Finally some relief, #CmcJointArthritis

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At long long last, after 7 weeks of #SimplyCBD and 23 weeks of #Etoricoxib I have some relief. Though I really need to add those #Paracetamol to achieve it.

Splints are needed still, and the gel, but I’m not having that absolute bone crushing pain, that makes me want to amputate the hands, so that’s a win.

I had to increase the drops of CBD oil from 1 drop x 3 a day to 2 drops x 3 a day, once I hit that amount, I noticed a change. Beforehand it definitely helped with anxiety around pain, and sleep too. But for pain it didn’t. So upping the dose slowly I gradually saw a difference, and I made sure I did it over a menstrual cycle too,which is when my body overall is more painful.

I would still prefer an steroid injection to really kick the inflammation down, and I wouldn’t need splints as much. But still not an option sadly. But maybe soon, now the lockdown is easing off in places.

A big break for 2 weeks in physio, and walking has helped with getting my shoulders and hip pain under control, which allowed me to really work on getting the thumbs also under control. I’m glad I took the pressure off myself, and gave things time to work as well.

Walking Unaided Week 69 Post #HipReplacement

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I’m FINALLY doing it, not always especially well. And often with a bigger pay back than I’d like. But it’s a foundation to work upon.

My desire to ease the pain and disfigurement to my walking stick hand has drove me to walk unaided, regardless of trendelenburg gait. I’m experiencing the biggest arthritis flare I’ve ever had, could this be lockdown related?

The walks are usually pretty flat and even ground, as I’m not looking to run before I can master a real walk.

Sadly the walks we’ve had have featured some nasty fires lately, probably due to the lovely weather we’ve had, making everything so dry.

Air was heavy with the scent of smoke and burnt trees. Sad to see it damaged. But from this we’ve seen new life sprout up already in a week.

My biggest issue with walking unaided is obviously the fatigue afterwards,it’s all too consuming. And secondly is the pain which spikes up. Then thirdly is the swelling the leg always has afterwards. Measuring on average 2 inches fatter than opposite hip.

For now I’m enjoying the accomplishment of walking unaided, even if it does cost me a few days to recover from.

68 Weeks Post #HipReplacement

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I’m missing my physiotherapist for sure. But I decided to not let my physio routine slip. Though with my hands and hips I’ve had more flare ups since this all happened, wonder if connected with stress and anxiety??

Most days I’m doing static physio exercises, incorporating the Bosu ball as it’s amazing for balance and micromovements in the muscles. Feels like for less exercise I’m working the joints more.

While I feel improvement at home, I’m definitely NOT with walking, which is a huge disappointment if I’m honest. My hand is wrecked from my walking stick, it’s also dislocating/subluxing my shoulder too!!

So new goals I need to try and walk without it, but I’m still struggling distance with it. Catch 22. Though I have managed some walking without it (heavenly) while it lasted.

Walks are beautiful though and great for my mentality too. I’m just so so broken afterwards. Like 5 days totally off exercise and much movement after a walk. Anyone else? Leg swells up too.

The gradient is flat and not hilly really, even base too. So confused as too why it’s still causing so much groin pain.

At least it was a good opportunity to test the hip out, it’s just a shame I can’t ask for advice or see the therapist about it all.

17 Weeks #Etoricoxib

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Its been a struggle, the last few weeks my hands have FLARED up so so bad. Each night it’s at its worst, feeling like they are being crushed in a vice, but they are simply resting.

My worst hand is this left one, the one I daren’t ever have injections I again after that disaster last time. Random swellings and crushing sensations in this one every day and night.

Right one better but not 100 percent. Has now weirdly developed a dip or dent where the joint is. It’s new to me, though I know others have it. Not sure why it’s appeared at all.

Feel like I need to discuss medication with the GP but also terrified to go. Not even sure there is anything they can do, I know I need surgery, but until I walk unaided it’s not even an option 😭😭😭 Has anyone else had an increase in pain?

Decided to source the 8 paracetamol a day, and take my etoricoxib as planned too, with an additional cbd oil. Could be pure placebo,or snake oil. But I’m willing to give it a chance, anything to settle these hands down. Started on Friday, so let’s see how this works out.

#Halsey Manic Tour #DateDay

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It’s finally here!! After the disappointment of the #LanaDelRey concert being cancelled, we’ve literally counted down the days to this event!! Though now it’s here, I’m nervous due to the coronavirus if I’m honest.

Your Visit

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

As the coronavirus situation evolves, the safety and wellbeing of our visitors and staff members is our number one priority.

At this time, the risk to individuals is low and all of our events are going ahead as planned. The guidance from the Government to music fans attending music events in the UK and to anyone involved in tours in the UK is to check with the official Government news sources:

We will continue to review our policies and procedures in line with updated health advice and guidance. Which at the moment is recommending the use of tissues if you sneeze or cough and regular hand washing. To this end, we have hand washing facilities in all of our venues and additional signage to highlight these best practices and to reassure the public.

