#Blogmas It’s Christmas Eve

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This month has been a weird one for me, with so many ups and downs, feeling organized at one point to being desperately underprepared at other times.

And of course because all children have flown the nest, we’ve found ourselves asking what even is Christmas?? Where is the magic? What is the point?

So the whole Christmas spirit hasn’t been present at all for me. Can’t be helped as my Mr Moon has had the lurgy, and no one feels like partying when you feel like death!!

We eventually dragged ourselves us to put the tree up on Friday and I will admit, it sparked a cosy warming feel to me. Maybe this is the Christmas spirit.

Some of my favourite decorations actually made me smile putting on the tree, and though we felt rough, poorly and sore it was so so worth it.

#Blogmas 1 Week Post Steroid Injection

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What a change a week makes!! It was pure agony prior to the injection, and obviously after the cortisone it went predictably stiff and swollen but not for long.

Injection Day

I was a bit shocked it wasn’t as painful as the last one, and very very relieved too. I had some family visit for birthday celebrations straight afterwards so they took all energy to focus on, a great distraction from my swollen stiff hand. Quite sore once the local wore off. Splinted for protection.

Day One Tuesday

Tuesday morning I woke up early due to needing medication. I’d had it done early Monday morning, and it was stiff and felt full all day. But the dull nagging pain started Monday night, and I awoke with it too. Wore splint Monday night and Tuesday day. Can’t use hand much at all.

Day Two Wednesday

Pain easing off, but still can’t hold a pen, or cope without my splint for long. Bruising going down as is the swelling too. Can’t lift anything as grip isn’t there yet.

Day Three Thursday

Slept last night with no splint, felt risky but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t relying on it too much. And it went well. In fact I woke up feeling so so much better. The boney point of the cmc joint is tender to touch, but the full feeling, and stiffness has eased off. I can now touch the ring finger.

Day Four Friday

I’m still taking paracetamol and ibuprofen to help stave off pains, rubbing gel into hands. In stark contrast the left thumb is crunchy and sore, but this right one is feeling good. Just need to start trying some exercises now. But ridiculous emotions have started, why does steroid affect me like this. Feel like crying though there’s nothing to cry over. Clearly sensitive for no reason.

Day Five Saturday

After a weird Friday full of tears and sorrow, it’s time to pick myself up as it’s merely days away from Christmas. It’s Yule tomorrow. So now my hand moves more free, I can finally wrap up presents. I’m glad I got the steroid injection for this hand. I can even touch my pinky finger now. Some dull aches and twinges but definitely improved.

Day Six Sunday

I’m glad the weird emotions have settled down. All I have is some resistance in movement and the occasional ache and twinge, but nothing too major in the right hand. Left hand however is getting progressively worse, so returning to ibuprofen gel and splints for that side. I even lifted a kettle!!

Day Seven Monday

It’s a week already, that flew by. Had a few twinges, worn both splints at times. But overall it’s all good, not needing gel as often or as many pain killers. Just some activities make it feel weak at times, so the splint supports it. The left needs more help, but that’s expected now.

#Blogmas Yule Sabbat is here.

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Gather ye fellow witches and pagans, it’s the Winter Solstice, or better known Yule. From the German word Jul. Pronouced as Ewe-Elle. This year Yule is 22nd December until 2nd January.

The solstice is the signal that life and light is beginning to return, halfway through the darkest times, and come Imbolc 2nd Feb the first stirrings of life can be seen. It’s a time to celebrate!!

The Festival of Rebirth and The Return of the Sun

We celebrate the eventual end of the longest night, we realise now the dark is defeated with the Return of the Sun, there comes the return of light, hope and promises. Now is the time The Goddess gives birth to the Sun/Sun God. The Sun begins to wax, get stronger and stronger, which in turn means the days grow longer. All that is hidden will begin to emerge

The Oak King and The Holly King
The old ones have stories and tales of the two warring kings. They rule a season each. There is the Holly King who rules over the darkest parts of the year which ranges from Midsummer solstice to Yule, he is God of the Waning Year.

At Yule he is defeated, and gives his life to the young light Oak King, God of the Waxing Year and his twin, who rules over the lightest parts of the year, which ranges from Yule to Midsummer. Both rule for half of the year, both fight for the love of the Goddess and both give up their life force for the well-being of the land. In truth, they are one.


