Week 17 post #HipReplacement

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This week I’ve been camping, we went for a few days in Cornwall. Had an event planned for the Saturday, so we decided to make the journey worth while, we set off Friday and would come home Monday.

Arrived at the most fantastic campsite just outside boscastle called Trebyla Farm it’s a simplistic working farm campsite, with electric hook up and caravans too. Idea for those wanting to escape the world for a few days. So no WiFi, no posh toilets with grand baths, or clubs and pools here. It’s back to basics camping, I love it!!

Just toilet blocks and showers available, with hot water and free so what could be better. Also available is a kitchen area with microwave (I couldn’t work it) freezer for your essentials, and dry area to wash up in.

Everything was super clean, well stocked with toilet roll and hand soap too. So I didn’t need my emergency packed ones. As some sites often run out, or don’t re stock often. These were done every morning. All bins checked each day too.

We have a large spacious tent, bought when we had 4 small children we used to camp with. But it’s size means I can stand up, so no bending to get in and out. Which honestly I’m relieved at, as I don’t think the hip would like that.

The hip coped very well with a lot of things I requested it to do. But mainly I do the kitchen stuff, I sit to make a coffee or sandwiches as I don’t like to stand too much.

And banging in pegs is not one of the things I can do, I still struggle to squat down and get up again. I’m not agile and I get stuck, so better for me not to try!

I definitely did need my pain meds, a lot more of them and my walking stick at all times. Also I needed rest stops all the time. But it coped, and I would do it again, I just need a few months to recover lol.

Weather and cold obviously made it feel stiffer to move, and I often felt seized into a position, that would take time to get out of again. But once the joint got moving, it was happier.

But look at the view we had, it’s hard to be grumbling and sad when this view greets you each morning!!

Not many on the site, so the area was super peaceful, and you are left alone to relax and plan days in leisure. Exactly what we needed. My only regret is coming home after 3 nights. I will be returning for sure.


The Executioner By Heather Opperman #BlogBookTour

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It’s that time again, where I get to dive into the murky depths of crime, murder and mystery, the criminal underworld always draws in me. I love the puzzle of solving the cases, the twists and turns, and how the authors mind works.

So as usual it’s an #AD GIFTED book in return for a review, but all opinions are my own.

So what do we have this time, the Title itself draws me in, I’m in for a treat. Unusually for me it’s set in a place I have no real life knowledge of, so I’m using all my imagination and authors description to try and visually see the places described. Nor have I heard or read anything about this author before, so it’s a new experience for me all round.

My Review

I’ve never heard of the author Heather Opperman, so I had no bias or opinions on the writing style or story telling abilities. Which was a nice adventure really discover new and exciting authors.

There is a male Detective Alex Reid who’s the main character, but I loved the sidekick Fadi way more, his personality tickled me,and the sassy medical examiner Kate!!

It’s starts from the killers point of view which pipped my interest immediately. Their thoughts and emotions were well described.

Hideous murders, but thankfully not too graphically described or gratuitous. But carefully done so you know what’s happened without flooding your mind with visual images.

I love the characters and how they interact with each other, the niggles and ones that gel well, it makes it feel more realistic, especially with clashes of personalities, as real life is like that.

With the setting being South Africa, which I sadly have no knowledge of, I relied on the author to describe the locations, which I found she did well, and it made me more attentive to the details.

This books starts at a speedy rate straight away, which I personally love. No long chapters bedding in the characters with long waits for anything exciting to happen. This was boom action packed immediately. A truly awesome book, that I highly recommend.

Day 95 Sunday Funday

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At weekends we are normally at our busiest with visiting family members, so there’s never a chance of physio. Although I do class climbing their stairs as physio. As I don’t have stairs at home to practice on like others do.

My hands have been feeling a bit calmer since Saturday morning, is it from weather or taking ibuprofen religiously? Not sure yet, either way it’s definitely welcomed.

Using ankle weights certainly kicked my butt, but huge improvement from how I was before to how I am now, so that’s encouraging. But I am waddling all the time if I walk unaided. Aarrrgggghhh super frustrating. Am I waddling from this hip, or maybe other one? Must ask physio on Thursday.