The Government has now produced its coronavirus action plan which you can read here. The 28-page document outlines what people can expect across the UK.

More advice on coronavirus and safety precautions can be found on the website of Public Health England here.

So we went

Instead of all we had planned, we are staying at home for the day and only coming out for this event. So no junkyard golf and club crawl beforehand. Gutted but I understand. After tonight the country may be on lockdown with all events cancelled etc.(nope they haven’t decided to do this yet)

So Manchester here we come.

We had pale waves on as an introduction, supporting act. Loved their sound. So I will look for them on Spotify.

Found our seats easily as they were shown to us, We had a great view as well, super impressed.

My only bugbear was everyone stood up, we had seating for disability so thankfully on the end, so could still see, but I spotted others that couldn’t.

Set List

  1. Nightmare
  2. Castle
  3. Heaven In Hiding
  4. Eyes Closed/ Die for Me
  5. You Should Be Sad
  6. Haunting
  7. Forever… (is a Long Time)
  8. Dominic’s Interlude (interlude)
  9. I Hate Everybody
  10. Colors pt. II / Colors
  11. Walls Could Talk
  12. Bad At Love
  13. 3am
  14. Finally // Beautiful Stranger
  15. 100 Letters (acoustic)
  16. Is There Somewhere
  17. Killing Boys
  18. Hold Me Down
  19. Clementine
  20. Graveyard
  21. 929
  22. Ashley
  23. Gasoline
  24. Without Me

The whole thing went so fast, four outfit changes, moving stages, fabulous visuals and fire. It was high energy, delicate at times, emotional in others, raging and fierce, it was a whole journey she took us on.

I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. In fact I didn’t want it to end. We had lots of Artist interaction, and talking too. Felt like it was genuine interaction, rather than staged and forced.

And now that’s me not moving for a week, we are staying in to keep our contact with others to a minimum. I cancelled my physio appointments for a month too.

9 weeks #Etoricoxib #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Arthritis

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I’m confused as to whether this is working. In general it smarts at the end of the day, so gel and splints come out.

Overall it’s better than the ibuprofen 400mg x 3 per day. I really need to remember the 8x paracetamol though to really assess it. I’m a devil for remembering them for some reason.

This weekend I did do this to myself, I was a wearing my splint in the evening, I gently put my thumb and first finger together to do a pinching action. And OH MY GOD the pain!!!

Usually I sublux joints often the MCP one,with no pain really. This time I fully dislocated the CMC joint, and holey moley did I cry.

Resulted in my unable to use my hand all Friday night, and Saturday day time. When at tea time I heard and felt a pop! And suddenly the pain and pressure eased off. Thankfully.

As you can see it drastically changed from Friday night to Sunday morning. Now I just hope this isn’t going to be a frequent occurrence like other joints.

New dose? new plans? Or stay the same #Etoricoxib

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It’s been 7 weeks on etoricoxib and although I feel it’s going well. I’m in pain most days, especially if I’m doing eggs. Like this below.

It is making me squeal, and it’s swelling up too. Mainly the left thumb, but my right isn’t feeling too clever at times either.

Each night I’m bathing in ibuprofen gel, and wearing at least my left splint all night. And though it’s better, its not a total relief. I’m wincing just typing this out.

So while I had a weeks worth of 90mg etoricoxib left I rang the doctors, to ask what the plan forward was, different meds, additional meds or higher dose. Or stay the same at this manageable level.

And unfortunately it wasn’t good news, they can’t increase the dose, all I can do for now is add 8 paracetamol per day for the rest of my life, or while I’m pre surgery. And wear splints day and night.

They give a look of pity, which is a hard pill to swallow, when you realise there isn’t anything they can do for you.

Maybe it’s just a bad flare, one that could settle down, so I’m taking their advice and see if that realistically helps me. Next maybe it us time to tackle diet too?? For now I just need to process the news and try and move forward.

Least I have one nice funky cast cover to help with the ugly beige splint. I bought one as one hand is mainly worse.

You can find them here

And lastly I did these on a site, I have a #Hip one so I needed an #Arthritis one too

find it here

55 Weeks Post #HipReplacement

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Flying by these weeks and in general I’m feeling pretty good. So it’s easy to forget yourself and act normally.

In my case I spent the longest time without my stick, only to be harshly reminded it’s not at it’s best yet!! And I’m not ready to say goodbye to it either, mores the pity.

I’ve been so focused on my hands recently, That I’d overlooked my hips entirely!! Which has caused a huge kick in the ass. I’ve got that familiar sitting on a golf ball feeling back,though I have been perhaps overdoing it lately.

With that in mind, I’ve had a whole week of resting the hip, but now it’s physio time. I hope it doesn’t kill me off again.

  • Stationary bike level 2 x 5mins
  • Leg press 40kg x 20reps
  • Kettle bell glute squeeze x 20reps
  • Upside down Bosu ball squats x 20reps
  • Flat Bosu ball side lunges x 20reps
  • Standing on 1leg on Flat Bosu ball x 1min
  • Trampoline marching x 1min
  • Side steps up stairs x 20reps

I did more than I’ve ever done, hard sweaty but I survived. Now back to that resting!!

