3 weeks post intra-articular steroid injection in hip

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How time is flying by, it’s already been 3 weeks since the hip injection and even 2 weeks since the thumb one too.

Since then I’ve been active on our weekend away, getting into some exercise routines and just generally loving the improvement. Only marred by that in the hip it’s not a total fix. After activity it soon flares up again.

My thumb on the right hand however is awful. As soon as my left had its injection I needed to rely on my right one more, which has caused this one to flare up the same way. So although my left is feeling 90% better, I can’t escape splints and pain because of this stupid one starting up. Roll on rheumatologist appointment and maybe request a steroid in this as soon as possible.


We haven’t done any of our couch to 5k for over 2 weeks simply because real life have taken over and it’s been difficult to fit it in. However I have done physio or weights or that other workout on most days.

Monday we decided to do week 4 run 1 and OMG I felt like I was dying. It’s 3mins run walk for 1.5mins then 5min run walk 2.5mins and repeat once more. In the runs I’m shuffling along as upright as I can, as fast as I can to increase the heart rate and lung functions, and practice my walking unaided. But I soon felt piriformis pain in the back, so waddle returned on the second set. But I’m still impressed, less resting, using uneven ground. The walk is getting straighter.

Tuesday’s physio appointment consisted of

Hip Bridges with Football between knees 25reps

Front leg raise and abduction red banded 25reps

Lie on front, bend knee and lift red banded 25reps

Sitting red band around knees hip abduction 25reps

Swiss ball between knees and squeeze adduction 25reps

Side steps red band around knees 80 steps

Came out barely able to walk!! Combined with Mondays couch to 5k and this physio session I’m done. Feels like walking on a dagger in the joint. And my lower back is aching. Need hot water bottle and rest now.

Had good discussion about a replacement with physiotherapist, but I’m still unsure. Whereas before my steroid injection I was deadly sure, so although the pain isn’t 100% gone it’s obviously improved enough that my mind has changed. Ever mindful that it will wear off soon though.

Wednesday is Mama Moons birthday so all exercise is halted as it’s a day of family and celebrating!! Wish I could spoil her more, but what do you buy the lady that has everything already?



Thursday is #WyattWedding prep, we are invited to our Nephew’s wedding, so of course I had to make some hairpins for myself


Didn’t do my hand any good, but I enjoyed the relaxing craft (though it’s difficult on my hand – right hand, left one still wonderful). Now just to pack and ensure everything is already, and we are all prepared for the next few days ahead.

Nails I’m wearing are #Primark nails as I totally rate them, they are my favourite go to nails. I buy a separate brush on glue 99p from #HomeBargains or #BM and they easily last me a week, usually 2 weeks.

So that’s me I’m 43 weeks post #hiparthroscopy and due to steroid injections I’m enjoying life with some niggles.


42 weeks post #HipArthroscopy

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Best Fitness Motivation Memes best 20 don t give up ideas on pinterest dreams e

Well if I was pregnant I have now done a full term and then some… But I’m not. However I do feel more in a position to judge the arthroscopy surgery and it’s results so far.

Am I pain free? Quick easy answer is NO. but I’m coming to terms with its unlikely to be that painfree ever.

Am I more mobile? This is more difficult to answer, Yes I am doing more, but mainly because my mind isn’t as broken as before. And the realization that this may be as good as it gets forever, spurs me to make the most of it regardless.

Before my mind was truly broken, I didn’t trust my ability and stamina, I definitely didn’t trust the legs.

This past 9 months has been going to basics, working the muscles from absolutely nothing into legs I do trust to hold me up, they are stronger, I am fitter. (Sadly not lighter though)

It’s been 2 weeks since the steroid injection and it’s been ok, but it’s not been the magic pain free injection I hoped for. But I did have some improvement, so I can’t complain really.


This week it’s been about getting into an exercise routine once more, though I needed Monday off completely to recover from our barmouth weekend.

Tuesday I did the basic post hip replacement physio exercises

Glute squeeze 20reps x 2

Quad activation 20reps x 2

Heel Slide 20reps x 2

Hip abduction (lying down) 20reps x 2

Short Arc Quad 20reps x 2

External hip Rotation 20reps x 2

Bridging 20reps x 2

Pull in stomach breathing 20reps x 2

Hip flexion (ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Hip abduction (ankle weights) 20reps x2

Hip adduction (ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Hip extension forwards (ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Hip extension backwards (ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Heel to buttock (ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Mini squat (ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Hip pendulum (on step ankle weights) 20reps x 2

Looks like a lot, but broken down in an overall day of physio. It’s done slowly and methodically, with resting at times. All its for is muscle activation and strengthening.

