22 weeks post #hipreplacement Wales visit

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How wonderful was that weekend? though we were prepared for grey skies and rain, we actually managed to have a glorious sunny Sunday, and warm Monday (just as we were leaving) only the arrival day Saturday was it wet and miserable looking, but even that didn’t stay long luckily.

It felt good to be back to Wales, first Welsh trip since surgery, and though not totally perfect, it was nice to walk around with less hip pain. Only marred that knees and lower back have somehow replaced the hip pain.

Tucked into the heart of Barmouth we had a 300yr old cottage to share with family members, and there’s something comforting about greeting each other in the mornings, chatting over tea times, that it’s sad when it’s all over.

Cosy and quirky, the cottage is a family favourite. And comfortable for all 8 of us. Plenty of beds and rooms to relax in, so your not on top of each other at all.

Absolutely full of character, charm and nooks and crannies!! Imagine the history and stories this cottage could tell.

Did a fair bit of practice walking, which is probably why the knees hurt so much. And some of the inclines have made me rely on my walking stick heavily, so my hand has flared up. Sand is ok when it’s more packed down, as it still feels like walking in treacle when it’s not hard packed.

Felt some improvement in the hip, but the physio appointment from last week, really really took it out of me, and caused pains for 4 days, so I was careful, and mindful of the hip. Naturally just any slight activity has caused it to swell up once more and be painful, so it’s back to resting for a few days again.

Week 14 #hipreplacement

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A week of mini victories, first I had walked down the stairs once without holding on for dear life, and one step at a time.

Next I put on trousers standing up, wasn’t totally graceful but I did it!!

I’ve bought some skinny jeans for my out out evening Friday. Skinny style though not a skinny size (but that is something I am and I will work on) They both have a stretch in them so they aren’t too weird over the scar. As I still don’t like seams over scars.

Slowly slowly I’m regaining myself back which is wonderful news.

Then of course I’m going to a techno night out on Friday night, a night a friend runs in Birmingham. Chapel Of Chaos

So I can’t do too much physio this week, so I save my energies for this. We’d bought tickets for this before Christmas,and before my surgery dates changed too. Determined not to miss another one. Does anyone else rest a lot before a thing? I know I have too.

Heres week 14 scar, looking pretty deep still at the top, but almost disappeared at the bottom, looks as faded as the two scars that are either side of it. Should be fine wearing shorts if we get some sunshine this summer.

12 weeks post #hipreplacement

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Here we are it’s 3 mths since my op! I can’t quite believe it. My last 2 weeks have been a struggle somewhat, with feeling poorly, and sleeping on the sofa (which was far better for the hip, and my cough) and then kind of falling into a fence.

So it’s been eventful, I’ve walked some amazing walks, still with a walking stick but that’s ok. My crease of the thigh pelvis area is still sore and achy, and inner knee now hurts (from the jarring stumble) I’m finding myself taking 400mg ibuprofen x 2 a day is helping with Arthritis pains, and being poorly too.

Scar is looking pretty ok, though my dent is getting bigger as the swelling shrinks more.

Here you can see the bulge swelling as I stand up.

Lying down it’s not so bad. But it’s still absolutely numb in areas near the incision.

Overall it’s looking neat, but I’m looking into rolling it and trying to break up some scar tissue, as I’m thinking it may hinder my mobility and range of motion.

10 weeks post #hipreplacement

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When I first embarked on this journey 9th Jan I can honestly say I was not prepared. I thought I was but looking back now, I know my expectations were way off. I expected to be magically pain free, skipping up the mountains as others are.

Not me, even at halfway through I was beginning to think I couldn’t see a way out, it was never going to happen like it does for others. I was whiney I admit it.

But then just like that it’s started to fall into place. I find myself turning in bed with greater ease, though the pillow is still my friend.

I find walking unaided better around the house, but it still tires out quickly and that brings the limp and thigh pain.

As I said I’m still getting pain at times, from deep inside the thigh, or deep in the buttock, under an old scar. Groin pain occasionally flares up, or the golf ball swelling. And the scar sometimes stings or is itchy? No idea why though.

Stairs I hate hate hate, it pulls at my operated sides knee. But I’m getting up them better, as long as they have either 2 Bannisters or 1 I can hold and stick the other side.

Got myself a new Tee, I had too. It shows I have Custom Parts as my hip replacement is custom made. So I’ll be wearing this to the OT and Hydro appointments.

6 weeks post #hipreplacement

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Finally the damn compression stockings can come off. Freedom at last. Though I say this, and yet at the same time, every twinge will send me into DVT panic. So it’s bitter sweet to get rid of them.

Such dry skin from them though.

Scar is looking good, but hip still swollen, especially over the bony area. And numb, around the scar I can’t really feel anything at all, I often knock it as there’s no sensation.

I have another week until hydrotherapy and my 6week post op check up. (It will be 6 weeks 6 days) So it’s just me bumbling along trying new things to challenge the hip, but at the same time not aggravate the sore bits.

