#Blogmas The British Craft House Competition

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Before I even posted any blog posts about the new selling platform #TheBritishCraftHouse I was entering their 12 days of Christmas competitions on twitter.

And omg I won day 9. The competition spanned over Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and I won, I still can’t quite believe it.

I thought it was just one prize. But oh no no no, it’s a few and they are all so darling too.

A little bit of everything a girl could ever want.

1, Imogen’s Imagination

From this delightful seller I got a cute Tartan bow. It’s super Christmassy for me, without being too obvious. A Christmas day must have for me! Find her here

2, Lou Lou & Reg

A cute Wooden Christmas decoration to display for years and years. Handpainted and definitely loved. Find them here

3, Vintage By Design

As a Manchester born and bred lass and even a username of sirenmoonbee, these bees were a welcome sight. They are so precious. Find them here

4, The Little Card Store

A must for all Kitty lovers, a perfect handmade Christmas card. I know exactly who needs this. Find them here

5, Fran’s Crafts

A sunny sunflower brooch that will brighten any outfit, and any mood. Super bright and cheerful. Find them here

6, Max Pring Jewellery

Gingerbread men are synonymous with Christmas, and he’s the sweetest treat!! What a delight to wear. Find them here

7, Garden Party

For the bake off wannabes, get Christmas dinner cooked up a storm while looking like the most chic sophicasted baker. Find them here

8, The Secret Wardrobe

Simply chic silver drop earrings, a must have for any special occasion, I will be wearing them Christmas day. Find them here

9, Elegant Wyvern

As a wire wrapper myself in former days, I am in awe at the skill of this layered ring with rose quartz. What a beauty. Find them here

I’m feeling very very spoilt. And thank you for all of this. I saw all the other days prizes and they were like this, multiple shops all supplying such amazing goodies, and to do so many days worth as well, I’m truly impressed. I have found and saved so many shops for future purchases too.

Go check them out The British Craft House

Out of our comfort zone

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If like me you don’t actually like crowds, deep rooted fear of falling over, being pushed, walking stick kicked from under me. Then you’ll understand how scary this is. But we did it!!

What did we do…. It all started with a competition on Facebook, to see #BlackpoolLightsSwitchOn I casually shared and commented on their page and a week later I got an email saying I’d won 3 tickets to the big switch on.

Brilliant!! Exciting and nerve wrecking, especially when you hear it attracts 20,000 people. Come again…. How many?? Oh god, what will I do. Well nowt for it, but grin and bear it and make the most of it all, as it’s a chance in a lifetime. And there’s fireworks too. I’m sold.

We arrived at 3pm so just time to shop at primark and hunt down a spoons (wetherspoons) for early tea. We had until 7pm to get into the arena.

We sat outside and had a wonderful view of the tower, sun was glorious, food totally delicious even though it wracked up too 1,544 cals!! And the pink gin was refreshing.

Now to see the queues, eek!! Will we get a good spot??

Thankfully not our queue!! Green bands queue was tiny at 6.30pm so soon strolled in, while #Hrvy was singing.

Ended up winding through the people getting closer and closer, and with 2 huge screens it ended up being a decent spot.

After #Hrvy it was #R3wireAndVarski more up my street with drum n bass beats being played. The crowd thankfully loved it too, lots were bouncing and cheering, what an atmosphere!!

Sun going down made this event so magickal, the weather was perfect.

After the madness of drum n bass, it was #EllaEyre which I loved too. I was excited to see her.

Then #Diversity and #Dvj which I have no photos of, as by this point my child had stolen my phone to Snapchat on. They were electric to watch, great seeing a newer generation of them too.

#AlfieBoe came on and the countdown to the lights was on…. He only sang one song though, and while speaking I was disheartened that the crowd were too loud to actually hear him.

Fireworks lasted about 2mins which was a disappointment admittedly. But the lights were twinkling and I’m feeling incredibly lucky to be here. Last up it’s #JonasBlue which I honestly though was going to be my worse, but in no way was it. Full of well known clubbing tunes. Meant to end at 10pm but we partied on until 10.30pm.

I envisioned chaos getting out, but none of that happened, it was well organised and getting out was simple and done in a few mins.

Hip hated every second of this, but I’m at a point where I don’t care. I took tramadol to combat it, though I don’t remember it ever working really. Just shifted my focus instead. Walking was a very very painful experience, and getting home my ankles looked like this

Super swollen, and painful. But I can rest now for days and recover. Hip is obviously worse, sharp groin knife like pains, but I hope it will all be a distant memory soon.

I’m so glad I dealt with my anxiety and stepped so far out of my comfort zone, because this was an incredible day, one I’d definitely do again!!

