My Favourite Top 10 #H&M Christmas Items #Blogmas

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Hello blogmas buddies, I’m back once more for another Top 10 but this time its H&M.

I have a love/hate relationship with H&M as I’m now a lot bigger than I used to be, and I find their sizing is often off!! So I struggle to find everything fitting well, but when you do find one, its a real gem!! And worth the wait.

So here is my top 10, starting with this beaut


This makes me giggle, my crazy husband and youngest daughter sing Feliz Navidad loudly every Christmas. So it reminds me of them. Feliz Navidog Jumper now in sale for £12.49 bargain!!

I’ve always seen Christmas bedding, and wanted it. But I can’t justify it for a king size bed. But if I had a single bed like my youngest daughter I’d pick this one.

Its perfectly vintage styling, woodland animals wearing cute scarves and mittens. Matching cushions available too. Christmas Bedding  £17.99 for the size available

I love Christmas decorations, but I’m a bit fussy, but spotted these and thought they were very pretty

Christmas Decorations £3.99 for a 2 pack
If you tire of the usual cracker hat, that fits no human, well it fits my hubby, but never me. Wear one of these instead.

Alice Band Reindeer Antlers £4.99 and of course you can wear to any Christmas party too.
At Christmas its almost law to have a Christmas mug isn’t it?? For all those Hot Chocolates and cream and marshmallows. Or in my case Gingerbread Cappuccinos.

Christmas Mug £3.99 I think this is the cutest, and that wink is the best!!
You simply can’t sleep without new PJs or nightie surely, and you want to make Santa proud.

Gorgeous Minnie and Mickey Mouse nightie Disney Nightwear  £9.49 its on sale right now.

To go with your nightie, I always have to have socks, I’m actually addicted to socks. And these are perfect.

Fleece Socks £6.99 and these are so cosy. Thick warm and heavenly.
To wrap up outside, if you cant grow a beard, you can cheat with this silly hat.

Its totally festive at least. Santa hat with beard £8.99

I don’t usually wear costume jewellery, bizarrely considering I make it myself. I like precious metal mainly due to allergies. But these really caught my eye.

And even with my metal allergy I could wear them for a night or two, so just for special occasions, rather than daily. These look fun, and you could make endless matches if you mix them up. Party Earrings  £9.99

And of course after Christmas you need the right headband. To see in the new year of course.

New Year Alice Band £6.99
There you have it, another cracking 10 items for Christmas. Not as much to choose from as #Asos but lovely pieces none the less.

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