2 weeks post #steroid #cmcjoint #Blogmas

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Christmas has been and gone, and I’ve survived the festive period. The hand has been well behaved for sure, but the left especially on Christmas Eve was causing so much pain, and tears.

Wore my splints, bathed in ibuprofen and took the 8 paracetamol and 3 400mg ibuprofen. Nothing was shifting it. And this I told the GP as I had a telephone appointment.

The outcome was to try #Etoricoxib instead. Never had it before, so eager to try. It’s similar to Naproxen but hopefully it wouldn’t make my heart race, and cause total insomnia. I’m on 60mg ones, just 1 tablet a day.

Started them Christmas Eve. Took at 3.30pm and I continued with the remaining paracetamol and splint wearing for the rest of the day. At 7pm I felt sick and woozy. Didn’t last long though.

Christmas Day I woke up like a new women, hands felt fine, and I took tablet at 1pm to try and bring it forward. No splints, no gel, just 4 paracetamol and at 5pm I got a splitting headache. Thankfully lasted about 30mins, similar to day before sickness lasted the same length.

Boxing Day it’s incredible, no pains, just a touch of sickness again but before tablet. That was at 7.30am took tablet at 12pm and I didn’t get any side effects hours later like previous days. Happy days.

Friday 27th December the left hand is nagging a bit, but I have used the hand a lot with cooking and holding babies whenever possible, so I’m not too concerned. Took tablet at 12pm and at 3pm on our walk, I felt my heart race a bit. Seems to be a 3hour mark I start to feel a bit different. Splinted hand (left) for walking stick, but I still somehow crunched the joint (extremely painful) using taps are causing a lot of pain lately.

Saturday 28th December is visiting family so I can truly rest it, and gage how it is. Took at 11.30am had a small blip of sickness feeling at 4pm, nagging aches in the left, maybe some mcp joint swelling, but right hand continues to be well behaved. Had to use a bit of ibuprofen gel to settle them. Sore at the night time. Wonder what is different to Christmas day?

Sunday 29th December I think I know what’s different? I took the tablet late in the day on Christmas Eve, so I’m going to do that today and see if that helps my pain levels and changes how I feel. Planning to take around 4pm and hopefully the evening will feel better and the following day. Though peeling potatoes gave me the same pain. Hit an increased heart rate at 9pm so that was 5hours after taking it.

Monday 30th December, it’s been 2 weeks since the steroid in the right hand, and it’s working amazingly, very very happy with that hand. I just wish the left had responded like this, as it had previously too. Feel better taking it at 4pm yesterday, so that’s my future plan.

#Blogmas 1 Week Post Steroid Injection

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What a change a week makes!! It was pure agony prior to the injection, and obviously after the cortisone it went predictably stiff and swollen but not for long.

Injection Day

I was a bit shocked it wasn’t as painful as the last one, and very very relieved too. I had some family visit for birthday celebrations straight afterwards so they took all energy to focus on, a great distraction from my swollen stiff hand. Quite sore once the local wore off. Splinted for protection.

Day One Tuesday

Tuesday morning I woke up early due to needing medication. I’d had it done early Monday morning, and it was stiff and felt full all day. But the dull nagging pain started Monday night, and I awoke with it too. Wore splint Monday night and Tuesday day. Can’t use hand much at all.

Day Two Wednesday

Pain easing off, but still can’t hold a pen, or cope without my splint for long. Bruising going down as is the swelling too. Can’t lift anything as grip isn’t there yet.

Day Three Thursday

Slept last night with no splint, felt risky but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t relying on it too much. And it went well. In fact I woke up feeling so so much better. The boney point of the cmc joint is tender to touch, but the full feeling, and stiffness has eased off. I can now touch the ring finger.

Day Four Friday

I’m still taking paracetamol and ibuprofen to help stave off pains, rubbing gel into hands. In stark contrast the left thumb is crunchy and sore, but this right one is feeling good. Just need to start trying some exercises now. But ridiculous emotions have started, why does steroid affect me like this. Feel like crying though there’s nothing to cry over. Clearly sensitive for no reason.

Day Five Saturday

After a weird Friday full of tears and sorrow, it’s time to pick myself up as it’s merely days away from Christmas. It’s Yule tomorrow. So now my hand moves more free, I can finally wrap up presents. I’m glad I got the steroid injection for this hand. I can even touch my pinky finger now. Some dull aches and twinges but definitely improved.

Day Six Sunday

I’m glad the weird emotions have settled down. All I have is some resistance in movement and the occasional ache and twinge, but nothing too major in the right hand. Left hand however is getting progressively worse, so returning to ibuprofen gel and splints for that side. I even lifted a kettle!!

Day Seven Monday

It’s a week already, that flew by. Had a few twinges, worn both splints at times. But overall it’s all good, not needing gel as often or as many pain killers. Just some activities make it feel weak at times, so the splint supports it. The left needs more help, but that’s expected now.