So today I am trying to do some compound exercises, so not just physio, more weight loss exercises. These use more muscles groups all together, and help burn fat.

Goblet Squats 10 reps

I honestly can’t go this low, but I pretend I’m about to sit on a chair, then come back up. But holding a weight means I’m relying on my legs to push me back upwards.

Three Point Single Arm Row 10 reps

Isolating the arm and working the shoulders, which badly need it after crutch and walking stick usage.

Chest Press 10 reps

Working the chest and shoulders again and the chest, help build some strength and stamina back into them. I do mine lying on my bed or floor.

Reverse Lunge (But as I can’t stand solely on one leg yet, I have swapped this for) Hip Bridge 10 reps

Helps the back, and hip flexors and build glutes back up. Slow and steady as everything has been cut, and need to repair.

Supine Marching 10 reps

Pull your tummy in, pelvic aligned, march on the spot but lying down, on the bed or floor. Works the core while protecting you from weakness in the back, as well as stomach.

4 weeks post #hipreplacement

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Well it’s been a short sharp learning curve, that’s for sure.

Things I’ve learnt is never listen to those that are walking unaided after 10days, you soon get disappointed when it’s not you.

I’ve decided to go back onto 2 crutches while I’m outside, and going to physio appointments, and such like. As it’s clear although I can do it at home, I do live in a bungalow, so there’s not many steps. However outside it’s easy to tire and need the extra support.

Last week I’d set myself back massively, and worried myself that I’d done damage. But as it aches and is not a sharp pain I’m hoping I haven’t. Took a lot of rest, and stopped physio, and continuously heated it and stayed on top of paracetamol. And I’ve had to seriously rethink if I take tramadol or not, as these pains are stopping all rehab. I asked the Physiotherapist.

After seeing the Physiotherapist, she confirmed that I need more rest, and to drop expectations. Listen to the body more, and adapt some exercises too. And yes take the pain meds if it means I can move better and a little each day.

More pelvic tilting needed, to realign myself. I had the worse Trendelenburg gait before surgery, so I definitely don’t want this afterwards. So rest and do physio every other day until my flare settles down.

I’m booked in for hydrotherapy on the 25th Feb, this is something I’m hugely looking forward too.

Scar is healing nicely, some brown, yellow bruising at the bottom, but that’s all.

Some areas look deeper than others, not sure why though.

But overall healing perfectly, and I’m happy with that.

Day 25 skincare routine

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Now it’s no surprise that I’ve not really been into skincare as such since surgery, as standing at the mirror and sink, is harder than you think.

I have however been using quick and easy holy grails, such as the #NipFab Dragons blood cleansing pads (these are a godsend)

Quick easy and fuss free pads, make my skin feel refreshed, super clean and nurtured too.

I use one of these two after the #NipFab depending on time of day, so daytime I opt for the #Ren Evercalm Day cream, a thicker creamy moisturizer, feels spa like and with essential oils.

Then in the evening #Inkey Hyaluronic Acid Serum for that super hydrating feel that can sit on the skin all night. This is my favourite of all time!!

A while back I would this cream on a competition held by a fellow beauty blogger. And this balm is an absolute lifesaver. I’ve used on my husband’s burnt fingers and I’m currently using on my scar! It’s thick like vaseline, it creates a protective barrier that’s waterproof, while healing the scar too. It’s a dream.

For lips and dry patches on heels, and it’s lovely. Usually lip balms for me make you use them continuously after the first go. But this one, you can use once, and your lips don’t go super dry afterwards. It’s solid version of #Palmers Cocoa Butter.

For my legs, the compression stockings cause such reptile skin, constantly dry and flaky skin. I use #Ameliorate Exfoliating Cream, I once got it in a subscription box, and then because I loved it so, my husband bought me a larger one for my birthday in July. I’ve deliberately saved it until now to use. And it’s perfect for this post surgery recovery. A touch of pampering when you feel so dull and drained.

Day 22 out out in town

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Today’s the day we go out out, nowhere particularly pleasant, but needs must. Off to a numeracy and literature skills test for my daughter’s teaching uni course. It’s something she has to pass to get a Qts course for teaching.

The place itself is only 40mins away, so we’ve packed a packed lunch, some coffee in a flask and crisps too. So while she’s having 2 exams, we have to fill our time somehow. We planned to fill 3 hours.

Nervous in the ice and snow, crutches and me with this weather freak out at times. Hoping I stay upright or its well gritted too.

It wasn’t too slippy but crowds were scary. I also found I had NO stamina for walking. As I walk the hip feels like it’s coming out the side, such a weird pain and sensation. As you may know there is never many seats around towns, unless you actually buy things. So we opted for a museum which was beautiful, visited the #StaffordshireHoard. Just as we were getting into it, with small frequent sit downs, she messaged to say she was finished!! Hours before we thought. So sadly not many pictures of the hoard. Nor did we finished even half of the display.