Is truly a time of celebrating, feasting and being together. Knowing you’ve survived the bleakest times and the light is returning, means more feasting is allowed, hence the big Christmas dinner. And our Yule tree is no different to a Christmas tree either, it’s how the tradition starred, deep in pagan roots.

Evergreens represent everlasting life which is why us pagans use them. Traditionally they would be hung around doorways and windows. And of course each one has a symbolism of its own. Do you know what they are? You may be surprised that all your Christmas traditions are actually Pagan Magick.

A plant deeply steeped in pagan history and revered by the Druids, this is the healer and protector. It is carefully cut to ensure it never touches the earth. The magical properties it has from it lives between the worlds, between sky/heaven and earth. The white berries of mistletoe represent the fertile white semen of the life-giving male. Bet you didnt know thats why we kiss under it?!

Another evergreen of protection, I mean it’s spikes say protection all over!! The holly’s spiky bristles are believed to repel unwanted spirits, and unwanted attacks from everything else too. Back in the old days newborn babies used to be sprinkled with ‘holly water’, water in which holly had been soaked, especially potent if left under a full moon overnight. Holly is sacred to Holle, the Germanic underworld goddess, and symbolizes everlasting life, goodwill and potent life energy, as most red things do! Its red berries of this holly represent feminine blood.

Together, mistletoe and holly represent the Sacred Marriage at this time of year with the re-birth of the Sun/Son. Again this is why you often see these adorning your Yule wreaths and Decorations.

Evergreen symbol of immortality and resurrection, and once again used for Christmas and yet no one knows why. Well as it growes into a spiral, this symbol reminds us of reincarnation and rebirth. Sacred one to God Osiris, where His death and resurrection was a central theme in Egyptian religion. Sacred also to Dionysys, god of vegetation, blossoming and the Return of Spring.

Its branches bring healing and joy to the home, and this is the Traditional tree we all choose to adorn our homes. We decorate it with representatives of lives, hopes, dreams, and honour our ancestors. It’s why our decorations are traditionally Green, for life, Red for feminine, White for masculine, Gold for the God and Silver for the Goddess.

Yule Log

Well it never used to be chocolate, rather it would be a lot from the previous year, that would be lit, and kept alight until Yule is over. Modern Yule logs can be logs made to hold tea lights or of course eat a chocolate one.

However you celebrate, I hope it’s a truly magickal blessed time for you all.

#Blogmas The British Craft House Competition

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Before I even posted any blog posts about the new selling platform #TheBritishCraftHouse I was entering their 12 days of Christmas competitions on twitter.

And omg I won day 9. The competition spanned over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and I won, I still can’t quite believe it.

I thought it was just one prize. But oh no no no, it’s a few and they are all so darling too.

A little bit of everything a girl could ever want.

1, Imogen’s Imagination

From this delightful seller I got a cute Tartan bow. It’s super Christmassy for me, without being too obvious. A Christmas day must have for me! Find her here

2, Lou Lou & Reg

A cute Wooden Christmas decoration to display for years and years. Handpainted and definitely loved. Find them here

3, Vintage By Design

As a Manchester born and bred lass and even a username of sirenmoonbee, these bees were a welcome sight. They are so precious. Find them here

4, The Little Card Store

A must for all Kitty lovers, a perfect handmade Christmas card. I know exactly who needs this. Find them here

5, Fran’s Crafts

A sunny sunflower brooch that will brighten any outfit, and any mood. Super bright and cheerful. Find them here

6, Max Pring Jewellery

Gingerbread men are synonymous with Christmas, and he’s the sweetest treat!! What a delight to wear. Find them here

7, Garden Party

For the bake off wannabes, get Christmas dinner cooked up a storm while looking like the most chic sophicasted baker. Find them here

8, The Secret Wardrobe

Simply chic silver drop earrings, a must have for any special occasion, I will be wearing them Christmas day. Find them here

9, Elegant Wyvern

As a wire wrapper myself in former days, I am in awe at the skill of this layered ring with rose quartz. What a beauty. Find them here

I’m feeling very very spoilt. And thank you for all of this. I saw all the other days prizes and they were like this, multiple shops all supplying such amazing goodies, and to do so many days worth as well, I’m truly impressed. I have found and saved so many shops for future purchases too.

