Day 62 Walking Tall

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Today is Tuesday and following from Hydrotherapy yesterday there is not much I can do today, due to stiffness and soreness. However I have been doing something even on days off.

I have for the last few days, been walking unaided for short bursts of time around the house.

I’ve noticed that first thing in the morning I’m waddling a lot, to begin with. As I warm up and move more it gets stronger and I walk better, and straighter.

But I can’t keep it up entirely, so although it’s good news, it’s still very much a work in progress. But at nearly 9 weeks I’m pleased that it’s developing. It shows it’s possible.

Discussing it with my Physiotherapists, my expectations of ridding myself of the waddle have to be extended a lot, as I’ve personally had my waddle for my whole lifetime, it’s learned behaviour as well as anatomical.

I’ve started to want to do more activities than I have in years, I’m not quite there yet, but it’s nice that the desire is there.

Day 48 Post Op Appointment

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I’ll be the first to say I’m disappointed I’m not one of ‘those’ who get to walk into their post op appointment walking unaided, as I’d wrongfully assumed.

And I am wholeheartedly disappointed, but I can’t focus on the negative. I need to accept what will be will be. At least pains I had pre surgery are subsiding, though at times I couldn’t ever imagine that, Especially groin pain and knee pains.

My strength is returning, I just need consistent physio exercises and do them regular. And hope I finally rid myself of the Trendelenburg gait. I’ve had for 10years.

Obviously I’m wearing my Tragically Hip tee you can buy here it’s now my tradition to wear a tee to all my appointments. I also have this one

Now I need to find a bionic one really don’t I?

I saw a Registrar of McBryde which I haven’t seen before. No real check up or needed x-rays, (this disappointed me as I wanted to spy on them) but he did pull up an x-ray so I could take a photo of it.

I will say he seemed mighty impressed I have a custom made implant. He explained that because it’s custom and I’m complex a revision one will be extremely difficult, so sports that involves falling, and impact aren’t recommended. To try and preserve the joint for as long as possible.

So with that I may have to forever hang up my snowboard, and just accept it, or accept the high risks that come with it. This and jogging too. Though not jogging won’t hurt half as much.

Luckily there’s lots I can do, and want to do, which are hiking, cycling and swimming, so it’s not all bad.

He’s the second surgeon to say preserve it as much as possible, and also to be realistic about being totally pain free, I understand for some people that’s not what they want to hear, but I’d rather know the truth than skirt around it.

He says my ‘staple’ is possibly a stitch in the muscle underneath, (but I heard all this last time they did it, all the denials until a had another surgery and they found it!!)

Well that’s me apparently for a whole YEAR, he wants both hips x-rayed next year, I think they would like to keep an eye on the other hip. I can ring up and be seen earlier if I need to.

Day 12 one crutch!!

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I honestly didn’t think it would happen so fast. But I’ve been doing my physio religiously since day 6, I felt strong enough to try.

At first it was leaning to the left, and limpy so I stayed on 2 crutches and focused on staying as straight as possible. Did this for a few more days.

Then today I thought I would try 1 crutch again, and it worked. Yes I have to actually think about my position, and posture, so I’m ultimately slower, but I can do it.

The leg feeling so long isn’t helping, but I’ve had this before, so I’m trusting that the muscle and tendon physio will do what it’s done before, and pull everything back into correct alignment.

I’m half way to feeling ‘normie’ again, I think stamina is a whole new ball game, but certainly in the house I’m getting more independent, and moving more freely. I even caught myself standing up from sitting, but without putting my operated leg out a bit first. I did it naturally and without thought.

I also washed my own hair too, I lent over the bath side and used a shower head. I was very surprised I could do it, no way with a triple pelvic would I been able too, I would of used the bath board. But here’s to feeling almost human and normal. Hope it lasts.

35 weeks post #HipArthroscopy New Challenges #couch25k week 1

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As you may know in life, if you do the same thing over and over you soon plateau. And that’s where I am with my hip, I’m getting good and reliable with the post hip replacement exercises I’ve been doing since 28 weeks they have made a HUGE difference.

