18 weeks post #hipreplacement

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Not even been a whole week since the last physio appointment, but I’m back here again!!

Since the last appointment we had a busy weekend, which admittedly wiped me out proper. Until Tuesday in fact, then boom its Wednesday and time to do physio.

At NO point could I do my at home exercises, as my leg is so achy and swollen in-between appointments.

And this is my hand, my walking stick hand.

Rings removed as it’s so flared up lately. By Tuesday it was improved, but still podgy.

So here we are 18 weeks have zoomed by I will admit. Though earlier weeks I swore they dragged. And I’ve learnt a few things, I still HATE stairs. The leg swells up over 2inches bigger when I overdo it, and I can’t bend well and get up again. I honestly thought I would be more agile than I am. Though is that Arthritis or the Replacement??

And I still can’t lie on that side comfortably, it’s vile. But I can cross my legs, though I try not too, just in case.

This time we did a killer workout, I may not move for a few days!!

  • Stairs 12 up 12 down
  • Stationary bike level 3 x 5mins
  • Hip bridges x 10 reps
  • Single leg hip bridges x 10 reps (OMG that was a killer!)
  • Front leg raise ankle weighted x 10 reps
  • Front leg raise, abduction ankle weighted x 10 reps
  • Prone lying heel to butt ankle weighted x 10 reps
  • Prone lying Knee raise ankle weighted x 10 reps
  • Swiss ball squeezes between knees x 10 reps
  • Bosu ball deep lunge x 10 reps
  • Side steps green banded x 40 steps

Doing these my leg wants to fall out so much, it’s so hard to keep it centred. I’m terrified it will dislocate the hip if it falls.

This was ridiculously difficult, my glutes burned. Didn’t leave the floor much, but boy it activated something.


Day 104 #HipReplacement

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As the week progresses, I need to start thinking of Saturday which is a party day for my Grandson, he will be 3 yrs old. So the weekend won’t be used for walking or physio.

So I need to get my physio in on these 4 days at least. Still having some thigh pain I’m reluctant to do much. And my elbow is still super sore and feeling odd from partially dislocating on Friday, so weights are definitely out for now.

I think I will do my hardest ones, but very low reps for now.

  • Mini squat 15 reps
  • Clam raise 15 reps (some improvement there)
  • Side leg raise 15 reps
  • Prone lying, bent knee raise 15 reps
  • Aerobic step lunge 15 reps (I don’t have a Bosu Ball)
  • Aerobic step overs 15 reps
  • Ankle weighted side steps 30 steps

I do NOT lunge as well as this, more like a lean forward with the weight solely on the operated leg. Then push back off that leg. Really hard, really difficult, and does twinge my knee at times. I need to speak to Physiotherapist to check it’s ok. I do less of lunge to protect the knee at the moment.

For the walk overs the step, I do exactly what it says, I use the operated leg on the step and step right over with the opposite leg, keeping the operated leg planted the whole time. Again difficult for me,but hoping it helps with strength.

Day 75 Hydrotherapy

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Probably the best day of the week, is hydro day. For a quick half an hour I can feel light as a feather, move without hindrance, and exercise twice as hard. It’s pure heaven!!

While I’ve been struggling with pain over the weekend, a gentle warm water session is exactly what I need. So although I’m lacking in energy right now, I’m pushing through, as I know it’s worth it, and I will feel a million times better.

  • Walk up and down pool forwards x 3
  • Walk up and down pool sideways x 3
  • Push float down 20 reps x 3
  • Mini squats 20 reps x 3
  • Side step ups 20 reps x 3
  • Step ups forwards 20 reps x 3
  • Hip flexion with ring 20 reps x 3
  • Hip abduction with ring 20 reps x 3
  • Hip extension with ring 20 reps x 3

Admittedly it was lovely as predicted, and it felt like magic to get moving but feel so supported in the water. I think I have 1 session left next week, after that I’m not sure what’s next.

I also asked the advice on low reps high resistance, or high reps and low resistance, and they say stick to low resistance and higher reps at least until I’m 16- 20 weeks post op, more like 20 with me. So I’m glad I asked now. And I feel like I’m on the right path.

Day 61 Hydrotherapy session 3

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The Monday soon swings around and it’s time for Hydrotherapy once again, half way through my 6 sessions.

This time going into the pool I already felt tired and sore and stiff. And a weird sensation has plagued my week of late, the feeling like I’m sitting on a golf ball.

I’m so lucky to be apart of so many hip Facebook groups as I mentioned the sensation above and instantly I’m not alone, and a lot less worried about it too. I’m told it’s possibly my muscles or the piriformis bulging. Or even post operative swelling, that flares up when I’ve done too much.

