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I’ve just had one of the best salon experiences I’ve ever had last night. I was offered to experience the salon, and drinks and canopies as a blogger, to see inside the workings of this salon with a difference, and write about it.


So here I am writing about this beautiful, modern and sleek salon. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into a spa rather than salon. The decor is crisp, clean and elegant, and instantly welcoming. Situated in a Home of the Country village, a far cry from the hussle and bustle of high streets. The calmness and wellness of spa like settings, means you can unwind, relax and enjoy the experience. Which is exactly what I did.


The staff were lovely, they had the added challenge that I’m on crutches, and not just from my recent surgery, but I have mobility issues anyway. And from this prospective, I was wholly impressed with the adaptability of the staff, the accessibility of the salon, and how I wasn’t a problem. As a person that uses walking aids, I see the lack of compassion, or even the desire to assist almost on a daily basis. So when I say I was treated like a human, like a normal person, know that this isn’t a natural occurrence.


First off was a tour, I was offered to choice to proceed due to said crutches, offered assistance and they went at my pace (rather than race ahead and make me feel like a burden) we went into the colour developing balcony. Where the colour clients can sit, have unlimited  soft drinks, hot drinks from their fridge, or coffee machine, the area is peaceful, and away from prying eyes, and gives you a true area of relaxation while the colour takes. This is not other salons where everyone man and his dog can see you. This already impressed me.


Then down the stairs, across to find some others stairs to even more upper space. I honestly thought we’d seen it all. Clearly this building is a tardis, as there is an incredible amount of space.


Following the tour, we separated and got to try out different treatments, and I began with the most exciting for myself, a hair tutorial updo. Something I really needed in my life, as lately I’ve felt drab, dated and uninspired. Its no wonder really, as I’m often in hospital, or recovering or doing Physio. Nothing about those things say glamorous hair style. So I’d definitely say I was stuck in a rut. Laura Jayne immediately put me at ease, we discussed expectation, desires and achievability for me. We soon married up ideas and it was nice to be heard, as well as giving their well formed knowledge. And a glorious curl tutorial with straighteners was given, I had opportunities to have a go, while also having it done too. The conservation was free flowing and easy. The staff are very attentive, thus giving the boutique expensive spa feel but being an actually affordable experience. 


Once I’d mastered my tutorial enough it was time to switch places and go and find Anthony John himself, and have a colour consultation. I’m no stranger to colour, but I’m usually purple and I do it at home, so this part was a real education for me, understanding skin tones, eye colour and marrying them up, with your desired colour choice, I discovered I’d already been subconsciously choosing cool toned colours and I was delighted to find out that I was right in that choice. The whole chat was relaxed, informal and really useful, it explained my pull towards certain colours and not knowing why.

Once this consultation had finished, I felt more confident about my hair’s its condition from my own at home processing and I was encouraged to further this knowledge about my hair, by going under their unique Kèrastase camera that can magnify your scalp by 200 times, bit freaky and scary. Do I really want to know? And incredibly magnify your hair by 600 times. To really get to grips of what’s going on, notifying areas that need extra TLC, or potential up coming conditions. So I braved it with Troy, who guided me through the process, explaining the findings in easy to understand terms, I have an oilier scalp than I used too, so this could be medication, previous surgery or even seasonal. So a prescription of products were discussed and I got some samples that Emma prepared for me. I also saw that even though the hair had been previously bleached harshly, dyed purple then brown at a later date, the cuticles of the hair were calm and smooth, though some were sensitive. So much better than I ever imagined.


After all this pampering the evening was over, but the treats didn’t stop there!! Not only had we been treated, and taught valuable information. We were also give goodie bags along with prescription samples. How spoilt are we?? I had a really wonderful time, I was nervous and anxious as I’ve had a few salon experiences that put me off salons as a whole. And now I’m a convert, but not back to a high street one, this is much more my cup if tea.

Here’s my fabulous goodies that I got to take home, some #KMS #AddVolume, #MoistRepair, #Mousse, #HairStay anti humidity Spray. As well as #Shampoo and #Conditioner along with my #Kèrastase specific to my hair condition treatments.

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