#sbsevent2018 is here!!

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After much faffing about it was finally time to go to the grand annual event, that I really look forward to, each year. #sbsevent2018

A chance to hear from amazing sponsors such as #HPUK #123reg #dhlexpressuk #iLaw_Lawyers #Square #WesternUnion #RobertDyas #RymanStationary

Here they are getting ready to go on stage. (They are so brave and confident, I’m a tad jealous of their confidence)

One by one they said what their business was, and the offers us winners can receive from using them. We also had the main man Stephen from #Superbrands explaining the importance of desirability, fame, leadership, it was eye opening to be honest.

Then it was time for #Kypros and #TheoPaphitis himself, discussing brexit and gdpr and other business issues overall, some humour and whimsical chats too. It’s not all work here!

I am one of 2256 winners!! I’m in the 0.68% which makes me a very very lucky girl to have won indeed!!

After this we had a some delicious lunch, it’s a buffet style, with all needs catered for. Grabbed some beautiful Red wine, mini 3 Cheese quiches, chips and Sandwiches (Chicken Sweet corn, Tuna, Ham, Cheese and Tomato, Prawn Mayo, Egg Mayo) for vegans, gluten free etc they had their own menu and food.

Macaroons were back!! Oh happy days, delicious fruit cake and lemon drizzle we had. Though there was pineapple and melon available and brownies too. We decided we had enough on our plates, and when we did head back to grab a brownie, all desserts except fruit had gone. We are a bunch of cake lovers!!

Next up was a fireside chat with John Roberts owner of #AO.com and hearing his rise from a daft drunken bet to a million + pound empire. His Bolton natural came through often, in the way he conducts business, ie treat customers as if they are your Nan. Something I do myself, I always act as if my customer was my mum or nan, and act accordingly. Being apologetic when things go wrong, fixing the issue in the only fair honest way. Exactly how I’d want someone to treat my mum.

Finally it was time for #TheoPaphitis to do his photos and certificates with the new winners!! Hundreds of them. So that was my time to leave, it’s a lot of sitting listening to these amazing speakers, but I’m sitting at 90degrees which my hip hates!! So I’d reached my absolute top level of pain, so it was the best time to go.

But not only do you get the opportunity to speak to top businesses, and buyers, watch presentations, play games, leave your own business cards, eat well and network. You also got a goody bag each, and here’s mine and hubbies. We got little egg cups, tiny mug, earphones, fridge deodorisers,diary books, pens, torches and fitness trackers along with sellotape, books, sweets, vouchers etc. Well and truly spoilt.

Strictly comes to Birmingham #StrictlyBHam

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Yesterday was crazy,  so not what I expected sat in my PJ’s and coughing up my organs!! I stared at my phone, in sheer disbelief that this message read I’d won tickets for #StrictlyBHam last night and to be there by 7pm.

Yes I’d entered the competition held by  Novell Tanning on Facebook, but never did I expect to win. But I did. Now I confess I don’t actually watch #SCD as usually I watch comic superhero style shows (The flash, Arrow, Inhumans) you know the good stuff. But I love dancing, so I was excited.


We only just made it, thanks to all the traffic jams, road blocks and road works in Birmingham. And oh my god the parking was tight!! Husband needs a medal for this.


We asked a marshall where to queue, and got directed properly to the right one, thank goodness as it was freezing!! Once inside we located our seats and OMG they were super close seats ( I’d imagined we’d be up and towards the back) not almost centre and front!!  We bypassed the book as it was £12 and I knew I’d never read it again, but awesome for a fan. And the glitter 10 paddle I would of bought but at £5 was a bit steep for me. So I decided I would woop and cheer instead.


The celebs and their dancers performed these dances.

Alexandra Burke & Gorka Marquez – Jive to Tina Turner’s Proud Mary (this was full on, lots of dancers to watch at the same time)  and the Quickstep to The Gold Diggers’ Song’ (the footwork was amazing!!)

Susan Calman & Kevin Clifton, Quickstep to Bring me Sunshine ( bit tearful after this dance she was) and the Samba to the Wonder Woman (this had me giggling) theme tune

Davood Ghadami & Nadiya Bychkova – Paso Doble to Live and Let Die (very James bond esque) and Charleston to ‘The Lambeth Walk’ (this one I loved, as it’s less serious)

Gemma Atkinson & Aljaž Skorjanec – American Smooth to Downtown (such colourful costumes, blown away by them) and The Paso Doble to Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ (striking dance and looked beautiful)

Debbie McGee & Giovanni Pernice – American Smooth to Memory from Cats (this was outstanding, I can’t believe her lifts!! And how tiny is she) and Salsa to ‘I can’t take my eyes off you’ (such elegance, poise and grace)