  • Walking forwards up and down the pool x 3
  • Walking sideways up and down the pool x 3
  • Walking backwards up and down the pool x 3
  • Hip flexion with ring resistance 15 reps x 3
  • Hip abduction with ring resistance 15 reps x 3
  • Hip extension with ring resistance 15 reps x 3
  • Push float down, core exercises 15 reps x 3
  • Step up forwards 15 reps x 3
  • Step up sideways 15 reps x 3
  • Mini squats 15 reps x 3
  • Floatation arm raise 10 reps x 2

As I walked out following changing, I felt really tired, and extra sore. So the rest of the day will be spent with a hot water bottle, and resting up.

Day 54 hydro time

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It’s Monday which means it’s Hydrotherapy day. What a lovely way to start the week.

After 2 days off official physio exercises I was more than ready to get going.

First up it’s the warm up

  • Walking forwards x 3
  • Walking sideways x 3
  • Walking backwards x 3

Then onto the actual exercises.

  • Hip flexion with ring (adds resistance) 20 reps x 3
  • Hip abduction with ring 20 reps x 3
  • Hip extension with ring 20 reps x 3
  • Push float down (core exercise) 20 reps x 3
  • Step upwards 20 reps x 3
  • Step up sideways 20 reps x 3

I am absolutely exhausted now, I targeted the weakest areas which is the steps, and abduction. I’m impressed how much I was able to do, and get done in the half hour. It helps that I know what exercises I have to do, so it cuts down time waiting for the Physiotherapist to tell you what I next.

*What’s a betting I can’t move Tuesday?*

Day 47 it’s Hydro day!!

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Yay it’s my Hydrotherapy day, the best way to start the week. Finally a Monday I’m not dreading!!

Cue excitement as I love the water. The water is highly chlorinated so it’s more buoyancy, therefore more supportive, so once you are chest height in water, you can water unaided. (Side note this chlorine seriously eats your swimwear, so but cheap ones solely for these sessions)

As it’s the first session I’m making sure I don’t do too much beforehand or afterwards, as I know how tiring it is. As in water you can work your muscles so much more and not realise it until you get out. So my advice for anyone having Hydro is rest afterwards.

Once in the pool it’s important to warm up and to do that we gently walk up and down the pool a few times going forward. Then to do it sideways, switching leading leg to keep both sides evenly worked out. And backwards walking too. That’s a new one for me!

  • Walking forward up and down x2
  • Walking sideways up and down x2
  • Walking backwards up and down x2

Then it’s onto the actual exercises.

  • Step up forwards 20 reps
  • Step up sideways 20 reps
  • Hip flexion with float ring 20 reps
  • Hip abduction with float ring 20 reps
  • Hip extension with float ring 20 reps
  • Engage core, push float down with arms 20 reps (core exercises)
  • Floatation arm rise 20 reps (lying flat on back with floatation aids, one arm to raise out of water (core exercises)

Phew after that I’m pooped, but actually impressed I got some good exercises, and they weren’t easy either. I’m sure I will feel them tomorrow especially.

* On this day I had some personal family news that was deeply upsetting and devastating. I know this affected my pain levels, and the actual will to do the exercises. * So I think next week I will do better.

Day 29 Tendonitis?

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Well we think this is the cause of my increased pain, better it be soft tissue than anything mechanical.

So what it Tendonpathy or Tendonitis? Chronic irritation of the iliopsoas tendon is a rare (i don’t think it’s that rare) cause of persistent pain after total joint replacement of the hip. In the majority of cases, pain results from a mechanical conflict (I bloody hope not) between the iliopsoas tendon and the anterior edge of the acetabular cup after total hip arthroplasty. I’m hoping it’s me overloading the joint, and the gluteal muscles being so weak.

Depending on the severity of the injury, it can take 1 to 8 weeks for a hip flexor injury to heal. Minor injuries typically require 1 to 3 weeks of recovery time, while more severe muscle tears can take 4 to 8 weeks. So for me it’s a proper set back, so less is more for me at this time. Keeping movements slow, and minute, but still working.

Greater Trochanteric pain syndrome that is seen in both native hips and patients after hip replacement. Clinical features include pain and tenderness at the lateral aspect of the hip that often is exacerbated by lying on the affected side. Although the cause of greater trochanteric pain has commonly been attributed to trochanteric bursitis, other diagnoses such as gluteus minimus and medius tendinosis and/or tears have emerged as more likely causes. This describes my pain perfectly, though I’ve never laid down on this side. When I see the surgeon at the end of this month I will ask him about this.
Certain surgical approaches in total hip replacement, such as the lateral approach (I had direct superior approach – part posterior part lateral), involve release of the hip abductors, the gluteus minimus and medius tendons, to gain access to the joint without osteotomy. This approach is preferred over the transtrochanteric approach to avoid complications of nonunion of the greater trochanter. After total hip arthroplasty, the hip abductors are re attached to the greater trochanter. Avulsion of the repaired abductors or spontaneous rupture of the hip abductors in patients who have undergone hip arthroplasty is not uncommon and can cause lateral hip pain. (Rupture sounds painful, hopefully mine is barely annoyed and inflamed) rest will determine it I presume.