But I’m going to attempt to push my boundaries while I can. So I’ve started a #couchto5k NOT RUNNING I stress, more like 1minute walk unaided, walk aided 1.5mins and so on, to try and challenge the hip, strengthen the muscles and get this form of walking straight lasting longer and longer. Because I can walk unaided, but not well or for long. My form reverted back to #Trendelenburg gait and pain flares up hugely!!

To do this I can’t be far from home, and most definitely I can’t be alone, in case I can’t get home. And I honestly can’t do it for long, but every little helps (as Tesco says)

So far only I’ve done it Monday (run 1 week 1) and in the evening my hip was crunchy, slipping and unstable, and the following morning extra pain in the groin and outer hip, the opposite knee was weak and feeling sore, so I’ve obviously activated some long gone muscles.

Tuesday I chose to solely rest lower limbs as literally no choice in the matter. But instead I did weights for my upper limbs.

  • Bicep curl 10reps x4
  • Shoulder press 10reps x4
  • Lateral raise 10reps x4
  • Bicep row 10reps x4
  • Tricep kickback 10reps x4
  • Chest press 10reps x4
  • Tricep overhead 10reps x4
  • Front pick up 10reps x4

Now using 5kg weights. I get easily tired and have to have a break, also my hand needs bracing else holding the weights can be impossible.

Talking of hand, had to cancel my MiCats appointment on 30th May due to family adventures, so that’s rescheduled for 4th July, it’s only an assessment appointment anyways. I see the GP at least 31st May, so if any medication needed I’m sure she can prescribe.

Wednesday saw us doing run 2 week 1, tentative walking as hip is angry still. It’s so difficult to keep form, when joints feel so unstable, so slower than Monday, but persevering and even if I’m the slowest person alive, then I’m still happy as I’m progressing. Besides it’s great bonding time for me and hubby. Groin is feeling like it’s on fire after the session, so hot water bottle and medication to see if it settles down.

Thursday it’s a repeat of the upper arm weights, though my right elbow is feeling odd at times, I think the joint is loose?? But it’s doing me some good overall, getting out of breath, working the heart, it can only help surely. Outer hip pain is dull but ever constant. But groin pain is such a white HOT burning pain deep in the groin, near the pubis bone.

Friday is a killer day, I have #Physiotherapy at the hospital. Hip is all crunchy again, it does concern me a lot!! We are meant to do our run 3 week 1 today. But I’m exhausted, and sore, and wanting to amputate the leg, so I’m taking today as my rest day, and see how hip feels tomorrow. I’m disappointed with my body, it’s frustrating that it forces a rest on you when in your head you’re raring to go!! But the pain today is too great, too painful (maybe the damp weather isn’t helping pain levels too?)

*Hip steroid injection appointment came through and it’s for 27th June, so I feel better knowing they are ready and available, I can now arrange things around them, and hopefully settle all these pains down.*

Small progress 31 weeks post #HipArthroscopy

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I feel like I’ve not shared anything positive for a while, soooooo today is the day!!

It’s not huge progress but I’m finally standing more straight, I had/have a huge anterior pelvic tilt, and these hip replacement physio exercises are actually correcting that. See the exercises here

images (5)

So this week I’ve done these ones Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And on Tuesday and Thursday I’ve done weights with my arms see here

But with this said, I’ve not left the house except for physio appointment, so hip isn’t under any walking stress, as that seems to be it’s worst activity lately. I know it’s only 1 week since it last slipped, but it feels better being conservative with my activities and certainly pain level has reduced.

That however can not be said for my thumb joint. Blood tests are back, but being retested, as inflammation markers were detected in CRP and ESR but no Rheumatoid Factor. Leading GP to believe it may be Seronegative rheumatoid arthritis. But being rechecked just in case. Not sure what this means for the future, it’s pretty scary honestly. I always put my sore joints down to Osteoarthritis or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Hopefully I’ll know more by next week.

Steroid injection is provisionally booked for end of May, so that’s not long now at least. Though the medical secretary scared me when she said, you have been spoken too because it’s under a local!! Why did I agree to this? I read my blog posts from 2016 and I’ve scared myself again. But I do remember recovering quicker because I did it this way. You can read them here