of chocolates (why not) and boiled sweets too.

Next up is the actual bag I’m taking, a lot smaller and way more packed too. Packed with things you will need for the first 2 days.

Small rucksack for easy carry with crutches too.

Moisturizer,dry shampoo, charger, mirror, sponge, lip balm and nightshirt.

Tablet, fluffy socks, popbands bobbles, body mist, and jelly babies.

Micro towel, Muslim cloth, naff brush but good enough. Mini haribo (yes I have a huge sweet tooth)

Somehow it all fits well enough. My only missing item is my dressing gown, I carry that in separately, in a cloth bag. So easy to store bag in rucksack once I have my dressing gown on.

New Year, New Me…? 1 week to go

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Well we’ve made it to New Year, seen it through and Blogmas is over. What a wild ride 2018 has been.

I’ve had an amazing year but educational too, especially hip wise. I’ve felt my body slowly disintegrate and become more immobile, while other areas have gotten strong and gained stamina. Now it’s time to get them up to the standard of the rest of the body.

So new me for the new year? Only a new hip! The rest of me will be the same, so no crazy resolutions, or crazy ass diets. Just hoping for a solid strong hip to work out once I can.

So I guess my goals are

  • Walking unaided
  • Remember it’s a short term nightmare for long term happiness
  • Except I can’t do everything at once
  • Trust the process
  • Do daily physio as it WORKS
  • Drink more water

I’ve now had my pre op, had mrsa swabs, blood pressure taken, temperature. Endless questions on health, and how I feel. Bloods took and some questions I asked answered.

I’m having a general anaesthesia, thank goodness as epidural doesn’t work on me!! I will have clexane injections (probably 4weeks) and ted stockings (6weeks) these I expected. A block will be put between my legs, so I can turn leg sharply or cross them, and leg cuffs that inflate periodically, this prevents dvts.

I may stay in for 2 nights, so that’s what I am preparing for, though I understand if it becomes longer, or shorter too.

This lovely cleanser I have to use all over my body before the op, no specific instructions except use before surgery. But I think probably the night before, so it’s freshly on. It’s meant to prevent infections?

So now it’s a week to go, just enough time to cut my hair, tidy up house from Christmas and New year, catch up with parents and buy last minute essentials, like my pillows and knickers. Then get it done!!

#Blogmas 2018 Packing my bag

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While most are gearing up for exciting New Year’s Eve, I’m prepping for Pre op tomorrow morning.

And in the spirit of that, I’ve been packing my bag ready for hospital. Though I’ve been many times, I still forget some of the tried and tested things that all patients want. So I asked on various hip groups and forums.

The general consensus is

  • Bigger underwear (we often underestimate how much swelling there is, and it’s more comfortable in boy short style too)
  • Slippers they are fussy on our slippers, so think sturdy non slip ones. I’m using Flossy Kung Fu shoes. They don’t allow my new backless ones. So saving for home.
  • Easy to wear clothing to travel too and from hospital, I usually wear trackies, hoody, and flossy shoes again.
  • Ear Plugs,Eye Masks remember that hospitals are noisy and bright, so blocking the senses helps in sleep time.
  • Nighties,PJ’s I have personally packed nighties this time, as I’m not sure I’m allowed to bend the leg. Dressing gown as well.
  • Essentials like squash, as water is often hard water and warm, so I flavour mine. Drinking water aids healing greatly too. Lip balm, as nose and lips get chapped and feel dry. Sweets, boiled ones and snacks. I find I can’t eat that well at first, but light snacks help.
  • Phone, with extra long charger or power bank, headphones. These are a godsend for me, I watch true crime podcasts, TV shows or read a book all off my phone.
  • Toiletries, such as dry shampoo and shower gel, flannel and towel. You may bathe in the bed instead of shower, so a flannel really helps. I take baby wipes as well, and for indulgence I’m taking a body mist, so I can smell nice.
  • Small mirror, hair brush and bobbles. I’m even taking a moisturizer. Toothbrush and toothpaste.

I’m packing two bags, sounds excessive but really it’s a way of having everything I need for 1-2 nights in the smallest bag, and packing a larger bag for my husband to bring should I need to stay longer.

  • I haven’t packed a Grabber, or Sock Aid, or Long Handled Shoe Horn, or Long Handled Sponge.

Simply because I don’t have any, I may not need them, as I can always duck tape my razor to a ruler, or do that with a sponge. I have my own Mini moon and Mr moon to put socks on 😘

With that, I think I’m ready? As ready as I will ever be.

Pre op day. 2 weeks until total hip replacement #THR well it was…..

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This week it’s been full on Christmas preparation for me, as I am attempting to get it all bought for before December even starts.

Why? You ask, well firstly I can’t and don’t get out much, so traffic, crowds, and stress aren’t my thing. And after end of November I could well be on a walker, or crutches so the idea of crowds and slippy floors doesn’t excite me.

So that’s been my Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, along with doing the shoulder exercises each day. Along with core strengthening exercises. I do a simple selection, adapted to my abilities.

  • Goblet squat
  • Single arm bicep row
  • Single weight reverse lunge
  • Single arm chest press
  • Supine marching
  • Single arm tricep overhead

Then comes Wednesday afternoon and I get a call, from McBryde secretary and it’s about my Stem not being correct, and needs re making. So my surgery is cancelled 😥😥😥😥 it’s now 9th Jan 2019!! Gutted.

Now I have to cancel my pre op and hip workshop which are both scheduled for today. What a palaver. Oh well silver lining and all that, least I won’t be on crutches on Christmas day.

My family are all cheering me on, convincing me it’s a good thing, as now I won’t be recovering over my husband’s birthday, and on Christmas day I won’t be stressing over heights of chairs either. So they are correct, and though I was genuinely gutted at first I do see their point.

So countdown is now on again, it’s 7 weeks and 6 days and counting….