Wednesday to rest the lower limbs it was a weights day. I’ve read that if you have Arthritis you should try and lift between 5% to 10% of your body weight, so you don’t lift too heavy and speed the disease up. I use 7kg for my arms now, but I started slowly and light at 2kg at first. I don’t do much as hands and elbows are in a joint flare up today.

Bicep curl 10reps x 2

Shoulder press 10reps x 2

Lateral raise 10reps x 2

Bicep row 10reps x 2

Tricep kickback 10reps x 2

Chest press 10reps x 2

Tricep overhead 10reps x 2

Kettle bell swing 10reps x 2

Again it looks more than it is in reality, and the sets are broken up between morning and afternoon. It’s to lubricate and activate, more than anything.

Thursday I can feel a change in the air, my joints ache, mainly my fingers and elbows. Although hip is niggly too. Opt for a day of mostly rest, painkillers and hot water bottles. I discovered I can’t even lunge my left foot behind me due to ankle issues ( I rolled it in may 2017 and it’s still not right now. Perhaps I should see someone) I did try some compound exercise for physio though, only 5 exercises but they killed me off.

Goblet Squat 10reps x 2

Three point row 10reps x 2

One dumbbell reverse lunge 10reps x 2 (actually can’t officially lunge, it’s more of a step back, and letting leading leg take weight, super easy for most folks but for me it’s painful and very difficult)

Single arm chest press 10reps x 2

Supine marching 10reps x 2 (this really pulled operated legs glutes into action, but also hurt my groin. Don’t think hip is ready for this? It’s meant to work your core, but I felt it all in the hip??)

Friday I honestly feel bodily broken so it’s probably a curl up on the sofa, hot water bottle and Netflix kind of day. Frustrating as brain says go, body says NO. But I’m pleased I managed 3 days of various physiotherapy exercises, so if I don’t do anything today that’s still self care and productive in my healing.



30 weeks post #HipArthroscopy

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It’s now 7 months since my surgery and I’m ready to say it’s not worked. In fact I’m actually worse off. Not pain wise initially, but this unstable joint is far more life hindering.

A few days ago you saw I popped to the cinema, we used disabled parking so it was minimal walking, seats were amazing, yet somehow my hip still went from under me in the evening.

Cue tears, lots of pain, swelling, leg is 3inches fatter than other one!! And I’m back to one crutch. I’d only just been saying earlier, if hip stayed in the joint life is perfect. Now I’m sat here thinking if popping out my house once a week is enough to make it unstable, then I’m ready to rip it out. I want to live, do things and not merely exist.

So with this said I’m still chasing steroid injection appointment, it’s not been done yet. I now have to rest the joint. So I’m going all in on arms. This way I feel productive and not bored and useless. I use it as a tool to distract from hip pain too.

Bicep curls 15reps x 3

Shoulder press 15reps x 3

Side lateral raises 15reps x 3

Bicep row 15reps x 3

Tricep extension 15reps x 3

Chest press 15reps x 3

Tricep overhead 15reps x 3

My weights are only 3.5kg and I know it’s not much, but it makes me ache, I do it to failure. And I feel better once I’ve done them. The ache is unreal afterwards, I feel like I can’t lift my arms, so clearly it’s needed for me.

My new joggers came, so that’s a silver lining too. You can get yours here and use my affiliate code which helps me out and you get 10% off too DEBORAHWY10

Land Physio Appointment, first session of 2018

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Welcome back my lovelies, this week was a week of getting back into routine following Christmas then illness, both wiped me out good and proper. And though I’ve been gradually getting back into homework physio, I knew this appointment would be a killer!!

And I wasn’t wrong!! Just when I think I’m getting strong, this session shows me exactly how off I am. But there’s some improvement, so that’s good.

My first exercise is always a warm up, no resistance 5 minutes stationary bike. (This used to hurt my seat bones after my triple pelvic osteotomy, but now it feels different??)

Then up is the 40kg leg press. I personally hate this one, as I don’t like the extreme bend in hip, it’s hates 90┬░ and deeper angles.

Swiss Ball pelvic tilt, goddess knows why my body hates such a simple easy exercise, but joint really hates it?? No clue why?

Omg this was new!! And so goddamn hard too. Think this one is what hurt me for hours and hours afterwards. Simple looking, but hip flexor obviously isn’t strong enough yet.

I adapt this to be on my elbows and forearms, as my wrists are too weak, too subluxing to hold me up. Thank you #EhlersDanlosSyndrome but adapting it makes it good and ok to do.

Hip bridges are the easiest exercises for me so far, and I’m doing them at home daily too. Finally an exercise I don’t suck at, and can do without whining.