Go check them out The British Craft House

#Blogmas 49 Weeks Post #HipReplacement

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The weeks and months are flying by, and inevitable progression has slowed down, and you don’t notice the victories as you did before. But overall I’m actually enjoying this hip, and I’m keeping myself on top of painkillers and hot water bottles. I’ll soon be at the hospital in Feb discussing the progress and the other hip. Looking forward to it really.

But as it’s the run up to the busiest time of year, I thought I’d share some self care tricks and hints that I use myself, to get through this festive period.

1, Pacing

Accept you can’t do everything, and be flexible with plans. Say no when you need too, leave earlier or nap whenever possible. It’s hard to keep high energy, when just getting dressed wears you out. Hard to implement at first, but no one wants you to feel stressed out and more in pain, just because it’s Christmas.

2, Medication

Its better to stay on top of medication than let it wear out and pain peak, so you are chasing the relief. So I become more regular and consistent with my pain killers.

3, Comfort

I have my comfort clothes, things without buttons (for my hands) and sweatpants for loosened around hips, and scars. Baggy snuggly jumpers for warmth. Not everyday has to be a fashion show, so be comfortable, it will help with pain levels.

4, Hot Water Bottles

My biggest win is a hot water bottle, it soothes most back aches, and hip pains, while warming me up overall which is a win for arthritis. Best Christmas presents ever to receive is a hot water bottle.

5, Tv, Movies

I watch a lot of tv, or movies when I’m really bad in pain and feel like I can’t do much. It distracts me, much like a favourite playlist of music can do too. Binge watch some series, your body and mind will love you for it.

6, Bath

I love a good soak in the bath, I will take my tablet to watch a good tv show (usually supernatural) and have a long soak in bubbles or a bath bomb. Use a sheet mask, or hair mask for an extra pamper treat. Be kind to yourself.

7, Journal

I vent, I blog, I journal so I can log my frustration out onto pages, and work through it. Sometimes it’s good to see what affects you and why it did, to see the pattern of change. I notice my moods and pain levels change with my menstrual cycle, and weather.

8, Sleep

I know Christmas is exciting and lots to do, but really honestly don’t short change yourself of sleep. You may need it more than ever. Crowds and travelling always exhausts me more than I realise. So a good sleep will help.

9, Prep

I helped myself out a lot more this year, by buying online, and before December even started. As I knew I wouldn’t be able to cope with the crowds, and the stress. Having it all delivered at home, meant less travelling, less people and ultimately less stress. So I find myself enjoying December more.

10, Enjoy

Try to enjoy the festive period, I do more now I released all the things that stressed me out, and I started to accept more assistance from others. Start meal prep on Christmas eve, wrap presents early, Enjoy nice food and stop the guilt train that we often impose on ourselves.

#Blogmas Chester Adventures Part 2

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What an eventful night!! Did not sleep well at all, because a certain lady arrived at 5.34am

Meet baby Delilah

Thrilled to have photos sent, but heavy heart I wasn’t there too. But there was nothing we could do about it. So Friday 13th is an eventful day.

When in Wetherspoons you have to have a good ole fry up. Really set us up for the epic packing of the uni room, and drive home.

Finished off seeing some friends at Chapel of Chaos, to complete the birthday shenanigans.

What a couple of days this has been. Crazy, rememberable and tiring!!

#Blogmas Chester Adventures Part 1

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Thursday has arrived so it’s road trip up to Chester to fetch our youngest from uni, stopping over for the night as a birthday treat.

And my second eldest (I have 4 daughters) and her chappy surprised us and met us there.

Checked into the Bull and Stirrup and omg the room is amazing.

It was similar to Radisson Blu styling, the dark wood made it feel more luxurious. Bathroom with heated mirror so showers didn’t steam it up. Seriously impressed.

Headed out after meeting all in our room, time to have a birthday meal. But as we walked through the streets we noticed they had a parade on.

At first we thought It would be a cute christmas one, it getting closer I saw it was more up my street as a pagan!! Skulls, crows, devil’s and more. Omg I loved it.

It was the annual Saturnalia and Winter Watch revelries. It’s a three-in-one midwinter spectacle that also features a re-enactment of the Winter Watch, a ceremony dating from the 15th century when the good burghers would put the keys to the city in the safe hands of an early version of the local police force. But the party really starts when the Lord of Misrule and his ghoulish friends hit the cobbles for a riotous romp. The mischievous coterie of fire breathers, devils, skeletons, ice queens, Jack Frosts, and even bloodthirsty cooks bearing a head on a platter, dance around the city centre to the relentless beating of drums by ghost band Karamba Samba.