Anyone else thinking their weekend just flies by in a blink? I know I do. I feel like it’s over in a split second and boom its Monday all over again!!

I’m glad I use weekends as my main rest days, as I truly appreciate them, and it’s easier to just enjoy being with family, rather than trying so hard to squeeze in physio, and being exhausted.

Blog Book Tour #KenOgilvie HOUND

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#AD GIFTED for review, and all opinions are my own. I’m blessed to pick my favourite genres of books so it’s rare I don’t enjoy them.

Hound (Rebecca Bradley #2) by Ken Ogilvie

Available from AMAZON CA AU US UK

Do you love mysteries with intricate plots and new locations? Meet Detective Rebecca Bradley as she faces an escaped serial killer whose next target IS THE POLICEWOMAN HERSELF.

Rebecca Bradley put serial killer Jackie Caldwell in prison. She had the assistance of Hound, a giant young man who’s in love with Rebecca.

But then Jackie murders a prison guard and escapes. She heads north to her home town of Conroy, where she hides out in the forest to evade a massive police search.

She’s burning with hatred for Rebecca, and wants revenge for the financial ruin of her family twenty years ago in a goldmining scam by Rebecca’s villainous grandfather.

Jackie also hates Rebecca’s wealthy father, who betrayed and then helped the police apprehend Jackie’s sleazebag lover, Kingsley McBride.

Hound pursues Jackie in a bone-chilling chase through the eastern Georgian Bay forest . He faces a race against time to save the woman he loves.

Discover a new crime writer who will have you gripped till the pulsating end.

Rebecca Bradley was psychologically damaged by the unsolved murder of her mother when she was eight years of age. Driven by her mission to catch the murderer and make him pay for his crime, Rebecca is obsessed with justice and retribution, and is haunted by dreams of revenge.

Book 2: HOUND

Author Bio

KEN OGILVIE is a new mystery writing author, with Her Dark Path as his first book. Prior to taking up writing, Ken worked in a variety of roles in the environmental policy domain, including positions with three governments in Canada (Federal, Manitoba and Ontario) and as the Executive Director of Pollution Probe, one of Canada’s premier environmental groups. He remains active as a consultant on energy and climate change, and sits on the Boards of two national nonprofit organizations – the Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development, and Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow. He is well-known across Canada for his environmental work, and has received two honourary doctorates from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, and Thompson Rivers University, British Columbia.

My Review

While this is the first book I’ve read by this author, it is in fact book 2. But I think it works well on its own as well.

Rebecca is haunted by her mother’s murder, while knowing her father probably knows something, but that he won’t share! A strain on this relationship means they no longer speak. So sad to see a relationship breakdown, but I can understand why it has.

Set in Canada, I can recall my own Canadian adventures to set the scene in my mind, means that the character Mathew is a relatable character and you can imagine it well living off grid in such a vast wilderness. I often daydream myself of living off grid, it intrigues me.

It goes from past to present in seemless manner, and definitely had me gripped. Some parts confused me so needed to be reread, but that could just be me reading too fast, and not retaining the information well. But over all a highly enjoyable read, and I’d definitely read more by Ken.

Day 59 Weekend Vibes

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It’s the weekend, I have ZERO plans, and weather is PANTS!! Literally it feels like Oz weather out there. So not sure I will make it outside today, or tomorrow.

So it’s physio physio physio, yes im that person a complete physio bore. But trust me it’s so worth it eventually. Besides if I don’t do something, I will end up eating my weight in rich tea biscuits!!

My newest exercise is ball squeezes between the knees. Gives a good glute Squeeze, and hip Rotation.

Also upgraded to Red Band on every exercise I do.

  • Glute exercise 15 reps x 2
  • Quad exercise 15 reps x 2
  • Heel Slide 15 reps x 2
  • Short Arc quad 15 reps x 2
  • Hip abduction 15 reps x 2
  • Single leg raise 15 reps x 2
  • Clam side drop 15 reps x 2
  • Ankle ball squeezes 15 reps x 2
  • Knee ball squeezes 15 reps x 2
  • Long arc quad 15 reps x 2

These take me 30 mins to complete twice, and I definitely feel like I need a break afterwards.