Another seemingly innocent looking movement, that actually kicks my backside a lot. And I can feel it working a lot so I dig deep for it.

I finish off with slide wall squats, I also do these at home, using a foam roller on my back to allow me to slide down the wall. I’m getting better at it each time. Feels good to have 2 exercises I’m reasonably good at.

After all this, I’m done. Not just a bit tired, I’m flat out useless for anything afterwards, straight home, kettle on, PJ’s and heat therapy to ease pains off. Seriously love hot water bottles and heat packs so much so, my mum and mother in law both got me some for Christmas!! What could be better than the gift of pain relief??

Hoping it doesn’t take days to recover from this session, though I’m writing 12hrs later and I can tell you now, I am so much stiffer and sorer than before!! So I’m guessing I may need a rest day or two, before starting my homework physio continues.

16 weeks post hip arthroscopy hippie update.

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Hello my lovelies, Well it’s been a while since I’ve done a proper post op update. And now the chaos of Christmas and New year is over, along with my poorly virus era too, I can get back into a routine and update you all.

First off while it was Christmas and super busy, I opted to ditch homework physio, as I spent that energy doing normal every day daily living activities and those kill my pain levels, and energy levels (still) which is disheartening. 

Then after all that, I got tonsillitis which really really hurt my hip, so that lead to more days not doing physio. Or activity in anyway in fact. Antibiotics had to be taken to shift it, and lessen hip pain. 

But now I’m back!! Back to the desire to workout, get this hip moving and maybe even lose weight too, because I’m definitely more round than I should be. All this inactivity is not doing me any favours that’s for sure. So watching IP man a Wing Chun Kung Fu film, I became inspired to check out beginner videos, as their legs are strong!! Could I adapt some exercises? I think I found some here and I’ve started trying this out this week. This is the first exercise below. A knees inwards, and squat. It’s the stance for wing chun, and sure to strengthen my hips.

The videos I’ve been watching.

And of course I’m doing the usual

  • Front leg raise
  • Side leg raise
  • Clam leg raise
  • Hip bridges
  • Superman on all fours
  • Slide wall squats
  • Side step ups on arrival step

Then stretches such as 

  • Number four hip stretch
  • Hip abduction
  • Crocodile twist

So far it’s going ok, hip feels thick, not sure if swollen or built up by scar tissue. 

Not too much, as hip is very very tender, stiff either from inactivity or illness, so I’m aiming for little but often. Hope to do each set once at least once a day. And build myself up, and hope to then increase the reps or exercises done. I’ve definitely lost flexibility since this op, crocodile twist almost impossible one side which I could do before surgery.  I’m hoping I will get the flexibility back though, with consistent and constant stretches again.

All in all I’m struggling a bit, which pains me to say. I can only hope I’m not doing too much to damage hips further, but enough to free up the joint and keep arthritis from killing it off completely. 

13 weeks post #hiparthroscopy Physio time

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These weeks are flying by, and its already time for another land physio appointment.

Last week you will recall, it was my first one, and though we didn’t do anything unusual, it hurt a LOT!! afterwards. And to fill you in, I had the appointment last Wednesday, and I spent Thurs, Friday doing nowt as I was still extremely sore. Saturday was a big day in Bristol, and I needed Tramadol and Walking Stick to cope with that day. Sunday was just as big as still in Bristol celebrating hubbies birthday, so used Tramadol and stick where needed.

And low and behold my Monday, Tues, Wednesday have been spent entirely recovering as I can. (Obviously I can’t rest too much, as daughters birthday Tuesday, plus household chores ready for Christmas) but its been harder, stiffer and more painful this week since that appointment.

Well I ended up doing the exact same routine for this physio appointment!! Even though I told her it killed me last time.

  • Stationary bike 5mins
  • Leg press 40kg 20reps
  • Hip bridges 20reps
  • All fours leg raise 20reps
  • Glute/Quad sit down raise (banded) 20reps
  • Pelvic tilt on swiss ball 20reps
  • Slide wall squats 20reps

But on the plus side, she said I was walking straighter, and with more stamina than before, so perhaps the nasty flare up was worth it after all?? Because though it hurts I am recovering well it seems. I even walked a bit unaided. I’m home now, nursing very sore hip and back. Hoping it won’t take all weekend for the pain to ease off again.

Have a lovely weekend you lovelies xx


1st Land Physio Session in Gym, 12weeks post hip arthroscopy

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We are here at last, 3mths or 12weeks post op! And I had my first Land physiotherapy appointment. I was dreading it, as I knew I’d feel like I was going backwards, compared to how fit I felt in the pool at hydro.

