Day 53 learning the stairs

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Yesterday we popped out to visit family for their birthdays. We have a spat of birthdays all at the same time.

So although a lazy weekend for us, I took the opportunity to try stairs out. As I don’t have any at home. Still using my walking stick and pulling up on a bannister too. I put my bad leg up first.

I can kinda do it, but I’m definitely relying heavily on the bannister, and the walking stick. So it’s no where near strong enough yet.

Coming down, I attempt to do one step after another, rather than down, both feet, down, both feet. This seems a little easier with weight transfer, but still the hip feels like it wants to give way. But gravity really helps coming down.

So it’s hydrotherapy tomorrow, so I know I’m going to be attempting the steps extra, as this is my weakness area from all the physio exercises.

Noting what muscles you use, help you visualise what is going on inside the hip.
When you walk upstairs you engage numerous muscles, these include hip flexors, iliopsoas, sartorius, rectus femoris, tensor fasciae latae and pectineus these are your hips and thighs; then the gluteus medius on your outer thighs; the gluteus maximus in your butt; the quadriceps group in the front of each thigh; hamstring muscles in the backs of your thighs; erector spinae along the spine of your lower back; plus the gastrocnemius, soleus and tibialis anterior in your calf and shin area.

There’s a lot going on, with everything that needs to be able to work together and efficiently. So it’s no wonder I have difficulty at the moment. I need to remember, these muscles have been cut at least 4 times in this one leg.

To explain what the hip flexors do, its as you’d expect, they are responsible for hip flexion as you lift your foot to the next step. The quads extend your knees when your legs straighten. The hamstrings, sartorius and gastrocnemius flex your knees. The gastrocnemius and soleus assist during plantar flexion, when you push up from a step, (here is my moment of weakness!! It wants to give way as I transfer all the weight to flex upwards) while the tibialis anterior is primarily responsible for dorsiflexion when your foot lands on a step.

Sometimes I wish I had stairs to practice more often with, but I have an aerobic step which I can make as low or as high as I can tolerate. So I may have to dig it out, and get a few steps in to practice each day.

Day 52 lazy weekend vibes

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Weekend is here, and I literally have nothing planned in particular. All I know is my hands are like claws, so there’s no chance of weights. Arthritis really sucks, it’s hard to admit that some days you can’t open the milk, or hold a kettle at times.

And my poor hip buckled on my last goblet squat yesterday, I felt the familiar hot burning sting as I started to squat. Like when I stepped up wrongly. So I immediately stood up, and stopped the exercise. Thankfully it was the last rep anyway.

So following that I know bodily I need a rest day, to help heal and grow stronger. Although I hurt myself a bit, I definitely didn’t do half the damage, so the two days off at the weekend will do me some good.

Let’s hope it stays behaved and doesn’t give me too much grief.

Day 40 post #hipreplacement

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It’s been a trying time since last Tuesday, of settling pains, and resting. Thinking I’m fixed, doing a little movement, only for it to re tear!

So it’s been a test or a lesson that’s for sure. Some days I feel like crying, others I feel there’s nothing wrong with it. When they say it’s a roller coaster it’s absolutely true!!

But it’s not all doom and gloom, I had a victory. Rest has done me good, and not to rush into physio I chose to try and switch to the walking stick again.

So visiting the mother in law’s house, for a lovely Sunday dinner, and she has stairs, so I’ve even got to try them with a walking stick. And all is good.

So baby steps for now, but progressing slowly baby steps. I guess forward is forwards no matter how slowly you go.

Day 39 post #hipreplacement

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It’s been days now and I can say it’s definitely better, not 100% but certainly improvement is there.

I have Hip tenderness over the bony areas.

It’s initially sharp but becomes an ache.

Pain gets worse with over repetitive usage, or prolonged time.

Leg pain radiates down the leg.

Pain worse climbing stairs, or lengthy walking.

And to help speed up this healing, I used a few torture looking devices to help.

First up was a super light resistance band, to do Clam exercises, but on my back rather than side. Then help engage Glutes.

Then to activate quads using a ball to do Short Arc Quads.

Then to help get feelings back into the hip. I’ve used some rollers to stimulate the skin, awaken the nerves and ease some pains in the tendons, bursa too.

