Day 74 Poorly

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After all my activities and loving life last week, it all came crashing down on Friday (day 72) and I thought I’d simply over done it all. So I opted to rest and do a few chores, but nothing taxing.

By the Saturday (day 73) I still wasn’t really feeling any better, which was concerning, I was starting to think I’d torn my muscle, or damaged the hip in some way, though not really understanding how.

As the day progressed, even though I was now on a second full day of resting, I felt rotten. But now not just my hips and hands, I was starting to feel generally unwell.

So here we are, I’m definitely under the weather, I have a sore throat, horrid cough and every joint aches like hell. Least this explains how I crashed out after Thursdays physio.

The weather is beautiful and here in the UK, you have to snap them up as you never know when the rain and grey weather is returning. So pulling up my big girl pants, I’m off out for a gentle stroll with the family, to blow the cobwebs away.

Wether it’s wise to or not, I used a walking pole, to give it a try. But I had my walking stick as well, for when I got tired. So sarnies packed and out the door. In a few mins we are in Chase heaven! And eating a picnic by the babbling brook in the valley.

I feel so much better for getting some fresh air, but I am tired, and sore. But making the most of my Sunday.

My adventure thrill seekers are off over the water on the log. I’m definitely not even attempting anything like this. But I enjoyed watching them do it. They jumped back over further down stream. Crazy idiots.

On the walk back the car, because we do a loop rather than back on ourselves, we walked a new trail and spotted the deer sitting around and eating. Obviously they start to walk off once we get closer, as they are 100% wild.

I feel very honoured to have gotten this close, and snapped a few photos. I did too much, I ended up on my walking stick, I am not walking anywhere near the amount others are, but that’s ok. It’s good for me, and it’s progress.

Once home it was definitely hot water bottle time, medication, and nap! I was done in, but felt accomplished at least.

Stafford County Show 2018

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Hubby actually entered a competition, and he won! A family ticket for our local county show at the showground. We got to pick either the Wednesday or Thursday. I wanted Wednesday, as it had showjumping on that day.

We got there on a drizzly wet grey Wednesday morning at 10.15am and had missed some things as it started at 7am!! But no way could I survive that length of time. It was busy busy busy immediately.

We headed straight for the animals arena, where better for me to start. There’s tonnes of stalls and marquees for tractors, clothing, crafts and food. But none of these really called us. Do first up was the #ferretshow which bizarrely I loved, it was entertaining as well as educational.

Following this was a #dancingsheep show, and yes… They did actually dance too. And again I found myself learning new things, all about the breeds and fleeces. How they sheer them too. I loved it.

These were highly entertaining, and though raining quite heavily we enjoyed it. Off for a walk around, looking at some stalls, eat our picnic too. Sadly not as I’d imaged, I’d hoped for glorious sunshine liked we’d had the day before.

Wandering around we spot ducks, rats, snakes and owls and the like.

Heard beautiful music from the Grandstand. Perfect addition to the day.

Can you believe we found a PINK tractor?! I loved it.

Along with new fantastic looking tractors, there’s vintage and retro ones too!!

Woodland areas with besom making, willow baskets, fabulous crafts. Gorgeous scenery and nature’s best views. It’s just brilliant being outside even if it’s raining.

Horses next, showjumping. My guilty pleasure. I love horses.

We then saw hounds and beagles.

Then it’s #dancingdiggers which was actually really good. It was clever and interesting, and good times along with it, even pink smoke and sparklers. What a way to end this awesome adventurous epic day!!

Now to not move for days, I’m broken body wise, pain through the roof. But worth it. Fabulous event.