Day 1 I go home!

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I barely slept, the beeps the alarms and chatting nurses kept me awake, I tried music and earphones, eye mask but still it alluded me.

I managed a few cat naps, but nothing substantial in a block of hours. So when the lights came on at 6am, I thought I may as well get up.

Straight away I was asked if I wanted to have a wash, freshen myself up. So I did. Feeling reasonable, though I can tell some pain relief I got from surgery day had positively worn off.

Now the leg feels so weighty and hard to put weight through on the walker. Hoping I get some crutches later though, as I feel more confident and safer on them weirdly.

I sat in the chair, while they changed the bedding and freshened up the room. I got to eat at 8.30am I’m shocked at how well I’ve been able to eat.

OT came round at 9.30am and I got crutches!! Yay so off we went for a walk, we found a flight of stairs and I managed them with ease, so I’m now officially signed off OT. So at this point I knew I could go home.

But as ever you need x-rays, bloods, many many observations, and a doctor visit before you are free to go.

To break the day up I had a wonderful visit from Chelsea, one who herself knew what a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy feels like, and is back soon for screw removal. We had been speaking via the Facebook support groups, and I can’t tell you how much this lifted my spirits. To compare tales and feel validated in our woes, did me the world of good. Thank you so much sweetheart xx

So dinner time came and went, the food was great. But I’m feeling a lot more pain now, it’s the movement of the leg. So I give in and get back into the bed at 1pm.

At 1.30pm I was took down to x-ray in bed thankfully, and it hurt moving from my bed to theirs, they stole my pillow too (never did get it back!) X-ray was fast. But the pain lingered so I gave in and pressed the buzzer for pain relief. I got some oramorph.

Took eons to get a doctor’s review on x-ray, so it’s looking like early evening before I can go. At 5pm they said I needed a new x-ray as the screw looked like it was in my bladder.

So that was scary, though I’d been weeing freely since I woke up from surgery. I did not know I had a screw until this point. So down to x-ray in a wheelchair this time, new position for x-ray, which was hard. I had to lean 45 degrees onto operated leg!!

But it was over fast thankfully, though it made me feel woozy sick from the position. I soon was back to my room eating tea, and trying to liaise with husband as to when he can come up to collect me. Finally free from the cannula as well, what a relief!!

X-ray needed another review and it came by 6.30pm so at 7pm husband was in the building. But I’d had some dihydrocodeine and I felt sick, a bit dizzy and exhausted. I still hadn’t slept over 4.5hours in 2 nights. So I drank lots of water, and got dressed while we waited for the discharge nurse.

By 8pm I was free, and hubby wheeled me to the car in a chair, as I couldn’t face the walk yet. As soon as I was in the car I felt relief to be going home, I finally relaxed a bit.

Spotted the hospital’s resident kitty on the way out, got Mr Moon to snap a pic!

And of course as I predicted as soon as I got home and comfy on my sofa, I was flat out asleep!! I needed that so much!

Found it harder to get onto sofa and bed with my leg, I think it’s more to do with technique than anything else. I slept so well until midnight, when Mr Moon said let’s go to bed. I took my dihydrocodeine and off we went. And I slept right up until 5am, then dropped off again until I needed paracetamol at 7.30am. I shockingly fell asleep again until 9.30am and got a much needed drink, and at 10.30am I had my dihydrocodeine.

Not bad for the first time at home, it’s positively harder at home, but I hope I will see improvements each day, a little victory here and there.

Familiar aches are back… 50 weeks post #HipArthroscopy

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Charting my journey as its nearly a whole year since my Hip Arthroscopy Surgery, at the time I knew I was potentially only saving myself an extra year or so from Hip replacement. However it ended up a lot sooner than I imagined, meaning I sought a steroid injection to stabilise the joint back in June, and now already I’m in the process of being on the waiting list to replace it.