Once I’m feeling rested and ready to move again for another 30 min set.

  • Hip flexion (my hardest one) 15 reps x 2
  • Hip Abduction 15 reps x 2
  • Hip extension 15 reps x 2
  • Heel to butt 15 reps x 2
  • Onto tip toes 15 reps x 2
  • Mini squat (still my worst) 15 reps x 2
  • Step ups on aerobic step (hate these too) 15 steps x 2
  • Monster walk (bit easier than first time but still very very hard) 15 reps x 2

Well that’s me, time for a weekend treat!!

Day 58 #Skincare treats this week!

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While recovering from major surgeries it can be all too easy to let yourself go, in a way. As physio and pain management takes over every waking moment.

But I have some holey grails back in stock from aldi

First up is the highly loved by me Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser. It’s a dupe for Liz Earle, I’ve tried both and they smell identical, even the feel is the same. Cloth is rougher in texture, but I don’t mind that. And at £3.99 it’s an absolute steal. My skin loves this cleanser. No wonder when it’s packed with cocoa butter, eucalyptus oil, extracts of chamomile, rosemary and white tea. It’s like a mini spa session.

Next is the Lacura Healthy Glow Tonic which I’ve not tried yet, not new to the wonderful properties of Glycolic acid, but I usually have this in an exfoliating pads either by Lacura (See below) or by Nip+ Fab. Said to brighten skin as well as improve skin texture with gentle exfoliating acid,leaving it smooth and soft. So I’m keen to see if this performs the same way, and is it better value than buying the 60pads. This also costs £3.99 and a good dupe for Pixi Glow Tonic.

My ultimate skin saviour has to be these Lacura Glycolic Daily Cleansing Pads exfoliate. These have been my lifesavers over the winter. A quick swipe with one of these at the end of the day, and I feel refreshed, clean and hydrates skin. Again they gently exfoliate and improve he skins appearance, making it feel smoother and brighter. These are a steal at £2.49 for 60pads.

My good friend popped into her Primark for me and picked up 2 Alex Steinherr sheet masks for me, and oh boy they are sheer heaven. The skin is positively radiant and so hydrated afterwards. I clearly need to find more of #AlexSteinherr products to try out.

The Supreme Sheet Mask was absolute heaven, pop this on, while your in a lovely bubble bath, and grab a drink (kraken rum for me) and relax!! Those muscles need it, and you deserve it!!

Blog Book Tour Five Bloody Hearts by Joy Ellis

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#AD gifted book.

After a time away to have hip surgery and recovery, I’m back onto the blog book tour. So once again I can delve deeper into crime, and mystery and nurture that inner Sherlock in me. This time it’s a new author to me, so I have no idea what to expect.

Not everyday I can exercise or do chores, so what better way to spend some of my hip recovery, but to read and get lost for a few hours each day.

From multiple #1 best-selling author Joy Ellis, comes a mystery that will have you glued from first page to last, with a truly shocking conclusion.

Grace Repton, a beautiful older woman, walks into the police station to tell Matt she has information that could stop a murder. Her fiancé, the infamous serial killer Jeremy Reader, has told her that he has a disciple who is going to kill using Reader’s horrific methods.
Reader murdered five women and was finally brought to justice by Detective Ballard. Reader is safely imprisoned in a high security prison, and claiming to be a reformed man who wants to help the police.
But can Matt believe the serial killer or his peculiar wife to be? Can the love of a good woman really change a serial killer?
And the Fenland police also have another investigation on their hands. A Lithuanian migrant worker is found dead on the fens. There is no ID on him, but he has a Tree of Life tattoo. The third body to be found with this distinctive tattoo. Is this gang war or something even more sinister?

The police are stretched to breaking point with multiple copycat murders. And Matt and his girlfriend Liz will fight for everything they care about in a heart-stopping conclusion that will have you on the edge of your seat.
This is the sequel to the #1 best-selling BEWARE THE PAST.


My Review

This is a page turning read with many twists and loops, and so many What? moments? There are just as many dead ends to try and catch them out too. But even dead ends can reveal clues and leads to be useful. Will these leads hark back to Matt’s Past? Will it come back to haunt him and threaten everyone he cares about.