Jonnie Peacock & Oti Mabuse – Jive to ‘ Johnny B. Goode’ (just WOW I was foot tapping  and loving this one) and American Smooth to Cry Me a River (truly beautiful)

Joe McFadden & Katya Jones – Charleston to Alexander’s Ragtime Band by Ella Fitzgerald (hilarious, thoroughly enjoyed this concept)  and Argentinian tango to Rag n’ Bone Man’s ‘Human’ (eye watering lift, standing ovation here)

The accompanying dancers were sublime and their last performance (if I could put a video on here I would!) Was breathtaking and easily the best performance of the night. Hearing the singers and live band made the evening so much more special and enjoyable.


The judges were on top form, sometimes the humour bit too (toilet humour) for me, bit crude and panto style which isn’t for me. But from the howls around us, I know I’m alone in that thought. The funniest score of the night was the 4 Craig gave Susan and Kevin for the wonder woman samba. (This is easily my fave dance of the night) most entertaining anyhow.

As the judges got the audience to there feet after that spectacular last performance, we decided to leave, as we knew there would be a crush and rush to all leave at the same time. And honestly with a walking stick, a rush of people scares me to death. So we sneaked out, to an empty corridor, and easy to get to toilets (thank goodness) and empty car park. Perfect. We definitely timed it well. Just as we drove past outside the arena, we saw them all piling out, we sure made the right decision.

Home exhausted and sore (hip hated the seats) but I’d had an incredible time, laughed so much and not at the innuendos like everyone else, forgot I was poorly for a few hours, and saw some amazing talented dancers.




Twitter Competition with @jinks_karen and @featheranddown #blogmas

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I won an awesome competition the other day on Twitter. Hosted by jinks_karen

It was a collab with featheranddown

For pillow sprays, bath salts, bath essence and sleep kit. I actually thought it was all inside the sleep kit bag. Not extras as it was, so when it came I was shocked, at how big this prize was.


It was so much bigger than I thought, really feeling spoilt. The main packages were a HUGE sleep bath salts, Bath Essence and 2 pillow sprays.

Then packaged separately I also got a cute sleep bag, which also had incredible goodies inside. The perfect travel pack, it includes a sleep balm, pillow spray, shower cream and eye mask.

Such cute detailing on the sleep bag too. It feels nice and spacious, perfect for me to take to London.

You can find more info on Jinksybeauty.com

Follow on Instagram Jinksy_beauty

Or follow her home account, which is sublime home ideas Jinksy_Home

And check out FeatherandDown

Or their Instagram Featheranddownsleep

This is a fabulous gift set, and I’m really looking forward to using it. So thank you to both Jinksybeauty and FeatherandDown






Twitter Competition using Small Businesses #Blogmas

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Another random #Blogmas I promise I will finish off #London adventures. But I just had to share my amazing prize off Twitter. It was a multitude of Small Businesses and I had to follow each, and retweet. I honestly thought I wouldn’t win, but it didn’t hurt to try.

The first thing to come was PopKakery And omg!! These were delicious, and they didn’t hang around for long. Red velvet was this house’ faces.


Then my guilty pleasure prize came, a beautiful Apple + Cinnamon Candle from Nancy&Nell

This was a beautiful soy candle that burns well, and the scent pay off is really good. Such a simple gift can give so much joy.


Then next up was a Chai  Syrup from Henny&Joes

Its a vegan syrup that can be added to your latte, or tea. Or if a rebel like me a cappuccino, its warming, its spicy, its totally Christmas. Yummy!!


Deadmans Fingers Rum

Came next, and I got 3 little bottles. I’d never tried a spiced rum before, so this is highly anticipated. And perfect timing for #London adventures, nowt better than a warming tipple. Safe to say I LOVED it, and I can see us buying it too.


Mad Hatter Tea

Arrived next, and though I drink coffee, I do enjoy some teas, so these are going to be my teabags for best, ie save them for special occasions, as these are too good to waste.


Beech’s Fine Chocolates

Prosecco truffles no less, and 2 boxes. Well technically 1 now, as we soon polished off one box. Totally delicious. I love chocolate and I really love prosecco, so this was win win!!


Last bit not least, its Iced Rainbow

And this prize is a voucher for £15.00 to spend on their website. Which I haven’t done as of yet, as its so close to Christmas, I know they shut for Christmas too. So I’m saving it for afterwards, besides after Christmas the post is more reliable too. But here’s two things I have my eye on!!

So there you have it, I’ve introduced you to some amazing businesses, who’s products are outstanding, and they will be household favourites. Give independent shops a go, support their dreams, it means the world. I know because I am one too.