It’s been a good year however, I’ve improved all the muscles, and strength which was important to me, and I firmly believe it will give me a better foundation to build on, following the replacement.

It’s now 10 weeks since the Hip steroid and that pains been back a far while, and no surprise if I’m honest. It lasted at best 4 weeks. A bloody glorious 4 weeks too.

My CMC joint steroid was 9 weeks ago and it worked immediately, and completely too. And just today at 9 weeks, I’m starting to feel the bone crushing sensation on the joint. So hard to explain it really, just feels like a constant vice on the joint. Well that’s back, I’m thinking a turn in weather temperature brought that back into my life.

This poor hand never catches a break, as recently I fell over and created a TFCC tear in the same hand. So lots of bracing, ibuprofen and rest for now. Thankfully that pain which was intense, has subsided into an ache, and overall weakness.

I confess in the time since I’ve fell which was 2 weeks ago tomorrow, I haven’t done any #couch25k #couchto5k as I was too sore and swollen from falling. Then we did Blackpool a week later, and hip has been 💯 bitch since. So sharp, so stabby, even while sitting down, or lying down, that the thought of standing on it has not appealed in the slightest.

Next week it’s 3d CT Scan time, it feels like things are actually happening, and there’s an end to this pain….

Bad back and hippie woes!

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This week I launched my Tragically hip tees on and you too can own one, raise awareness for all us hippies, click Here

It has 10 days until campagin ends and then they ship out 15th August. So that was my Monday, feeling marginally better back wise, ice really being my friend for pain relief.

Tuesday I managed to go down to one crutch, feeling a lot less broken and I’ve started to actually move a bit more, I’m scared of it becoming too stiff.

Wednesday I did some gentle stretches, I found ones for back pain, I did the minimum as it was all about movement, not actually exercise.


Simple and gentle was all I was after, and now I’m finally back onto my walking stick, huge improvement since Sunday. Last of the nice days tomorrow so we decided on an impromptu beach visit. I obviously felt better in my head.


Thursday we popped to Barmouth, a journey I don’t usually mind, though this time it certainly was harder and more painful indeed. But sun was glorious, water was heavenly and to swim was a good giggle. Only time my back didn’t hurt was in the sea!! My head wanted to do loads, but in truth just a quick swim and stroll to the ice cream shop did me in. Had to keep sitting down, not that the seats are comfy.



I practically slept all the way home, the day really took it out of me, way more than I imagined too. But I’m glad we did it, a sunny day at the beach is always worth it.

Phew then Friday it was my birthday, a lunar eclipse, blood moon and mercury in retrograde. I was bodily broken, still feeling the effects from the beach visit. But we’ve had a gentle day, with my parents, then a movie #spidermanhomecoming as I’m a Spidey fan. And pink gin, what could be better??

Sadly too cloudy for us, Thor God of thunder came to visit so we had no view of this spectacular celestial event, once in a century event. Gutted.


Disaster…. Help!!

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Last time we spoke my lovelies, all was going reasonably well, few hiccups and bumps in the road, but on the whole smoothly!!

Not anymore, I’ve pulled my back and I can barely move. It’s such a huge setback fitness wise and couch to 5k wise. I can’t do physio, weights or walking unaided. In fact I’m back on crutches as I can’t walk. I’ve never had a muscle pull like this before, and I have no idea how long it will take to recover from either.

Not what I wanted for my birthday week. 😥

Friday we had the wedding which was glorious, romantic and just beautiful.

Saturday was hangover and travel home from mother in law’s, so the day went pretty fast. All were exhausted but I felt ok, hip was angry was my biggest concern.

Sunday I was trying to pick my handbag up off the floor, when twang went my back. I couldn’t get up, couldn’t walk, only crawl to sofa. And oh my god did I cry and cry and cry….that was seriously painful.

And it’s still so sore now, all I’m doing is icing and ibuprofen, paracetamol. But I’m missing my routine of exercise and I’m frustrated already. Any advice??