The detail in the gold is astounding, as a jewellery myself I know how hard it is to get minute detail and that’s with machines and tools that didn’t exist in the 2nd century. The patterns blow my mind, absolutely stunning. I’m definitely going to have to go back, and finish this display off. And look into the painting of #LeonardoDaVinci

Once daughter was finished, I had to go straight home. We had to walk back to meet her, but I struggled. Even more so when we were standing still to wait to meet, clearly walking was marginally better. But I couldn’t shop, or wander about. It was clearly too much too early for me as of yet. Though I enjoyed the time I did spend out, I’m happy to be getting home and nursing my hip with a hot water bottle, and having total rest now.

Three Weeks Post #HipReplacement

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So everyone’s January seems to have lasted 43567years, but mine has positively ran away with me!

I’m now 3 weeks post surgery, and though I’m not skipping to the shops yet, I am happy with the results made so far.

Today I absent-mindedly touched my toes, I was sitting down and I needed to wipe a mark off my trainers, and I just bent forward and did it!! Small milestone victory.

I’m learning more about my abilities and limitations every day, some days are good and some are bad. But I’m learning to roll with it.

My biggest concerns at the moment are, weakness which means I need crutch all the time, I’ve tried stepping without, but that’s way too difficult yet. My lack of sleep now, it’s getting to me, gone have the lovely full night’s sleep, replaced with 2-3 hourly wake up points all night. And some end of stem pain, but all of them I do expect.

I just have to remind myself it’s early days yet. And to be patient.

But on the plus side, 3 weeks means only 3 more weeks of compression socks.

3weeks means only 1 more week of these.

And here’s the updated look of the scar. Pretty neat, healing well. Suspect a staple is still in, will get that checked as soon as I can. Could be a nobbly bit. Some scar areas look deeper cut than others.

Ive finally learnt I can sleep almost on my front of I wedge pillows to lie on under my front. Slightly more comfy that on my back, so that’s an improvement.

Physio at home going well, some days extremely well, other days I have to admit defeat and rest entirely instead.

Post #hipreplacement actual surgery day

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Who knew it would be over that fast? Certainly not me! I got there a tad late, dying for the loo at 7.20am hubby was parking.

As soon as I got out of the toilet, I was called in for questions, and preparations, weighing, ID band, then I saw the an anesthetist, then my own surgeon, I briefly went back into the waiting area to find Mr Moon, sat down for a few mins and was called for surgery at 8.30am.

First off you go to change into the gown, slippers, paper pants, and dressing gown, they also put on compression stocking on. Nerves hit me a bit.

Then I’m off with a porter telling me he had his here just over a year ago, I know it’s not a story as I saw him on the ward near mine in September 2017. He puts my mind at ease, I can see how well he’s walking. I’m into the pre theatre room, more checks, on the bed with my pillow, and cannula is put in, down the side of wrist (that’s going to smart later, as it’s already swollen and sore from CMC joint)

Then off to sleep at 8.44am, swift it was. Then next I knew I woke freezing with hot air blanket and I was getting a coffee at 11am, onto a ward at 11.20am and it’s a private room ward!! Happy days x

I even have a TV too!! Spoilt. My fellow patients arrive and they are mainly 70+ and male, the separate rooms make sense now. At around 1.30pm I got my phone to tell everyone I was fine, because I really was, totally awake and bright eyed.

Pain controlled by a spinal but not epidural, so is quicker to wear off. Block between legs for now, with a bed that moves to reduce pressure ulcers, and leg cuffs that periodically inflate to stop clots.

After dinner (couldn’t take photo as no phone at that time) I sat up and pulled myself up unaided. Feeling great, moving around. Leg feeling came back enough for OT to take me to the toilet, where I used a walker and was absolutely fine going, the walk was easy enough. They both said it’s due to me already having a triple pelvic both sides, they said nothing is more painful than that, so this should be a walk in the park. I even managed some bed exercises, such as heel Slide, push knee into bed, and hip abduction. Only 3 reps but it’s movement!!

We will see once the painkillers wear off. I don’t have a pca pump, but they assured me I would not be forgotten or denied stronger painkillers. Makes me nervous as it’s happened multiple times, but we shall see.

Spent 5 hours in the chair, watching TV, YouTube and feeling ok. Spinal wore off and by the drugs trolley came round I was grateful to take some painkillers, some paracetamol and senna. But I knew this wasn’t enough, and I stayed uncomfortable until the bedtime painkillers, the morphine. That was perfect and it made me sleepy too. So I returned to the bed for silent witness and drifted off.

Sleep didn’t last, I’m near a nurses station, but I have sleep music on my phone, so I’ve catnapped all night, still feeling pretty good. Harder to move leg now though, feels heavy.

Got my squad with me, help keep me company and are my champions to spur me on