Once ended we wandered off to try a new place for our meal Brewhouse

Beer can chicken!! Oh my days it was lush! Topped off with an IPA. Delicious

We were so so warm by this!! Added to the romance of the place. Decor was amazing too.

All while this was happening, my eldest daughter was being induced, so little baby is coming!!

#Blogmas Birthday in December

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There is always a mad dash in December for Birthday celebrations, I have my Husband who is on the 9th and a Daughter on the 19th. And we have a Grandaughter due on the 18th.

So it’s fair to say December is a busy ole month.

Usually we have our tree up by the 9th December, but somehow the weeks have are running away with me. So so many life admin chores to do, and serious lack of mobility with energy hasn’t helped either.

But we celebrated with one daughter and her husband on the Saturday, with nibbles and cake! Loved this sparkler.

Then Sunday we visited his mum for another majestic birthday dinner.

Good ole Sunday dinner, some thing we haven’t had for a long time.

Then on Monday after lots of admin and chores to do, we knuckled down and made ( well husband the actual birthday boy made) a lovely Indian fakeaway meal. All the better to eat at home all snuggly and with our own drinks on tap.

This was me while hubby was cooking.

We rounded it off with Aldi Dark spiced rum which is DELICIOUS. While watching The Mandalorian too, as I had to see baby Yoda.

One birthday done, but not completed as we are celebrating again on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th too.

#Blogmas 10 gifts for her #Firebox

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Firebox have all the things you never realised you just have to have!!

And let’s kick off with

1, Hold the Door Doormat

Game of Throne fans will get the pun!! £24.99 pricey but cute.

2, Spreadable Gin Set

Love toast but need a gin hit too? I have tried the whiskey version. £14.99

3, BeetleJuice Powerbank

Juice up the phone but make it horror, cute Beetle Juice power bank £14.99

4, Moon Lamp

A personal favourite of mine, a lunar light to give atmosphere and romance to any room £19.99

5, Bluetooth Eye Mask

I always listen to crime podcasts as I drift off to sleep, but I also tangle myself up with wires off the headphones. This would solve that. £29.99

6, Gin Tastes Of Christmas

Enjoying the mulled gin on the Christmas markets, now you can enjoy at home too. £27.99

7, World’s Smallest Terrarium

No green thumb required, but have a no fuss teeny tiny terrarium £6.99

8, White Noise Sound Pebble

Drift off to sleep, feel Zen with gentle white noise sounds coming from this cute pebble £29.99

9, Pixie Tears Gin

Someone has seriously upset tinkerbell, she’s been crying for days. They captured their essence and bottled it just for you. £39.99

10, KiiPix Instant Photo Printer

Turn your smartphone into a printer, print off vintage shots £39.99

#Blogmas 10 Unique gifts for him #TheBritishCraftHouse

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Couldn’t leave the special men in your life out, so diving into The British Craft House I collected my favourite 10 for this gift guide.

1, BeachStreetArt

Cute pebble art arranged into his favourite pastime. Sea fishing complete with seagull. £39.00

2, SurreyWoodsmiths

This one Blows me away, how intricate and skilful. Mandela to help focus the mind, a yoga must have. £80.00

3, JustKirstySculptureAndGifts

My very favourite thing is Moon gazy hares, and this is a large pewter one. Stunning £285.00

4, SilverbirdDesigns

Sterling silver Wave textured cuff links the perfect workwear or occasional wear accessories. £50.00

5, ConwayStamping

Personalised carabiner for the climber in your life. Have children’s names stamped on them. £8.00

6, jcudesigns

Personalised keyring to keep things organised and neat. £12.00

7, thatgirlingreen

Keep that beard in check, well groomed and trim. Everything you’d need. £28.00

8, MCPots18

Yes Dave, where’s the rave?? Unusual mug which I just love. £10.00

9, OscarAndToots

Personalised Vegan Faux Leather notebook. Just to capture all your thoughts and feelings inside. £29.50

10, TheTicketybooCoo

Who doesn’t love Highland coos?? These are stunning in solid sterling silver £78.00