Its important not to aggravate the bursitis, so roll around it and NOT on it.

Day 37 post #hipreplacement

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Its been Valentine’s day, and I’ve had a total day of rest yesterday, to settle the pains and swelling. I was happy with that until I went to bed, I abducted my leg in the bed, and it set it off again.

And I don’t mind sharing I sobbed a fair bit!! The pain is unreal, way more painful than the surgery itself, in fact more painful than any of my surgeries.

So what can I possibly do, there’s nothing I can do really except take the enforced rest for longer, and only use quiet times making drinks and cooking as my physio, so I don’t activate that tendon/muscle.

But as gutted as I am, it will be worth it going more slower and steadier than trying to rush it and it continues to be a sticking point.

To celebrate our Valentine’s Day (which we don’t really celebrate) it’s a follow on from our Rambo, Rocky and Creed fest we are starting The Expendables trilogy.

Day 31 post #hipreplacement

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I have I think learnt my lesson from doing to much, and had enforced rest. I started to tentatively introduce some physio back into my routine.

I first started just focusing on my shoulders and hands, as they need doing as much as my hips do too.

So from this I had to get up and move around anyways, so I thought I’d introduced the glute squeezes, a few hip flexions, or while waiting for the kettle some mini squats.

If I did while doing other things, then I wouldn’t be encouraged to do too much, and only do as long as the original exercise was to take, is making a coffee, or glute squeezes while I stir the beans.

I’ve accomplished having a bath again, much easier this time, though I kept the door ajar and hubby within ear range, for peace of mind. I’ve noticed my seat bones are feeling sharp (odd as I have a chubby behind) I was hoping it would go on the right side, but alas no. It must be from when they realigned my pelvis to create the acetabulum (socket) so sitting still isn’t comfy, but I can lie down and enjoy the bubbly bath so that’s nice. And I also drum roll please….. Shaved my legs!! Difficult rating 9out of 10 but I just about managed it. Milestone hit.

Day 29 Tendonitis?

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Well we think this is the cause of my increased pain, better it be soft tissue than anything mechanical.

So what it Tendonpathy or Tendonitis? Chronic irritation of the iliopsoas tendon is a rare (i don’t think it’s that rare) cause of persistent pain after total joint replacement of the hip. In the majority of cases, pain results from a mechanical conflict (I bloody hope not) between the iliopsoas tendon and the anterior edge of the acetabular cup after total hip arthroplasty. I’m hoping it’s me overloading the joint, and the gluteal muscles being so weak.

Depending on the severity of the injury, it can take 1 to 8 weeks for a hip flexor injury to heal. Minor injuries typically require 1 to 3 weeks of recovery time, while more severe muscle tears can take 4 to 8 weeks. So for me it’s a proper set back, so less is more for me at this time. Keeping movements slow, and minute, but still working.

Greater Trochanteric pain syndrome that is seen in both native hips and patients after hip replacement. Clinical features include pain and tenderness at the lateral aspect of the hip that often is exacerbated by lying on the affected side. Although the cause of greater trochanteric pain has commonly been attributed to trochanteric bursitis, other diagnoses such as gluteus minimus and medius tendinosis and/or tears have emerged as more likely causes. This describes my pain perfectly, though I’ve never laid down on this side. When I see the surgeon at the end of this month I will ask him about this.
Certain surgical approaches in total hip replacement, such as the lateral approach (I had direct superior approach – part posterior part lateral), involve release of the hip abductors, the gluteus minimus and medius tendons, to gain access to the joint without osteotomy. This approach is preferred over the transtrochanteric approach to avoid complications of nonunion of the greater trochanter. After total hip arthroplasty, the hip abductors are re attached to the greater trochanter. Avulsion of the repaired abductors or spontaneous rupture of the hip abductors in patients who have undergone hip arthroplasty is not uncommon and can cause lateral hip pain. (Rupture sounds painful, hopefully mine is barely annoyed and inflamed) rest will determine it I presume.

Thankfully my hydrotherapy starts in 2 weeks time, so I will be supported in the water, and less likely to cause a flare up link land physio does. I guess I just need to have patience.