But I wasn’t actually that prepared for how painful it actually was. Now the pain didn’t start until I was making my way home, so I couldn’t tell my physiotherapist. But I sure will be next week, in case its something we can avoid.

First up was stationary bike, I did no resistance cycling for 5mins.

images (8)

Then it was leg press with weights. Now I have a feeling this is an exercise that caused my pain afterwards?? As it did not like this harsh positioning.

10 reps

images (9)

Hip bridges next, which weren’t too bad, as I’d already been practising these as homework physio.

10 reps


Then onto all fours (this killed my wrists a lot) bring bent leg to chest, then straightening it. Possible groin aggravating exercise?

10 reps


Then onto a swiss ball for pelvic tilts, this again could be my source of the pain.

10 reps

Pelvic-Tilts (1)

My easiest exercise came next, only easy as I’m quite quad dominant, so this works them out. Sat down, resistant band leg raises.

10 reps


Finally exercises of the day, again one I’ve been doing at home, its slide wall squats, only difference being I was bndd at knees.

10 reps


I walked out feeling like the groin was pinching, which then got worse and worse, I couldn’t wait to get home, take some painkillers and hot water bottle. Feeling quite deflated, and frustrated to say the least.

Part Four #London #Adventures #Blogmas Covent Garden Bound

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Its Monday morning, I slept really well in my bed (always love Premiere Inn beds and pillows, so comfortable) which means a lot to a high pain sufferer like me. So we eagerly got up ready to plan the day.

As its our checking out day too, we carefully packed our bags, as we would be carrying everything all day and night, until we got to #EastFinchley.

I love covent garden, it reminds me of feminine romance, its probably the girl in me that loves #Chanel #Dior and I love the energy #CoventGarden has. So this is where we headed first.

But to fuel that, we tucked into a very satisfying and super filling breakfast at our #PremiereInn at Holborn. Service was top as ever, really well laid out, and our little vegetarian was well catered for.

I had waffles and syrup too. Sadly I couldn’t finish everything, but I loved it all. Another fabulous thing I love about Premiere Inn.

In a fair amount of pain today, to painkillers were needed to get me through, gloves to cushion my already severely swollen hand, I knew it would come with a price to pay, for a good day out.

So many pretty buildings along our much quieter and gentler amble. It felt nice to stroll more, rest more because we could. Unlike the hectic crowds on Sunday that made this impossible. So we managed to appreciate the buildings more, read history more, and just be real tourists.

To whole area is just so pretty, and I never tire of it, and that’s in the summer! Now I’ve seen it in Festive season I love it even more. You can’t help but feel festive, and I love the vibrancy of #London (though as an introvert I have to choose my time, and amount, so couldn’t live with this 24/7) but its sure good to visit a few times a year.

You know #Laduree do the BEST macaroons ever!! So this was a must visit shop.

Wen into #Kiko as well, first time for me visiting them.

I wanted to go into #CharlotteTilbury but it was sooooo busy I just couldn’t, especially with a rucksack bag, I’d be too nervous of knocking stuff down.

Next up we walked towards #SevenDials and #NealsYard as we’ve never been before, but I’d seen pretty photos on an Instagram page, so we hunted it out for ourselves. Safe to say we loved it there. So colourful, peaceful.

Loving all the present styled buildings

After walking what felt like forever, it wasn’t really, but my feet really ached, bad shoe decision on my part. We rested up in some court yard that had benches and people playing ping pong. We grabbed a few mins, ate our leftover packed lunch, and had a drink to fuel us up.

Even made a friend there, little Jefferson. The pigeon, like me had swollen feet and a dodgy leg. Poor fellow.

This concludes this part, as we are fast coming to the end. Daylight slipping away, its time to move onto the latter event of this day, going to #WinterWonderland. So check back soon for part five..

Homework, yep I have homework!

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I talk frequently about Physio I have to do at home, without really explaining what, how and why. I guess why is self explanatory but I will stress its importance. After any surgery, for a good outcome, you must get active and movement back as soon as possible. Not only does that help prevent blood clots (horrendous, I’ve had one!!) But mentally its good for you, as you soon go stir crazy feeling dependent, useless, bored and trapped!! So a bit of ‘you’ time working on getting strong, fit and healthy really helps the brain deal with the stress of suddenly becoming quite disabled overnight, and it stops scar tissue becoming thick and seizing the joint up. So get some movement, some lubrication in, stay healthier. Secondly the surgeon has done a world class job on you, but that’s half the battle!! You actually have to work on it yourself. And what No One really tells you is, ‘Surgery is NOT a quick fix!’ 

