6 weeks post #hipreplacement

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Finally the damn compression stockings can come off. Freedom at last. Though I say this, and yet at the same time, every twinge will send me into DVT panic. So it’s bitter sweet to get rid of them.

Such dry skin from them though.

Scar is looking good, but hip still swollen, especially over the bony area. And numb, around the scar I can’t really feel anything at all, I often knock it as there’s no sensation.

I have another week until hydrotherapy and my 6week post op check up. (It will be 6 weeks 6 days) So it’s just me bumbling along trying new things to challenge the hip, but at the same time not aggravate the sore bits.

So today I am trying to do some compound exercises, so not just physio, more weight loss exercises. These use more muscles groups all together, and help burn fat.

Goblet Squats 10 reps

I honestly can’t go this low, but I pretend I’m about to sit on a chair, then come back up. But holding a weight means I’m relying on my legs to push me back upwards.

Three Point Single Arm Row 10 reps

Isolating the arm and working the shoulders, which badly need it after crutch and walking stick usage.

Chest Press 10 reps

Working the chest and shoulders again and the chest, help build some strength and stamina back into them. I do mine lying on my bed or floor.

Reverse Lunge (But as I can’t stand solely on one leg yet, I have swapped this for) Hip Bridge 10 reps

Helps the back, and hip flexors and build glutes back up. Slow and steady as everything has been cut, and need to repair.

Supine Marching 10 reps

Pull your tummy in, pelvic aligned, march on the spot but lying down, on the bed or floor. Works the core while protecting you from weakness in the back, as well as stomach.

Small progress 31 weeks post #HipArthroscopy

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I feel like I’ve not shared anything positive for a while, soooooo today is the day!!

It’s not huge progress but I’m finally standing more straight, I had/have a huge anterior pelvic tilt, and these hip replacement physio exercises are actually correcting that. See the exercises here

images (5)

So this week I’ve done these ones Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And on Tuesday and Thursday I’ve done weights with my arms see here

But with this said, I’ve not left the house except for physio appointment, so hip isn’t under any walking stress, as that seems to be it’s worst activity lately. I know it’s only 1 week since it last slipped, but it feels better being conservative with my activities and certainly pain level has reduced.

That however can not be said for my thumb joint. Blood tests are back, but being retested, as inflammation markers were detected in CRP and ESR but no Rheumatoid Factor. Leading GP to believe it may be Seronegative rheumatoid arthritis. But being rechecked just in case. Not sure what this means for the future, it’s pretty scary honestly. I always put my sore joints down to Osteoarthritis or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Hopefully I’ll know more by next week.

Steroid injection is provisionally booked for end of May, so that’s not long now at least. Though the medical secretary scared me when she said, you have been spoken too because it’s under a local!! Why did I agree to this? I read my blog posts from 2016 and I’ve scared myself again. But I do remember recovering quicker because I did it this way. You can read them here