Thankfully my hydrotherapy starts in 2 weeks time, so I will be supported in the water, and less likely to cause a flare up link land physio does. I guess I just need to have patience.

4 weeks post #hipreplacement

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Well it’s been a short sharp learning curve, that’s for sure.

Things I’ve learnt is never listen to those that are walking unaided after 10days, you soon get disappointed when it’s not you.

I’ve decided to go back onto 2 crutches while I’m outside, and going to physio appointments, and such like. As it’s clear although I can do it at home, I do live in a bungalow, so there’s not many steps. However outside it’s easy to tire and need the extra support.

Last week I’d set myself back massively, and worried myself that I’d done damage. But as it aches and is not a sharp pain I’m hoping I haven’t. Took a lot of rest, and stopped physio, and continuously heated it and stayed on top of paracetamol. And I’ve had to seriously rethink if I take tramadol or not, as these pains are stopping all rehab. I asked the Physiotherapist.

After seeing the Physiotherapist, she confirmed that I need more rest, and to drop expectations. Listen to the body more, and adapt some exercises too. And yes take the pain meds if it means I can move better and a little each day.

More pelvic tilting needed, to realign myself. I had the worse Trendelenburg gait before surgery, so I definitely don’t want this afterwards. So rest and do physio every other day until my flare settles down.

I’m booked in for hydrotherapy on the 25th Feb, this is something I’m hugely looking forward too.

Scar is healing nicely, some brown, yellow bruising at the bottom, but that’s all.

Some areas look deeper than others, not sure why though.

But overall healing perfectly, and I’m happy with that.

#Blogmas 2018 Occupational therapy

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The day is finally here, I’m not well enough to go, but I’m dragging myself there, as this is needed.

It all started as a disaster on my part, I thought the time was 9.30am but hubby informed me at 9.10am that it was in the calendar for 9.15am OH. MY. GOD. Mad panic ensued, and I had to ring them to tell them. Simple mistake, I desperately hoped they could still see me. Thankfully they were most accommodating.

Roll a pen between thumb and finger, with thumb doing all the work

Make an ‘O’ with hand, and then lift up first finger, feel ligaments stretch down finger and thumb.

Small movements, but I could really feel it. So I’m sure these are going to help a lot.

I’m so glad I went, it was so worth it. They listened, confirmed my hypermobility in each finger joint, showed me tools I can buy to help around the house. Gave me new exercises to try. And even made me some braces, that are bent to my shape, to help support thumbs.

I walked out of there feeling listened too, full of hope for the physio to work in mobility and pain levels. I am optimistic about the future, if I can do the hardwork.

So I’m back in six weeks time, and like any good Physiotherapist, she will be able to tell whether I’ve done them or not.

3 week countdown to #THR it’s official

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Since week 4 some things have happened, none bad. Not really.

My appointment for the #TotalHipReplacement is officially through, it’s still 29th November and it’s at 10.30am so no mad dash at 6am, phew that’s better for me. I’ve had to ring to accept the date, so it’s set stone now and I can plan around it. Yay happy days. I must start measuring my furniture now.

And I’ve seen a Physiotherapist about my hands or so I thought!! But alas they don’t do hands which is a shame as they have been awful this week. The right hand thumb has flared up, hurts to lift the kettle, hold pens, it’s swelled up too. Hard to see on photos, but it’s super painful. No rhyme or reason but each day they are flaring up, and feel like lightening at times. But I’ve also rung MiCats as I’m desperate to find a solution for the pain and flares. But i find out they have signed me off, so back to GP for another referral, I see them 16th November.

Instead they were treating my hypermobility, with appropriate exercise to stabilize the joints. My shoulders being the worst that is what we are focusing on. I’ve been referred to OTs for hand assistance, possible mobility aids to have around the house. And to join a hypermobility group at physio for more assistance after my a hip replacement.

My usual shoulder stability exercises are above, but as I have certain times of the month when joints are rattling in and out of joint. She recommended these smaller exercises, to do daily to build up stability and strength.

So using a ball, press firmly, making small circles 10 reps clockwise, 10 reps anticlockwise, and then 10 reps up and down. Small actions, but I felt it immediately. So targeted. This should help for when I’m put back onto crutches after #HipReplacement I’ve been doing them 3 x a day and wow, what a exercise. Super effective and I’m keen to see how this will improve my future health.

Weather has really kicked the hip pain up a few notches, and I’m just so glad I don’t have long to wait now. The groin is like a white hot poker of pain just sitting, let alone attempting to walk or do physio.

Took all my body measurements so I can compare after surgery, it’s something I have always done. It’s a better gage than the scale for me. So I know what I’m working back to following rehabilitation. I’m feeling much more ready to get it all done.