So I have a small routine, this surgery is far more strict on protocols than previous surgeries, and I think its due to the unstableness of the joint afterwards. And how much soft tissue is affected. Before I’d been screwed and plated together, and once weight bearing I was free to move as pain allowed. This is not the case with this one, specific movements are still restricted to allow soft tissue to calm down, and settle. But the restrictions are slight and I have no desire to move hip in that way ever! 

My routine consists of

  • Supine Hip Abduction 20sec hold 3 reps x 2
  • Slide wall squats 10 reps x 2
  • Side step ups 10 reps x 2
  • Stand leg Abduction 20sec hold 3 reps x 2 
  • Hip bridges 10 reps x 2 
  • Knee Flexion 10 reps x 2
  • Straight leg raise 10 reps x 2
  • Side leg raise 10 reps x 2
  • Clam leg raise 10 reps x 2

The idea is to do a few reps such as 10, and do it a few times a day, so not all at once, you will benefit greater doing it morning, noon and night. I struggle honestly to fit it in 3 times a day, so aim for 2. Some days I avoid them all together, depending on activities done on that day. As I say this, please let me add, I HATE it too, as much as I like it, it hurts, it wears me out, I get cranky, sometimes tearful. But its all worth it eventually. You will need to take painkillers as you increase your activities, this isn’t a step backwards!! Its normal. But although I say it hurts, it should never be pushed through the pain, shouldn’t be sharp pain, or pre op pain. I’m saying it hurts as in a worked out muscle, fatigued body. Not bone, joint pain. These are two very different things. And please note some days you can easily do 10 reps x 3 in a day, the next day you can manage 5 reps just once, but that’s ok, you still moved. Or even have a day off to recovery. You be your guide, but always keep your physiotherapist up-to-date with how you are getting on.  

So there you have it, my actual homework routine. Its hard, its exhausting and I feel like revolting sometimes, but its definitely a way to optimize your surgery success rate, and could be a start of the new you. 

8 weeks post op! #hiparthroscopy 

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A busy ole week at the start. Monday I was at the dentist, my worse place ever. (I’d definitely have hip surgery over dental work) so nervous and anxious, but I got through it, ended up with Bridge prep which was injection, then filed down old tooth to re-cap temporary, ready for permanent one with bridge. And molds took as well to ensure, correct fit. I’ll be so glad to see the back of this partial plate I’d had for months. The only reason I’m seeing this phobia through. Back in 2 weeks time.

While at the dentist I took this photo, and saw how swollen my operated leg was, this knee is huge!! So after the dentist, it was rest rest rest. 

Tuesday came all too fast, but this was a nice day planned, coffee and chat with my friend Kelly. We gossiped and put the world to rights, windowed shopped and got clothes for her daughters school trip. A lovely gentle day, that exercised the hip well but not to exhaustion. A few twinges by the time I got back, so back with hot water bottle and rest. Back ache has been the worst this week, feel like a plank of wood!!

Wednesday saw hydro being the theme of the day. I was very very stiff this morning, so while I waited for my appointment I took ibuprofen and had a hot water bottle on my back. Seriously how am I not sponsored by #HotWaterBottles yet??! I did the same routine. 

  • Walk up pool Forwards x 2
  • Walk up pool Sideways x 2
  • Hip Flexion 20 reps x 2
  • Hip Abduction 20 reps x 2
  • Hip Extension 20 reps x 2
  • Hip Flexion Rotate in/out 20 reps x 2
  • Squats 20 reps x 2
  • Calf Raises 20 reps x 2
  • Cycling 60 cycles x 2
  • Forward step ups 20 reps x 2
  • Side step ups 20 reps x 2

We discussed pain flares, my surgeons diagnosis, (I’ve come to terms with it now) and my Therapists enthusiasm and positivity of getting me stronger and fitter helped lift the dark cloud I’d been carrying since last week. As the pool helps enormously I am having at least 1 more hydro session, but they may continue afterwards, I found out in my Physio review in 2weeks time. 

So here we are, its Thursday and its 8 weeks today post op. And its been weirdly my hardest week. The progress is harder to see or feel as its micro! In fact some days I felt like I’d gone backwards, but the truth is, I’m doing more, being more ‘normal’ trying to get out and visit people, going to appointments, helping out more, which means pain levels go higher, and I need longer to recover, so you feel deflated and like a failure, but honestly you’re not!! Its just up and down, forward one step back two steps. Hips are being tested everyday, and its exhausting. I used a walking stick instead of crutch to this appointment, perhaps not my best idea, as I came out shattered. But it was a progress test. One day I’ll be more confident to do more with the walking stick.

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