The characters are eye opening with realistic flaws and personalities. I felt no only did I learn some medical facts on complex mental health issues, but also learning about different cultures, and they’re struggles through this life.

Day 24 bathing and sleeping

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It says day 24, but I actually accomplished this at day 21. It was pure heaven.

I had practised in the bath fully dressed, to ensure I could get in and out. I had my door open and husband nearby, so I also felt safe.

I held onto the side of the bath and lifted my operated leg over first, I then put the other leg in. Put my operated leg more diagonal, and gently lowered myself down. Perfect.

Added a candy cane #lush bubble bar. Then bath salts and used a bath scrub by #theorangetree I’m starting to feel a bit more ‘me’

Coupled with finally getting a decent sleeping position, I’m almost human again!! *Could of been a one or two night wonder*

I’ve tried to sleep on my side, but it’s too weird, too painful for me just yet. So I’m taking the stomach sleeping position for now. But even that isn’t infallible, I do periodically have to shift back to my back sadly.

Starting to think that side sleeping ain’t ever going to happen!

Still haven’t done any physio since my day out in Birmingham, I darent. The outer thigh is throbbing after walking a bit, or doing a chore. Either bursitis? If possible after having bursa removed back in 2006 and IT band lengthened. Or end of stem pain? Not sure what it is, but I’m not going to aggravate it further. Definitely feeling the one step forward two steps back recovery so far.

Day 19 bitten off too much

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Previous post I put I’d increased my physio, and had done ok for 2 days at that rate. But today I come crashing down back to earth!!

I’ve woken up nearly every 2 hours all night, for a few nights now. I think it’s from the sleeping on my back. And the pains today are too much to even attempt to work through.

I’ve noticed my glute area is actually tender to the touch, is this from cutting the glute muscle? And front of the thigh about 2 inches away from the scar is also tender, where I guess the stem is.

OMG, I think I can feel a staple still in, but under the skin. I’ve had this before, took a year before they believed me, and removed it when my metalwork from a triple pelvic was done.

But I’m not due any more surgery we hope on this hip. Will it hinder healing? Cause infection? Will they remove it? It’s so tender to touch in that area.

So today it’s #Luther with blanket (I love comfy sofa time) and wheat bag in my back as that also has sprung up in pain again (I tried to iron 3 items, and it bit me in the ass, literally)

My knee is also aching on my operated side, but I remember all these niggles from previous surgeries and I know over time they sort themselves out.

Emotions are all over the place, I find myself close to tears over anything or everything. Could be from surgery itself, or that I’m now no longer taking any painkillers except paracetamol. Either way I’m being gentle on myself and having a self care day with my favourite shows on my tablet.

#Blogmas 2018 The Winter Mystery by Faith Martin #BlogBookTour

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Here I am back on it again with another terrific murder mystery book. Earlier this month I’d done The Birthday Mystery. Now there’s another one to enjoy.

So kick off your shoes and let’s begin.


Faith Martin was born in Oxford, and has spent all her life within twenty miles of the university city, even working at Somerville College for five years before turning to writing full-time. The author of the popular DI Hillary Greene novels, she also writes more classic-style ‘whodunits’ under the pen name Joyce Cato, but began her writing career as Maxine Barry, winning an award for penning romance novels! A popular writer for over 25 years, she has had nearly 50 novels published so far. Her hobbies include walking her now ageing dog, wildlife-watching, reading and (reluctantly) gardening

My Review

Oh dear Jenny has got herself in a pickle at first. So much to do and all the while not treading on the nieces toes. And it’s Christmas as well. I felt for her in the snow, I could recall the snow drifts we had in March this year, ridiculous heights it got too.

She is such a warm character, and I think she would be a hoot to know in real life too. And the scents I could smell off the pages describing the food, I was in heaven!!

Picturesque village life, busy bodies and murder, what more could I ask for? A full cast of characters with wit, and intelligence to boot, it’s a good read. I was kept guessing right until the end, which thrilled me no end. I love it when I don’t know how it’s going to end.