Hydrotherapy Started 4.5weeks, and my 5 week update.

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After a lull of not much happening, its suddenly full speed ahead, and now its all appointments galore!! I had my first Physio appointment to discuss the plan of action, and I was given new exercises to try out at home. That was at 4 weeks post op on a Friday, and the following Monday was my Hydrotherapy session.

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The water felt amazing, its been over 2 years since I’d last had #Hydrotherapy and I’d forgotten the sheer bliss of walking unaided, pain free and such warmth. It was busy and as I’m not a newbie to hip rehab, I had a fair idea of the structured plan. I also knew what to expect, though that doesn’t stop me from making daft mistakes!!

To warm up • walk up and down pool forwards. • walk up and down pool sideways.

• Hip Flexion 20reps

• Hip Abduction 20reps

• Hip Extension 20reps

• Hip Flexion Rotate at Knee Inwards and Outwards. 20reps

• Squats 20reps

• Calf Raises 20reps

• Step Up Forwards 20reps

• Step Up Sideways 20reps

• Sit Down Cycling in Pool 60cycles

I came out after 30 mins, I’d done way too much, but hand on heart it felt good to move freely, to be productive and proactive in recovery. I knew it was too much, but there is no pain, just aching muscles. I felt weak coming out, and it was a lovely surprise to see Hubby sitting in waiting room for me, and he’d bought chocolate!! This is the sweetest gesture!

Homeward bound I felt sorer, but a soothing hot water bottle fixed that. Still not taking any painkillers, which I’ve taken since 2005 so its a HUGE improvement for me.

The following day was dreaded dentist again (I’d had an appointment the week before, and sitting for 50mins seized my hip like hell. I suffered for days afterwards) so I did not look forward to this appointment at all. Again I sat for 60mins + this time, and hip was aching a lot from previous days Hydro. Eventually I got seen and 5 injections later I had a tooth removed.

images (9)

(I have a lot due to #EhlersDanlosSyndrome which means anaesthetic runs out fast, or it doesn’t work. EDS also ruins all my joints, my bones, my teeth, cartilage everywhere!!) Not just a hip issue. It went as well as it could. And considering hip had been beasted the day before, then forced into a sitting position passed 90degrees it felt OK??

Its now Wednesday night, and I’ve rested my obviously sore achy face, but I’ve managed to complete land Physio at home, and its been hip wise totally OK. I’m starting to really feel it’s worked.

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